timmy the ghost at disneyland

She returned to the apartment and turned the light off once again…and made sure the location was locked. Your email address will not be published. The Cast Members discourage this behavior and are often left to clean it up, but that hasn’t stopped people over the decades from dropping the remains of their dearly departed loved ones into the ride. Overall, she seems like a pretty helpful ghost to have around. The Haunted Mansion in both the California and Florida parks has attracted guests who wish to lay their family members to rest along the creeping corridors of the ride. Perhaps the most well known spirit still lingering at Disneyland is the founder of the parks, Mr. Walt Disney himself. The name, of course, comes from his fatal one way trip on the ride back in the 70s (or 80s, depending on who you ask). The older boy drowned during the late night swim. While the ghost himself isn’t really all that scary, the story behind it is straight out of a 1980s summer slasher set up. While the ghost himself isn’t really all that scary, the story behind it is straight out of a 1980s summer slasher set up.

This one we’ve already touched on and, if nothing else on this list is truly rooted in fact, you can rest assured that this one is.

© 2018 The Occult Museum.com | All Rights Reserved. The light remains on every night, to remind people that Walt’s spirit lives on in the park. As a Los Angeles native, I have been going to Disneyland since I was a baby, and never experienced anything creepy, but others have. The story goes that, late at night (though not necessarily on Grad Nite) a ghost can be seen running along the Monorail track, and disappearing at the very spot where Cleveland died. From ghostsnghouls.com to hauntedhoneymoon.com to theghostdiaries.com …

Another family was caught sprinkling the ashes of a loved one inside the Haunted Mansion, but Cast Members were unable to figure out who was doing it. Required fields are marked *. As the story would go, a child would be snatched from a stroller while the mother’s attention was elsewhere. Here are some of the scariest and strangest ghost stories and urban legends to come out of the Magic Kingdom. Of course, there are tales of the man behind the empire still stalking his park. No matter where you go in the world, it seems like there’s always a woman in white ready to give you an early heart attack right?

Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. He kept an apartment over the fire station on Main Street, where he and his family would stay to enjoy the park, or where Walt himself would go to get some work done. A few have reported strange sounds while doing their nightly walk through of the ride track after closing and some even refuse to go near that area of the ride.

It is said that several of the skeletons on display in the ride when it opened in 1967 were real skeletons, donated when Imagineers had a hard time replicating the skeletons. Upon closer inspection, the Cast Member discovered an empty urn, engraved with “Rest in peace our dearest grandma Joyce.” Allegedly the urn spent several months sitting in the video surveillance room in the ride, until a couple Cast Members took it up into the catwalk and set up a makeshift shrine to Grandma Joyce. They were arrested two days later. Mr. He used to stay there from time to time with his family and close friends – he also used it as an office to get away from it all. All of the children have lost their parents on Main Street and the Victorian lady appears to lead them to the baby care center. If anything in the park is going to be haunted, it’s probably going to be the park’s resident ghost themed attraction right?

Could a world famous amusement park, aimed at creating lifelong memories for kids and their families truly be the eternal resting place for some wayward souls? He attempted to sneak into the park one night by running along the monorail track.

When Cast Members investigated, they reported seeing no blood, only her feet and legs sticking out from under the bobsled like the witch in Wizard of Oz. Many have also claimed to see the same boy at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Thinking she had forgotten to turn it off, she went back to the apartment, shut off the light, and came back downstairs. by catmz@theshadowlands.net Hundreds of people visit the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland every day. Apparently it always becomes apparent that this man is not from our time…. As a Los Angeles native, I have been going to Disneyland since I was a baby, and never experienced anything creepy, but others have. Down on Main Street, she looked up again and saw the light blink on, and the drapes pull back, as if someone was looking down at her. That was it for me – the very next day my dad took me searching for a book on the ghosts of Disneyland – seems like I was a geek, even back then! When I was a kid, my best friend’s father was an Imagineer and he helped build Space Mountain.

