thermal physics ia ideas
flow along the bar, The flow of thermal energy by conduction is This is an artists impression of how the number of satellites in geostationary orbits has increased over the years.

I measured the variation of specific heat capacity with changes in density/concentration of dissolved solutes in water. Has any topic sparked my interest in recent physics lessons? Temperature vs viscosity of liquid like oil or honey. How does the concentration of salt in water affect the specific heart capacity. Press J to jump to the feed. Pressure at different depths of a fluid (IB gives an example of this topic in the samples, so you could look at that and include several different fluids, better measurement... simply make it more analytical and thought-through), Anything involving pitot or venturi tubes, so measuring of speed of the fluid, Hydraulics – one of the most fascinating parts of fluid dynamics imo – try to construct a simple hydraulic system with varying areas and forces applied, measure the energy lost due to imperfect setup, Measuring viscosity for various fluids (falling sphere reaches terminal velocity in fluid + drag equation), Measuring density of different fluids (low-density fluids will float above water and since the pressure must be the same at "equi-pressure" depths, you can get the density from measuring the difference of depths in a U-tube), If you're interested in Engineering physics, I suggest skimming through the entire option and I think you can surely find something interesting enough: So…. Choose something quickly. Make sure you can predict roughly what might happen. refractive index vs. solution strength concentration (jello). 3: Analysis Part A: You need to have enough data, and process it validly. This thread is archived. * the regular arrangement of atoms in a This means that Personal Engagement is worth 1.7% of your final IB Physics Mark. (It doesn't really work like that...!) 273 A relationship between thermal and electrical conductivities in metals. The point of this activity is to model real world collaboration. By spending days agonising over the perfect IA Topic, you are really only chasing 0.8% of your final IB Physics mark. This subreddit encourages questions, constructive feedback, and the sharing of knowledge and resources among IB students, alumni, and teachers. Lots of experiments using simulations with instructions. Use the free tutorial on IB Physics IA Ideas and workbook to note down your ideas here.

save hide report. There are already plenty of links to IA topics on this post so needless to say that I really don’t even need to add anything. share. If we could obtain readings of the spaced lines. PHET masses and springs.

you have your investigation research question, but is it any good? the thickness of the glass?

It would be even better if you knew if they variables were directly proportional, indirectly proportional, etc. My topics get rejected because they are not feasible. The Y variable is measurable (static friction). can also flow to the surroundings. You should include both instrumental error and the error you calculate. synonymous with temperature (and probably other terms as well). Copyright © 2002-2020 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. My teacher told me that in 1950 – there were no satellites in orbit. Hope it helps! Lesson Learned: If you are agonising over a topic – don’t bother. *See exemplars in teacher support material for clarification.


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