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In order to reach it, you will have to fall through the the floor, while sliding down the wall on the left. Go to the lowest part of the map (like a hole in the ground with 2 dummies), then get past the right fake wall. This will open up a secret area at the top of the level. Did you guys have any variants or a certain mode activated? The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for TowerFall Ascension for PC. Underneath the floating piece in the centre are two rocks. Moonstone III: The toughest of the triangles to obtain.

Is anyone certain about that 3+ players for the purple archer? You'll get it randomly when selecting stages ... Randomly (using the round random button) in versus mode. Walk past the dummy through the wall for your next triangle. The cyan archer is one of the enemies here and he's tough. © Valve Corporation. Several monsters will randomly spawn, which should all be killed to unlock the Vicious Vessel. Play Versus mode in Moonstone stage and shoot arrows at the trapped archer to explode it (you may need a few rounds to get the right map).

Backfire III: Drop to the bottom and find the secret room in the bottom left. Characters. Go down the hill, climb the left wall and there will be a fake wall to get trough to reach the chest.

Drop down and you will finally find the Forgotten Master! Simply shoot the archer free to unlock them. The bomb has to stick to a wall while it's in the glass to break it. Start a two-player Versus match on Twilight Spire with the blue and orange archers. Just as Arno wrote: There's a room with a huge floating, purple gem in Moonstone.

I was playing two player with only LOTO as first player and Turncloak as second and it instantly happened.

Shoot the nearby lit torch to light it and reveal the gold triangle.

Team Death Match on epic (3 players) and lots of variants. Did I get lucky or.... Now to just get Moonstone.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), There will be a "clue" about where to get the 7 triangles. I stay on the upper (left or right) platform so the thieves can't get you so you can focus on the boss. Any thoughts? Saved me a lot of typing explaining it to a friend. Collect all 7 triangle in Trial Mode. TowerFall Ascension Cheat mode. Ancient Exile (White): Can be unlocked once the Moonstone map is playable.

Use jump and dodge to climb up, once inside the chest will appear. Just reload the level if you run out of bomb arrows. During a verses match, the White archer will appear trapped in a gem during one of the rounds.

Get the bombs arrow, then break one of the glasses (those glasses one you can't get past, but you can shoot arrow trough) by shooting a bomb arrow INSIDE the glass. Finish the match and the purple archer will be unlocked. Towerfall: Ascension starts with four selectable characters: The Vigilante Theif (Green), The Turncloak Soldier (Orange), Last of the Order (Blue) and Assassin Prince (Pink). Coordinate with your partner if you're playing Quest mode cooperatively.Purple Archer Backfire III: This triangle can be found behind the bottom-left wall, behind a false wall. It's hidden under the blue block (fake floor). Yes. Rush it before it spawn, or just shoot and arrow to prevent it from spawning.

Right above where you start there is a platform with a lit and one unlit brasero. How'd you get past King's Court wave 8, though? Towerfall Ascension Unlocking 4 Secret Characters - YouTube

Blow up the breakable rock next to the lower chest with a bomb arrow and drop inside to wake up the yellow archer.

There will be a clue to solve. You must input 3 directions for each stage. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Your bomb arrows can break the crystal objects in the level, IF the arrow lands inside the structure. Sunken City III: In the lowest area to the right, inside a secret room. The triangle is inside the chest. He can even teleport, so play cautiously and wait for the right opportunity to shoot him.

King's Court I: There are several blocks in this level, the blue one is your focus point here. Below is a list of their locations, as well whats required once you obtain them. Right above where your start, there is a platform. You should attempt to shoot an arrow into the right of the two crystal structures on your right, in order to get to the other side. You will find them in 7 differents trial stages, well hidden. Quit the stage and he should be unlocked.

Ascension => When you have unlocked the other 3 levels, go to Archives and to the last page.

Once all 7 triangles have been obtained, head to the unlockable stage Towerforge II (deafeat Kings Court boss in quest mode).


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