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Relatives Portrayed by The movie is full of great one-liners and teasing quotes with mystery to make people question who could be the killer. October 20, 1996 Stu Macher (Boyfriend) After lunch, Tatum is sitting with her boyfriend Stu Macher, Sidney, Billy, and Randy by the school's water fountain.

Sidney and Tatum talking to Ghostface on phone. Later on, when Sidney is trying to escape Ghostface, who is now Stu after pretending to kill Billy, Sidney falls from the roof and lands on a speedboat at the back of the house where the garage is. is referenced many times in the fourth installment. Somehow, despite coming off as incredibly self-centered and egotistical in the first movie, Courteney Cox’s Gale Weathers became a fan-favorite character in the Scream series regardless, appearing in all four of the franchise’s entries. Marnie's arm is slit (like Tatum's) and this is about the time she realizes that the killer wasn't a prankster, also like Tatum. In the next scene, Sidney is shouting for Tatum. Sidney remarks to Randy in Dewey's appearance about the first Windsor College by saying, "He's worried, our surrogate big brother.

The dialogue throughout this movie is one of the major reasons that the film is so easy to follow and has such an engaging energy. She is portrayed by Rose McGowan. Reluctant at first, Sidney agrees and the pair go shopping. Bitch went down! If Sidney sees it, she'll flip. Tatum rebukes her on sight and pushes the microphone from away Sidney saying, "She's not answering any questions, Alright?

Like Casey and Stu once did, she also watches movies with Stu on their downtime and violates the rules of surviving a horror movie. Follow. Charlie tells them to drink when they "close a refrigerator door and jump at a harmless animal", mirroring Tatum's situation in the garage when the cat scares her. Tatum's death is heavily debated as which killer is Ghostface at the time. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it’s spoken by an unhinged mass murderer, there’s definitely truth to this quote. Perhaps the silliest quote on this list, this line consistently gets one of the biggest laughs of the entire movie.

She had many flashbacks. https://scream.fandom.com/wiki/Tatum_Riley?oldid=186144. Sidney asks her, "How's the book?" and his penis don't deserve Sidney", which a stalking Ghostface possibly overhears in the background (This was probably Billy or Sydney's unknown half-brother at the time Roman). She is seventeen years old, a senior in high school, and one of the most popular girls in Woodsboro High School. sehuns-boy . As always, Randy is right, and Billy immediately attempts to lunge towards Sidney, who shoots him dead – capping off the scene by saying “Not in my movie.”. Later Sidney apologises to Jill for her loss of Olivia, thinking she was like Tatum was to her. Later, after Sidney tried to track down Angelina Tyler, she stumbled onto the Stab 3 set and walks right out of the front door to the Macher house.

Tatum was Dewey's seventeen-year-old kid sister, Sidney's best friend and she dated Stu. She ducks down, causing him to spiral over her and land on the stairs. Rose McGowan discovered that she could actually fit through a pet flap. Between Kevin Williamson’s sharp, playful script and Wes Craven’s confident direction, the movie is one of the few horror movies that actually delivers on both its comedy and horror, quickly etching itself into the pop culture landscape as a result.

", "Oh, you wanna play psycho killer?

Audio. The conversation sets the tone for how the movie will be throughout nicely, with several funny moments and then the quick switch to being scary. The next day at school, Tatum begs Sidney to accompany her to Stu's house for his party. RELATED: 10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Loved Until Dawn.

RELATED: Wes Craven's 10 Best Movies (According To IMDb). Tatum is annoyed by Dewey's unexpected appearance with Gale.

During their conversation, Tatum begs her not to freak herself out because they had a "long night" ahead of them. Sidney thought Jill was like her when she apologized, but in reality, Jill being more of a female version of Billy, Olivia was meant to die in her eyes as Billy killed Tatum in the original. In the timeline of the movie, the emotional discovery of the death of Sidney's aunt marks around the same time she discovered Tatum's body in the original. Tatum Riley is first introduced at Woodsboro High when she informs her best friend, Sidney, of Casey Becker and Steven Orth's deaths the night before. RELATED: 5 Best & 5 Worst Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes, Poking fun at the conventional climax of most horror movies, he soon warns Sidney that this is the point in which the supposedly dead killer comes back to life for one final scare. Billy suddenly appears at the front door scaring both Stu and Sidney.Sidney even remarks, "If Tatum sees you here, she will draw blood."

As is the case with many of Stu’s lines in the movie however, it’s actor Matthew Lillard’s brilliantly unhinged delivery of the line that makes it so funny.

