renault captur automatic gearbox problems

- EDC Gearbox makes a clunk-clunk metal like noise when stopping/accelerating, clutch engaging/disengaging, gear transitions upshifts/downshifts. I will soon be taking it to Renault service centre but need to know what is going on first. Getting information and insight from Experts is the best way for the car owner to be aware of the problems that exist and the solutions that are available. The Rapid Alert System enables quick exchange of information between 31 European countries and the European Commission about dangerous non-food products posing a risk to the health and safety of consumers.

... Automatic Gearbox Fault Affecting all Renault car models with AL4 gearbox ... Renault Megane 1.9dti auto 2008: gearbox fault cuts out completely when temperature is below 3 degrees.

It's worth a call to see if they'd be able to assist.

Very few terminal failures. Renault Sport forums report some problems with EDC but mostly they are solved by reprogramming TCM module. A physical inspection of the connections is the only way to find the cause.

Is it normal for all Clios to make this noise or it is something to take care of ASAP? is not likely to be more than a few months out of warranty. The translation won't be perfect, but it's often accurate enough to follow closely with issues. But there's plenty of duds and early failures being reported in French-language forums. Who shall I escalate this further to? Check for any leaks from the Renault gearbox or the torque converter. UPDATE: I have taken it to Renault Service Centre and I knew the result in seeing them would be going round in circles. I've used this service in the past and will continue to do so when necessary.

For a start, get video of the issue and just keep throwing it back at them. Usually this would not appear to be a Renault gearbox problem.

This can work only if the rings are not fractured. Because of complexity, finding the right answers to questions is often difficult. Common problems for the Renault Captur. The only trip ups you might find are the abbreviation "HS" (in French, hors-service) which means out of service (or buggered itself in Strayan) and the translation "box" (in French, boîte) which simply means gearbox/transmission in English. Look at other English-language sites such as for local documentation of issues (I saw that you've already made a post at; 2. Select ManufacturerAlfa Romeo  (16)Alpina  (9)Aston Martin  (15)Audi  (96)Bentley  (15)BMW  (155)Bugatti  (3)Cadillac  (6)Chevrolet  (17)Chrysler  (18)Citroen  (165)Dacia  (46)Dodge  (63)Ferrari  (33)Fiat  (46)Ford  (133)Honda  (72)Hyundai  (34)Infiniti  (14)Isuzu  (3)Jaguar  (51)Jeep  (46)Kia  (23)Lamborghini  (2)Lancia  (8)Land Rover  (53)Lexus  (36)Lotus  (4)Maserati  (21)Mazda  (59)McLaren  (4)Mercedes-Benz  (318)Mini  (9)Mitsubishi  (51)Morgan  (1)Nissan  (80)Opel  (98)Peugeot  (185)Porsche  (51)Renault  (130)Rolls-Royce  (2)Saab  (1)Seat  (44)Skoda  (41)Smart  (7)SsangYong  (2)Subaru  (35)Suzuki  (17)Tesla  (3)Toyota  (140)Vauxhall  (7)Volkswagen  (157)Volvo  (127). Consumer law is based on expected life and not cost. checked cables they are ok. problem seems to be inter, hi, i have a 2002 renault laguna mk11 1.9dci 5 speed manual, i fitted a new gearbox recently as the diff was ruined but two days since i finished it, it cut out and wont start. Ya know, I re-read the post so many times but didn't see it. It's normal for dual clutch transmissions to make some mechanical noise as they operate – it's a question of whether the nose you are hearing is normal or not.

Can someone please list me the steps on how to escalate the matter if the mechanics don’t do nothing to fix the matter? ), then we suggest going to HPI-Check. Can anyone who has knowledge or experience same issue tell me what the problem and cause of this noise is from? RENAULT CAPTUR II (2019) – DETACHMENT OF THE GLASS SUNROOF, RENAULT CAPTUR (2019) – AN ELECTRICAL SHORT CIRCUIT, RENAULT CAPTUR (2018) – THE SEATBELT BUCKLE FIXING BOLT, Renault Espace may lose its roof spoiler while driving, Volvo is recalling over half a million XC60 models due to a wipers problem, 22 car recalls for 31 models of 12 brands in August 2020, 19 least reliable cars according to ADAC (2020), Ford Kuga PHEV: The battery can overheat. Sounds like a normal wear and tear issue and the Renault Specialists can sort it out easily. RENAULT CAPTUR II (21/08/2019 – 02/09/2019) RECALL: Problem description: Possible detachment of the fixed glass sunroof while driving. On the other hand, the wet clutch DCT450 in the Meganes are more reliable. The light appearing is a positive sign in that it shows that a fault code has been logged in the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Very few terminal failures. renault master van 6 speed manual box. EDIT: My car is 2015 and I still have a year warranty left that is why I need to do something about it. It is not classic manual gearbox.OP, there is every chance that your problem is related to the actuators. I assume general mechanics wouldn’t have much knowledge on gearboxes.

