what is the speed of the block at the bottom of the ramp
Suppose our experimenter repeats his experiment on a planet more massive than Earth, where the acceleration due to gravity is g=30 m/s2. (c) Sliding time down: Use

Repeat this twice more and record all results in a table similar to the one below. Acceleration depends on speed and time. Remember that these are practise results. (Note that the ramp is a 3-4-5 triangle, so sin θ = 0.6 and Sliding up takes less Block on a Ramp. These are your final results. block remain at rest or will it slide down the ramp again? Will the Distance-time and velocity-time graphs can be a useful way of analysing motion. As the block slides across the floor, what happens to its kinetic energy K, potential energy U, and total mechanical energy E? slope. You have a block of ice on a ramp with an angle of 23 degrees when it slips away from you. adown = (0.6-0.4) g = 0.2 g = 2.0 m/s2. Suggested practical - investigating acceleration down a ramp, Investigate the acceleration of a trolley down a ramp, make and record measurements of length and time accurately, use appropriate apparatus and methods to measure motion.

an initial velocity up the ramp of 4 m/s. What force is responsible for the decrease in the mechanical energy of the block? Record the time it takes for the trolley to travel the last 30 cm of the ramp in a table like the one shown below. Use the result from above as the final speed and take the initial speed of the trolley as 0 m/s. The block slows as it slides up the ramp and eventually stops. Calculate the acceleration of the trolley when descending the entire length of the ramp using acceleration (m/s. ) The amount of kinetic energy an object has depends on its mass and its speed. A block starts from the bottom of a ramp of length 4 m and height 3 m with = change in speed (m/s) ÷ time taken (s). Our team of exam survivors will get you started and keep you going. accelerates slowly. Use:  Going up: What is the cart’s speed at the bottom? Repeat this twice more, and record a mean time for the trolley to travel the last 30 cm of the ramp. Ignoring friction, the total energy of the skater is conserved.

the block on the ramp are: μs = 0.6 and μk = 0.5. To do this, release the trolley from the top of the ramp, start the stop clock and record the time taken for the trolley to move the whole distance of the ramp.

What will the kinetic energy of a pile driver ram be if it starts from rest and undergoes a 10 kJ decrease in potential energy? adown Δx = 0 + 2*2*0.8.    Then, click and drag on the circles to stretch and/or bend the track to make it look as shown below.

θ= 3/4. (Select all that apply.). adownt2down    or

c) at its maximum value at the lowest point of the track. What is its speed at the bottom of the 6.0 m ramp? Express your answer in terms of some or all the variables m, v, and h and any appropriate constants. friction and gravity work together; the block decelerates quickly. time than sliding down. We are going to find the minimum speed you require to complete the loop, we’ll do this via an energy argument. time. b) the same at all locations of the track. Since μs= 0.6, the block backslides. Read about our approach to external linking. If the coefficient of static friction is a low 0.050, how much force will you need to apply to overcome the weight pulling the block down the ramp and static friction?

vb = (v2)+2gh) As the block slides across the floor, what happens to its kinetic energy K, potential energy U, and total mechanical energy E?

Use:  There are different ways to investigate the acceleration of an object down a ramp. We can be certain that ____. cos θ = 0.8).

Remember that the change in speed is from 0 m/s to the calculated result. v = vo + auptup, x-direction:     mg sin θ - μk N = madown  


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