Billy along with Tatum rebuke him. Naturally, the movie is brimming with quotable moments – with Scream being one of the most widely parodied movies of the 90s. BAM! It's a great moment that ensures Ghostface is considered to be scary as well as charismatic, which is important for the rest of the film. The garage door crushes her back before Ghostface raises it back up and pulls her over to stab her. Known Relatives Tatum turns back to see Ghostface standing there with a hand on the garage door activator. Seeing the cat flap as her only exit, she tries to escape. Marnie's arm is slit (like Tatum's) and this is about the time she realizes that the killer wasn't a prankster, also like Tatum. Tatum is briefly mentioned when Gale recaps the victims in Woodsboro to Randy and Dewey. In the TV show. Smartly playing with expectation and genre convention, the opening scene of Scream has rightly become iconic since the movie’s 1996 release, with Drew Barrymore’s character, Casey, being marketed as the protagonist before being cleverly killed off in the movie’s opening minutes. When Ghostface grabs Tatum’s left arm and pulls out a knife, she realizes it isn't a game.

Tatum turns back to see Ghostface standing there with a hand on the garage door activator. She remembered seeing Tatum dead years ago in the same pet door-frame, which brings tears to her eyes and painful memories. and attempts to walk away. When Billy and Stu are eventually subdued at the end of Scream’s third and final act, it’s revealed that lovable film buff Randy managed to survive the injuries he sustained at the hands of Ghostface. Thinking it's Randy, she decides to play along with the whole killer/victim scenario. Don't freak yourself out, okay?

Rose McGowan She pulls Sidney and demands Dewey saying "I'm sorry Deputy Dewey Boy, but we are ready to go! Tatum Riley was one of the main characters appearing in Scream. It begins to go up and while it rises, Tatum screams in pain as the cat flap digs into her ribcage and begs to live. ", "She's not answering any questions all right? As Casey gets more frightened, she begins to act more and more like the ill-fated victims of your typical, run-of-the-mill slasher movie, eventually asking “Who’s there?” – which prompts this brilliant response from Ghostface. Once again, it’s actor Matthew Lillard’s pitch-perfect delivery that makes the line so great, brilliantly capturing the true extent of the character’s insanity.

Renowned for being one of the smartest, most brilliantly deconstructive slasher movies of all time, Scream was a horror sensation when it released back in 1996. Spoken during a phone call between Sidney and Ghostface, Sidney responds to the rhetorical question by voicing her dislike of horror movies, calling them insulting for their inclusion of stupid female characters. & 9 More Iconic Lines From Horror Films We Still Quote Today. In response, Stu shouts at him to stop, proclaiming “I’m feelin’ a little woozy here!”.

17 (at time of death) She was killed in the Macher's residence garage by Billy Loomis and her body was later discovered by Sidney. During their conversation, Tatum begs her not to freak herself out, because they had a "long night" ahead of them. She impatiently replies to Dewey's request, "Goddamn it, Dewey!" She is seventeen years old, a senior in high school, and one of the most popular girls in Woodsboro High School. As the movie progresses, Randy’s rules are used to make the audience anticipate certain events. ", "Lose the outfit. Kathryn Elizabeth Stu continues to be insensitive about the deaths and Sidney, disgusted by this, leaves.

Her death heavily affected both Dewey and Sidney. (Due to the fact Billy killed Tatum, the killer is most likely to be Jill because she is the "female Billy". Just leave us alone."

Tatum Riley is a senior at Woodsboro High School. She looked in a certain direction outside of the Macher house and headed that way. Video. Horror Film Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. She turns the lights back on by opening the garage door, but it stops halfway up just as Tatum was about to exit then closes. Deceased

Tatum is annoyed by Dewey's unexpected appearance with Gale. Year of Birth

In one of the opening kills, Jenny Randall tries to escape Ghostface using her garage door which links back to the fact that Jill and Charlie were trying to recreate the original movie deaths. Perhaps the character’s definitive quote, this exchange between Gale and her cameraman comes during their investigation into Woodsboro’s rising body count and perfectly encapsulates Gale’s ambitious and selfish – albeit ultimately good-natured – personality. NEXT: The 10 Best Slasher Movies Of All Time, According To IMDb, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. She also dated Stu. Right in front of his fellow officers. This startles Tatum, but she calms herself down and heads back to the door. Character information

To him, he knows all too well what it means and it brought back 15 years of painful memories about his younger sister, Tatum, and how she was a victim of the original Woodsboro Murders. Once Sidney and Billy consummate their relationship for instance, it sets up the idea that Sidney is now doomed – an idea which is later proved to be wrong when she emerges as the movie’s final girl.

When several students decide to start running around with the mask to scare people, he showcases his wild method of punishing them. After some gender discrimination against women by Stu, who declares only a man could do what the killer did to Casey, Tatum defended females in saying that women could do whatever men do.


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