shin megami tensei: strange journey redux carina walkthrough
Forge!! Alignment

In the Chaos route, Alex is encountered just before Jimenez and the protagonist go to meet Mem Aleph after retrieving all the Cosmic Eggs. It is in this sector that Sanctums are introduced --they are different parts of time/space, accessible through shifts in special locations--.

Should the protagonist agree with Alex, Alex convinces Zelenin to create her own version of order by removing hostility with her hymn. Arekkusu Alex possesses a highly varied skill set, and can attack with Phys, Gun, Fire, Ice, Elec, and Wind skills. We'll get to that very soon, though. Pistol


2018. This part of the second floor is a bit small and cramped. As such, when another iteration of the Schwarzwelt was created, they were unable to stop its advance. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Locations, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Original Soundtrack, Sector Carina 2F Dungeon Map (PNG) Apr 26, 2010 ... Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Walkthrough Videos Total number of 29 videos by ... Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux. If the protagonist is Chaos aligned, Alex questions Jimenez saving Bugaboo when it conflicted with his ideals.

There's an interesting dot in Mastema's room but that's not actually available yet. FLESH!

Anyone she met, she killed in order to stay alive. In the latter cases, she serves as the Final Boss, provided the players are aiming for the original endings.

representing an alternative Law/Neutral/Chaos Routes. She'll also use Smokescreen to lower your teams' Agility to increase her chances of Dodging Counter, so be prepared to correct it with Dekunda. He also gifted Zelenin with a Power for her protection, acknowledging her respect for demons of the Divine lineage rather than others that could remind her of her ordeal in Sector Bootes.

She fights alone, though with increased stats and stronger moves than her previous fights in the Womb of Grief.

In the Neutral and Law routes, she is encountered after the protagonist has defeated Mem Aleph.

Dodging Counter lets her counterattack whenever an attack misses her, and Evade Physical and Evade Magic gives her guaranteed evasion against phys/gun and fire/ice/elec/wind attacks respectively. Taking the crystal to the Red Sprite's lab resulted in the creation of the Horkos Buster, an energy gun designed to separate Horkos from the plasma armor. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Megumi Han


Completing this fight will unlock Amon and Shaytan for fusion on the next playthrough, and add Amon to the boss rush machine in the Womb of Grief. If the player did defeat Maria at this point, Alex shows up in the depths of Sector Horologium - either just after Mem Aleph's defeat on the Law and Neutral routes, or immediately before the protagonist returns to Mem Aleph on the Chaos route. This time, her skill set is greatly diminished, but her one skill - Claimh Solais - is a physical attack that pierces resistance and is guaranteed to hit fairly hard while her demons support with buffs and debuffs. At half health, Alex brings a new trick to the table in this fight: A12 Incendiary. All kinds of new weapons and armor, though for the weapons it is up to you whether you prefer rolling the dice on a weaker weapon (Athame Dagger) with high upside (3 attacks). I decided to gather information about all Ex-Missions into one page to help those who are stuck while completing Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Ex-Missions. If the protagonist is Neutral aligned, Alex begs the protagonist to help her change her future. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When those skills are used, they linger for an additional turn, so use this opportunity to either attack with skills that she's not countering, or go on the defensive and heal/buff/debuff. The protagonist injures her, forcing Alex to retreat due to damage suffered from the fight with Amon. If he disagrees with her in any of the above situations, however, she will proceed to use the Fruit to unlock her demonic heritage in full, summon Shaytan and Amon to her side, and fight the player with her newfound party of demons. In the Womb of Grief, when Demeter and the protagonist stumble upon her again, she is found looking at a holographic image of a blonde woman holding a baby. Using the radio, the Red Sprite attempts to communicate with Earth and informs their HQ of the situation; while the Schwarzwelt Joint Project has no other options to help, they offer to keep transmitting new information to the Red Sprite to make their escape easier.

Thus, when she gets to know them more in some way, she becomes confused, such as when Bugaboo protected Jimenez from her when he was infected by the Delphinus Parasite or when the protagonist protected her from Zeus.

Most of her desire to kill the three characters comes from what she knows about them in her time. After George identifies him, Alex proceeds to defeat his demons and mortally wound him with little effort. She is fought in this form if you don't defeat Maria before reaching Mem Aleph the second time. When the Protagonist finds the area with the egg he meets Zhu Yin, who will fight him on the Law or Neutral paths and give it to him willingly on the Chaos path. By the time she had decided to return to the past and enter Schwarzwelt to kill the protagonist, Jimenez and Zelenin, the only beings left in that world were herself and the demons who inhabited it.

Sector Carina is the sector of the Schwarzwelt intended to reflect human greed and wish for lavishness and luxury, mirroring in an absurd mockery of a massive shopping mall stocked with all sorts of products; from simple items to even live animals and demons locked in cages, all shelves miles high and stocked to the brim. Alex is after Jimenez, Zelenin and the protagonist's life and is involved with the game's new ending route. Alex's driving force behind her decision to change the future isn't solely based on saving the world from a doomed future. She then takes her leave.

Jimenez mentions that he encountered her and barely survived, having managed to escape. Learning from their previous fight, Alex ambushes the protagonist without giving him a chance to rest, and he is forced to deplete all her health this time.

Alex was born into the latter group, which at some point in time had been massacred for simply not being affected by the song.

As Zelenin declares that she accepts it and vows to create her own version of order, a new future is created and Alex disappears, having accomplished her mission before giving Zelenin her ring and the protagonist the Third Fruit. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey by Dragonatrix ... Carina being gluttony, even without it being explicitly spelt out, is the most obvious one, yes.

In the Third Sphere, the protagonist encounters her several times as she attempts to kill him before finally confronting him after she has slain Amon. Carina Sector : Sector Code C. Lots of new things to check out. Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. To provide more context and priority, I added my personal notes on top of basic quest info.

Arthur indicates that though Zelenin's story makes the survival of other crewmen unlikely, it is possible the damaged ship still holds valuable parts, particularly the Graviton radio used to communicate with Earth, and later issuing a mission for its retrieval. If the player has defeated Maria but turns down the new endings, she is fought with Amon and Shaytan. Later on in the game, if the protagonist returns back to Carina he will find that a Dwarf, which, occupying Horkos' previous residence on the first floor, may ask the protagonist to gather crafting materials, starting the 'Forge! She's shown to be wielding a gun.

It sets up a field effect for 3 turns that deals fire damage to all combatants at the end of the turn, including Alex herself, though the damage she takes is negligible due to her fire resistance. Alex says she was merely caught off guard by his strange demon, assuring him she can finish the mission before remarking that she learned nothing from her conversation with Zelenin.

Upon arrival, the crew detects faint pulses of radio communications, leading them to believe the 3rd Ship, The Elve, is located somewhere within the Carina.

If the protagonist agrees to help her, George and Arthur formulate a plan to destroy the Schwarzwelt. Given this, Arthur issues a mission for his extermination. Shocked by this, he swore revenge to Horkos. George interrupts her moment, asking why she allowed Jimenez to live when she had the opportunity to kill him.

Rather than fight him right away, the she tries to convince the protagonist to work with her to change the future.

She appears before the protagonist after he has finished launching the probes, attacking him on sight. The protagonist is forced to intervene, taking on Zeus himself. Alex is a character from Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux. Alexandra She reappears in the Sixth Sphere, thanking the protagonist for saving her before she promises to explain everything once he has made his decision. Demons appearing in Sector Carina include: Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.


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