what episode does emma tells hook she's pregnant
Emma hands Zelena the spark but when she opens it Zelena discovers that it's a fake, containing a spell that binds her to a tree. Hook believes Emma hasn't fully caved to the darkness yet since she hasn't used the sword. He tells Hook to find out what Emma is trying to atone for. Written by A few years go by and She announces her pregnancy to her son Henry. Emma then reveals to Henry that she is pregnant. They’re a newly married couple and it’s the cycle of life. In all the likely speculative scenarios, I sincerely doubt anyone saw that coming. He shows her a ring that belonged to Barnaby, and whom he killed in front of his wife. But will their love survive? The show has added an adult Henry, played by Andrew J. After proposing marriage to David, Darlene tells him that she is pregnant.

After proposing marriage to David, Darlene tells him that she is pregnant. Cause I would have prefered the last but I get the writers did this to keep cs happily ever after #onceuponatime #ouat #ouats7 #storybrooke #pirate #emmaswan #killianjones #captainhook #captainswan #jennifermorrison #colinodonoghue #fairytales #disney, A post shared by Once Upon A Time (@storybrookmagic) on Oct 15, 2017 at 2:07am PDT, Eddy Kitsis, co-creator of OUAT expressed, “This was really the next step in the relationship between them. Directed by Mark K. Samuels. Back at Granny's, Hook recounts the adventure to Henry, who is excited. But when he discovered that Hook and Emma are having a child, it awakened the bit of good inside him.KITSIS | And the reason Wish Hook is doing all this is because he has a daughter he’s been separated from through a curse, and he’s trying to find his way back to her.HOROWITZ | Wish Hook’s path to redemption in Hyperion Heights is about finding this daughter and reuniting with her, and healing his poisoned heart. Dr. Whale is there and Zelena says tells him to get her "angry baby" out, and Whale reminds her about the last baby he delivered, which she tried to steal.

But Hook tells her not to, that their future is now, and that he's happy just to know that she has one, before going limp. Belle and Mary Margaret rush in and tell them that Emma is coming for the baby and that the only thing she needs other than Excalibur to snuff out the light is the cries of a newborn child. Plus, does the swashbuckler switcheroo mean that Roni and Weaver aren’t who we think they are either? Is the baby Hook’s or his clone’s? Upon hearing this, fake Hook feels guilty and goes off to find the real Hook, who stabs him in the gut.

Hook says that's music to his pirate ears. In Storybrooke, Hook and Zelena become allies. Merlin says he wishes Emma could defeat him, but that he's too experienced, and Merlin knocks her back. In Hyperion Heights, he doesn’t know he has a missing daughter or who he is, but this missing girl case is the analog for the missing daughter in the fairy tale realm. He shows her a photo of a house that he and Hook were looking at for their Operation Light Swan, which Hook planned to obtain for Emma after she was free of the Darkness. In the season 7 premiere, the two biggest questions everyone had was: Where is Emma? FACT CHECK: Is “Text RBG to 50409” a Scam?

Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Emma says that it's not enough for her.

Emma says she's giving her dark magic to Zelena. ", Emma and Hook go on their first official date. Rumple's manifestation says that she can only light it when she's ready to give up the darkness.

Of course her plan has to be a bit menacing. Jennifer Morrison announced she would not be returning for season 7 back in May 2016. After a brief scuffle, Hook knocks the sword away from Arthur and keeps him from grabbing it. Lynne Boris Johnston. Zelena hands Hook the re-united Excalibur and she removes a glamour spell, and shows him that his name is on the bottom part of the sword while Emma's name is on the dagger end, gloating about them being "the Dark Ones." She says she can't tell him everything because he would try and stop her. Regina is convinced that Emma has fully succumbed to the darkness. He then mocks her, telling her that she must have realized that having a baby was so much more fun than stealing one. He looks at the newspaper and recognized his handwriting on it. Emma goes to the woods and sees Arthur, Merlin, and Zelena, with Emma's family tied to trees. Arthur runs off and releases Zelena, who teleports both of them away.

In the Season 8 finale, Rachel gave birth to her and Ross's daughter, Emma. As Arthur greets David cordially, David demands to know why Arthur lied and tried to burn the Crimson Crown, and tells him about they message they received from Merlin, which detailed that only Nimue could destroy that Darkness. However, Emma says that she won't let Hook go and uses her magic to take both of them to a field of Middlemist flowers. She holds him and cries, and then takes Excalibur and floods it with magic. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have their off-show interaction. West, a new Cinderella (Dania Ramirez), and more. Mary asks if Regina is ready to meet her new family, but she says she doesn't know. This new photo from the Oct. 13 episode of ‘Once Upon A Time’ definitely makes it seem like Emma may be pregnant! Zelena tells Hook they have to sneak out the back, but Hook says he's not going. What happened to her? Regina says Emma gave her the dagger because they knew she was the only one who could act despite her feelings. By Emilie de Ravin will reprise her role as Belle in episode 4 of the current season. The show’s EPs, Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, teased to HollywoodLife.com at SDCC that we may see more of our fave characters down the road. The new season is also set in Seattle’s Hyperion Heights, where we have season 1 feels, back when nobody really knew who they were. David and Regina report back that Arthur has retreated far away and Emma is outside with the spark, trying to make it work.


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