how to visit agartha

Cory Catfish Diseases, The myth of "Agartha" is also known as "Shambhala", as it was known in India, the underworld realm peopled by initiates and lead by 'the Masters", Masters who are the Spiritual leaders of humanity. Being a good travel agent and tour guide, Ambassador Maassen may see through this ploy and cancel the symposium, leaving us to deal with our problems alone. Leonard Euler, a mathematical genius of the eighteenth century, concluded that the Earth was hollow, containing a central sun and was inhabited; and Dr. Edmund Halley, discoverer of Comet Halley and Royal Astronomer of England also believed that the Earth was hollow on the inside with three “Floors”. What does it mean that you will make many trips and reports on this website? According to some, it is believed that during Vice Admiral Byrd’s flight over the North Pole that took place in 1947, he said via radio that beneath was not snow but huge areas of land with mountains, forests and vegetation, huge lakes and rivers with animals that resembled mammoths. They described to him the mysterious underground kingdom of Agartha: In the world, everything is constantly in a state of transition and change: people, religions, laws and customs. Please feel free to let me know if there is anything else. Might shed some “light” regarding the origins of the stone, and other specific details surrounding Agsrtha, the Annunaki, et AL, etc. George Tobias Height, Carla It affirms the receipt of the new DNA-codes of ascension we have transmitted to the ascending portion of humanity some time ago. While once a popular concept, in the last century little serious attention has been paid to these conjectures (with the possibly apocryphal exception of Adolf Hitler), and the theory is not supported by modern science. In terms of many trips, it seems I will be going during my sleep time. Players will venture throughout the world by taking paths that branch out from this hidden realm at the center of the earth. Are we not going to ascend soon? 2020 All Rights Reserved. Required fields are marked *. Will you now write a comprehensive report on your visit to Agartha, so that I can publish it on the website as soon as possible? the fundamental reason behind your demise was previously running on, generally speaking the overall loss (Of the entire body), as a consequence personality is extremely hard. Was the Drive to Rewrite the Code of Life Seeded In Our DNA?

Required fields are marked *, 5042 Wilshire Blvd A Map made by cartographer Heinrich C. Berann is believed to show an entrance to the inner Earth, the Kingdom of Agartha.


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