Overall, she seems like a pretty helpful ghost to have around. Yes, even the ghosts at Disneyland are said to be harmless – even helpful. He is most often described as a “friendly ghost” who appears in the line as a living person, chatting and enjoying the day. The cast member then said that the attraction was indeed haunted and the ghost was Timmy. The skull’s identity has never been made public but it is a freaky little tidbit for next time you’re on the ride. When he was alive, he had a personal home/apartment built above the fire station on Main Street. There have been numerous reports from children regarding this strange lady in white. This delayed the opening by an unknown amount of time. The Scole Experiment – Proof of Life After Death. One-Way haunts Space Mountain. This one should really be no surprise. And this story is supposedly one of the many they’ve concealed over the years. As we mentioned with the crying boy, people have taken to spreading the cremated remains of loved ones across the ride track of the Haunted Mansion as a way to give the ride its infamous 1,000th ghost. Again, she looked back and saw the light was on. Ever since the tragic accident – a ghost has been spotted late at night, running towards approaching monorails. A ghostly apparition wearing white Victorian clothing is said to wander Main Street, helping lost children find their way to the baby care center. This one is particularly since it was the result of poor judgement on the part of a boy just about to graduate high school. Buried Alive: 7 Shocking Cases of People Who Were Mistakenly Declared Dead, 25 Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes that Will Give You Nightmares, Nightmare Fuel: 5 Real Stories that Will Validate Your Fear of Clowns, Investigation of a Haunted Hotel Produced The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded, The Woman in Black and the Mystery of the Charfield Railway Children, The 10 Most Bizarre Cults in Modern History.

These bones are thought to be behind the paranormal reports that have been made by visitors to the ride, over the decades since the 60’s. That night at closing, one of the Cast Members found some of the dirt in the queue graveyard disturbed. Not quite as spooky, but as your Doom Buggy travels by the ghostly ballroom scene, you may notice a large spider on the glass just before you pass into the attic. When I was twelve my father had to retire from his job as a dentist, due to football injury to his wrist he had been living with for a number of years. A Victorian Ghost Story: The Haunting of 50 Berkeley Square, The House the Devil Built: America’s Most Haunted House, 8 Blood-Curdling English Hauntings That Will Give You The Shivers, 15 True-Life Paranormal Encounters That Will Keep You Awake Tonight, The Haunting Stories Behind Six Strange and Unusual Graves, Haunted Isle: 10 Spooky English Ghost Stories that will give you Goosebumps, Ghosts of the Past: 10 Locations with Violent Histories that are Tormented by Spirits, The Most Haunted Libraries in America that Will Make You Whisper-Scream, The World’s Most Haunted Graveyards and Where to find them, 7 Mythical Monsters From Around the World You Wouldn’t Want to Encounter, 7 Sinister True Ghost Stories To Read In The Dark. The great man himself – apparently he never left the location! By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. Do you have any experiences with the paranormal at Disneyland? In 1966 one of those idiots was a teen named Thomas Cleveland. There was only a few inches of clearance, and the train ran right over Cleveland, and he got sucked up into the mechanics. One night, a woman went up, did her usual cleaning routine, shut off the desk lamp, and went downstairs. A lot of others. Everyone knows Disneyland is the “happiest place on earth.” But many call it the “happiest haunted place on earth.” Yes, even the ghosts at Disneyland are said to be harmless – even helpful. Sometimes he is described as a grown man with reddish hair; sometimes as a child. a Cast Member? CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. I don’t know if that is true, but it was certainly a good way to keep us from misbehaving. I loved every minute of it – what a magical place…but I remember an elderly worker there holding a conversation with myself and my mother…regarding the ghost of Walt Disney himself! [easy-social-share buttons=”facebook,twitter,google,pinterest,print,mail” counters=0 style=”icon” message=”yes”]. Outside, there was an ambulance and police car. Disney denies the story, but rumors persist.

When she got back out on the Main Street she noticed the light had been turned back on. It is unknown what caused her accident, though it seems most likely that she unbuckled her seatbelt to check on her children. An annual tradition in Los Angeles – Graduation night at Disneyland. A lot of others. This is another ghost who is claimed to be the spiritual remains of a guest who died on a ride, this time with a little bit of dark irony to the name.


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