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Produced by Appian Way (Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company), Stone Village Television and Original Pictures, “Fire Chasers” tells the story of the 2016 fire season through people who fight the fires, including professionals, volunteers and female members of the Inmate Firefighter Program. Fernando Guerra: California Was a Red State. The fire chief announced that the roads were blocked and no one was leaving. Email: Twitter: @WaitWhat_TV, Fire Chasers: four-part documentary series, available Friday, Sept. 8, on Netflix. In the film, experts describe a domino effect of catastrophic proportions: as the California wilderness dries up, trees with less water become stressed and lose their ability to fight off infestations of damaging insects, such as the bark beetle, leading to the trees’ death. A proposal to protect Nevada’s Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon received much criticism. In fact, the role of climate change in California’s wildfires was the original motivation that drove Frost to start his "California On Fire" project. A native of Rochester, N.Y., he holds a bachelor's degree in English and a master's in journalism from American University in Washington, D.C. We may not be willing to let plant and animal life “die off,” but adaptation is possible.

Huell learns about rare plants and animals on the Carrizo Plain, about 20 miles southwest of Bakersfield. The volunteers risk their lives by helping the firefighters do things that they are not focused on. We watch them clawing furiously at the dried grass on a hillside, trying to denude an area wide enough to halt the advancing flames marching only inches away from them. shows how damaging wildfires in California can be over the course of 197 days.

The rookies are another important aspect to the firefighting business. Chon Noriega: Art Helps to Focus and Shift How People Think About an Issue, Reshaping Power: The Key to Tackling Decades of Health Inequities, Mitchell Declares Victory in Race Against Wesson for L.A. County Seat, Election Too Close to Call: Biden Underperforms and Trump Stokes Chaos, Claiming False Victory, Measure J's 'Care First' Public Safety Plan Headed for Victory, Trends in Election Results, Voter Turnout, Burned Palm Trees and Miracles: The Great Fire of Thermal, CA, Laurel Canyon Suite: Gods, Myths, and Fires, Worried About Dead Trees in California Forests? The human narratives include some by the women in the inmate program, including Michelle Hedden, serving two years for driving under the influence, and Bri Cody, a young single mom who got in with the wrong crowd and is in prison on a burglary charge. A small section of Vermont Street in the Potrero Hill section of San Francisco is just miles away from the more famous Lombard Street. David Wiegand is an assistant managing editor and TV critic for the San Francisco Chronicle.

We have created a lot of food for fires, just as we have created a lot of food for floods. "Fire Chasers" is a visceral experience, as viewers follow firefighters in the air on CalFire helicopters, on the ground in the wilderness and around the table at fire stations across the state. Many of the firefighters during their interviews agreed that they are family and they will always protect each other.

It is a profession in transition, as the longtime veteran firefighters retire and new firefighters need to learn time-tested techniques in a changing environmental landscape. The four hour documentary series Fire Chasers shows how damaging wildfires in California can be over the course of 197 days. The Netflix series "Fire Chasers" explores how climate change, drought and the effects of California’s changing vegetation fueled the devastating 2016 California wildfires. The four hour-long episodes that comprise the Netflix docuseries “Fire Chasers” were filmed a year ago.

The four hour-long episodes that com­prise the Net­flix do­cuseries “Fire Chasers” were filmed a year ago. And with a population that large, even a small fire can leave a “big imprint,” Pimlott says.

Veteran firefighters are highly valued because of their experience, but they are either retiring or moving to municipal fire departments.

The documentary draws most of its power from the people in the shows, such as the firefighters, the volunteers, and the rookies. Prop 13, the campaign to slash property taxes, launched a tax revolt that continues today. “I posted the photos and time-lapse clips [of the Rocky Fire] to my Instagram (as I went along on my "California On Fire" art project) and it started to gain steam,” he said. Those seem to be among the most endangered elements of contemporary life, but without them, we can expect to be chasing fires, flooding and other disasters for years to come. And when the flames lick closer, we hear the shouts, “Get in the black, get in the black,” ordering the crew to get into an area that’s already burned and is therefore safe. When asked what he wanted viewers to come away with after watching the film, Frost was unequivocal. Women inmates take tests and different training tests, if passed the women earn their firefighting certificates which allow them to become firefighters after prison. We also meet young trainees in Malibu like Victor Villa, who is getting schooled in knowing what to do and to do it by instinct, in a flash, because even the shortest delay can cost a life.


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