volae expedition pro reviews

New for 2007: Velocity Aeroheat Disc 32h wheels, Kenda Kwest 26×1.25 tires, standard with Volae Mesh seat.

As it is, most highracer owners will never see a checkered flag on their bikes. The computer was even wired up and calibrated. Ts�p����O3�>���F�E��g� 0000003775 00000 n 0000087315 00000 n I personally ride with 165’s or 155’s but can handle the 170’s that most ‘bent manufacturers spec.

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The Continental SportContact tires that Volae chose for the Expedition are somewhat rare in the United States but are personal favorites of mine and perfect for this application. 0000019609 00000 n

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The drivetrain is mostly SRAM X.9 with Truvativ Elita cranks, Avid BB7 disc brakes and Velocity Thracian Disc wheels. #�����ZD��1�)��*Ř���z�{��-#�����Qʙ�o�$��e�>�(��&R�i���T�A�|��'��ȇ{n?��_��_}����E3� T��tW����d�pe\h [;w#3������1��9���*!�!��w��+���� 4Ɔ+�Y�J��Q���k It’s a dual 559 short wheelbase with disc brakes and lots of tire clearance.

Our Expedition came with a rear pannier rack, a mid-ship rack and a seat bag. Leave it with the stock wheels and the mesh seat for a great every day commuter and switch to the hardshell and some light 650C wheels for the occasional fast century.

G�a���Bs���雗�^���Jp��8�|��|�/c�o6��k$-�5� I found both to be comfortable but in totally different ways and each seat totally transformed the nature of the bike. Most of them are used by “weekend warriors” or by recumbent riders looking for a fast daily rider. 0000011402 00000 n By BRYAN J. 0000096978 00000 n // INTERNET ARCHIVE ON 20090518193841.

// FILE ARCHIVED ON 20051201015404 AND RETRIEVED FROM THE I’m guessing that this is because the more upright seat angle put my body weight more towards the center of the bike. The build quality on my test bike was just as I expected from Volae.

Trike of the Month: Ice VTX Mountain Goat.

The term “highracer” seems to be increasingly inappropriate.

0000102943 00000 n The only real qualm I have with the design is that I would like to see a flexible riser on this bike.

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If you have questions or want more information, we are here to help. H��Wۊ�6}���l�u�À��@��~!,��Z�0���R��ԩS�_�ϷǷ�{�������߿~�^��v�e}�}��?T���_o}���S��׿���p��խ7�{����{�{����t�x���vc|>�s����T��˰�����q}�C�h��Fx/�K~>�ω�c�Υu�����~~���[�?���~��O1i���/�m�X�\y���.~\J�ݻ-�-��������c����L�܌�;X����O3>�q?��y�C�ʐ'���Ƌ�O�zp,8�zV�l�mʾV�����������_�Z�%T��(M�gթzZ�>�^�Y����1�+�%-���� x����p��PH ��t?x[1E�?jf�C8a�%�z|0*ṿb��r�B���� ������*�@\��k�*4㥲6�^��FVׄs����n�ݡK`�k�:�1�+x���uI|��K~)n�'�C�H�G8���~C��o�O`e��?�=P]H|i�z@�%�"��}�ii=�S�ov�z��<7�4�K™�����:njyN9!������B7��j�$��F(;]ۃ��C�k�s�"��8�ofX�W�����?$��b%8�d� 5d^П��QiJA��B���(*u��)�W(`&���5�/;/o ���7��b���w>�9���*��]3l��)�?��A��^��ޔ^�ڳB%M^y��I-��oݠfxUG�����bP�rW�P���c�VY�'Kj��hc\?

Up 0000096719 00000 n

} 0000102916 00000 n 0000092329 00000 n Recumbent | Recumbent Bikes of Tennessee |Recumbent Bikes & Trikes Denver | Recumbent Trike Store |Rose City Recumbents | Recumbent World | Rocky Mountain Recumbents | RTR Magazine | Schlitter | Seattle Trike | Sport Crafters| Steintrikes USA | Sun Seeker | TerraCycle The bike instantly becomes much more comfortable and much more pedestrian.

The Expedition has room for wider tires and fenders, Avid BB7 Disc brakes, and Velocity Aeroheat Disc 32h wheels for speed and durability.

It still handily outperformed the RANS V-Rex that I had on hand at the same time but it definitely lost some performance with the swap. 0000092648 00000 n The fiberglass hardshell with its dual-density seat pad was very supportive and allowed me to put the seat back in a 27-degree sporty position. 345 0 obj <> endobj xref 345 69 0000000016 00000 n automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel. xLateUrl(document.getElementsByTagName("TD"),"background"); They’re definitely fast bikes but not many of them are really used for racing. The Expedition isn’t mean to be as flashy as higher end Volaes like the Team so the look is a little more subdued but still impressive. Volae recumbent bicycles are no longer sold through dealers. if(url.indexOf("http") != 0) { xLateUrl(document.getElementsByTagName("OBJECT"),"data");

V�N,Z��?.ܿ��R��b����n��`�\|���>� ��`xPz�pNh��'���"��?�3�hǸ�!-��T�<0p�ڇԓh‹��&�"�-�_]�jd�:2x)�E�*�[S�S�.�;��B۲�)$�1YF�Y�f˔���-cg7�98_>F��⅊/4�MuC�Cyb���K��=ZW]ƻ&��q�`�)1��V�K9.LLJ��Ym�c����&�v�)�����]Uƭ%V�%��u��92�����WzX��5�vq]������E�Sn0�ڋ�F�Fi�� �M�3�~A���(n�3�z��% g�r��H2��]�X4Q���i��Rg�� �3�R���~��(��,*89" ��Q�"D�ɿ���8�1H�Kq��3!l�b�L�c��OX�2MDO�轔�.����q%��=���"��8�I�(M:ʤVd^��ĝA�)�2��� 7='+3�(RĨ=�d��1�S$sl�C?�V�7}�Y�Ɍ����kyH��G}��c�^���Zħk�����?��ɏ��ԗ��K�(7>����\�����������|a�bp���ʵ�6�f�|��Q+>��>'����,�vCv��͑�f=�I��~���[$�C-'�y���w�"� #+b8G���F�W���2^R�D�����Njˇ�m�D��N��`ۂQC� E#�J��%��ZK8��u����i��F`�H0-J�)t�d�f�`K+�Z�k4�%3U�O�=�yr�6,�.y�Z��cu�ܱ~��k�mS߯�u\���?�� �^r��Bu�L�̖�(1Աa,�Xp�0h^o��m,L�9/��z]5G���T�T�����m�}� 9�����Ҷ�����)��M�g� ����


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