It is what would be reasonable to expect from the product considering the price paid. How would I book for the tech/specialist to come out for a drive? Whether it is an automatic or a manual transmission, gearbox problems affect both the operation of the car as well as its safety. However, there are other possibilities that need to be checked too.

Hi i need to replace the gearbox on my 5 speed manuel renault scenic. Possible internal failure in the steering column motor control.

How did you find this information? This will help locate the reason why this is happening so that repairs or replacement can be done as needed. Then a week ago the clutch pedal went slack over a mile or two and it became increasingly difficult to change gear. Finally I had to, I have owned a 93 laguna auto for many years but lately when negotiating a lot of hairpins in the alps the stop light starts flashing then comes on permanently.If I stop for a while it then goes off a, hi i have a clio expression 1.2 automatic it has an electric fault warning light on dash on and i cannot select auto gearbox are these faults related and what is the cure please, I have a trafic 1.9d i'm having problems getting any gears, the side to side movement is smooth but the up/down is stiff and crunches on the gear stick.the gear change cables have been replaced and it, hi I am having problems with my 2006 1.6 automatic renault megane when i first start the car after about 2-5 minutes it jumps into 3rd gear and then check gearbox shows on the dashboard! Ask a mechanic for answers ASAP. The problems outlined in the French forums linked above relate to 7 speed wet gearbox not the dry 6 speed that is in RS 200 EDC. sometimes very stiff to change gear, then ok for a while, but slowly getting more difficult to change gear. Till about a year ago Australia was second or third biggest market for Renault Sport cars so not that tiny. Check to see if all of the potential problems with your Renault Captur have been resolved in the past. It doesn't matter how far over the voluntary warranty OP has gone. Bad advice. OP, if the car originally had a five year warranty and you are not to far over it (3-6 months) you may still be covered by consumer law/company good-will gesture. The French, Russian and German (#1, #2 and #3 respectively for global Renault sales) automotive forums are very active in documenting a variety of issues with Renault's (more accurately, Gertrag's) EDC: you can Google "renault edc boite probleme/коробка проблемы/getriebe probleme". Wish you luck. There have also been issues raised on the Renault Aus Owners Club group on Facebook: the owner of a 2013 Clio RS 200 had his EDC fail in 2018 at 82k, with Renault quoting $4,500 for the clutch pack alone, and $13,000 for a full replacement of the EDC. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It is likely to be a control/signal issue or another problem. OP, if the car originally had a five year warranty and you are not to far over it. The selector rings may have went out or gone out of shape. Dual clutch is not classified as consumable item as the driver has no control how the actuators change gears. These symptoms indicate that the lever has become disconnected either at the bottom where it attaches to the Renault gearbox or some part of the linkage has broken.

Based on Weekly overview reports of RAPEX notifications, published free of charge in English on, © European Union, 2005 – 2020. If it is the transmission warning light that is on and not the check engine light and no other problems with the car, then topping up the fluid could resolve the problem. Considering buying Captur for my wife, does any know of any problems with this model, I know Renault have a poor reliability record but most of the running gear is now shared with the Nissan Duke and it looks a great car, Thanks in advance t***two Yeah definitely get one of the techs to come out for a drive. Not difficult. 1.

Of course on the global scale not that significant but large enough in this group. When dealing with gearbox problems car owners should be aware of the issues involved and the repair or replacement options available to them. Largely tied to cost. Does anyone know how I can escalate this issue? As Chops mentioned above, use your phone (get someone else to hold it or mount it with a phone holder) to record the sounds issuing from your transmission. The good news is that automakers usually provide unlimited time to correct such defects for free. If Renault agree to this then it is fine, but sending them a bill after the fact will get a big fat denied stamp on it. The post RENAULT […], RENAULT CAPTUR (08/07/2019 – 23/07/2019) RECALL: Problem description: Contact between the positive alternator wiring and the alternator casing which could […]. This can lead to … . Read below where Experts have answered a few questions regarding gearbox issues.

The information may come from producers or distributors who voluntarily organise recalls of the products they found posed a risk to consumers’ health. Renault Sport forums report some problems with EDC but mostly they are solved by reprogramming TCM module. As soon as I got the car back I drove away I could still hear the noise. Once the fluid is filled recheck for leaks that may have caused the level to drop in the first place. I greatly appreciated the personal contact and follow up. Note that because they're an independent shop, they won't be able to carry out warranty work but they might be able to determine the nature of your problem and you can arm yourself with this resultant information in pressing your case at your dealer. An opportunity for the manufacturer to correct the fault must be given. Specialists also do exactly the same. I still have the clunking noise with my transmission, it is abit better than before but it is still there. Renault EDC gearbox (Efficient Dual Clutch) First check all the electrical connections on top of the gearbox to ensure that they are all clean and tight. Just that they will do a better job of repair than the apprentice at the Dealership. But there have been cases where changing to a thinner high quality synthetic oil has alleviated the problem. In the following overview, you will find the most common problems for the Renault Captur, for which Renault has announced a recall through the EU Rapex system.


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