mindfulness journal prompts for adults
And, you don’t have to subscribe to typical descriptions that others may use to describe a color: So, what colors would you use to describe how you’re feeling, what your upcoming week holds, or what your monthly outlook is like? window._mNHandle.queue = window._mNHandle.queue || []; A month of thinking before speaking – April, A month of expressing gratitude to loved ones – June, 30 days of meditation/journal about your meditation journey – July, 30 days of checking-in with yourself – August, Mindful holidays (in line with Christmas) – December, I think of the work that I perform in my career or at home. At PositivePsychology.com, we have excellent resources for you to use. Your email address will not be published. There isn’t only one type of journaling; instead, there are multiple formats that you can follow. A story of perseverance, or overcoming? Typically the instructions for a gratitude journal are as follows: There are many things in our lives, both large and small, that we might be grateful about. These exercises will help you reflect on positive events you experienced over the last week or month. What Is Mindfulness + 7 Easy Mindfulness Activities to Try Daily. Gandhiplein 16 When journaling is coupled with smart, simple reflections you accomplish twice as much: These 7 simple but meaningful writing prompts are a wonderful starting point. Pennebaker, J. W. (1997). For each week, choose one gratitude habit to complete. I’m thankful for my right to express myself freely. . Daily journaling can take other formats besides prompts and reflections of gratitude. I think of the shops where we buy food, the people we have met, and the experiences we have had. gratitude journaling (e.g., Beck & Verticchio, 2018; Emmons & McCullough, 2003; Khramtsova & Glascock, 2010; Seligman, Steen, Park & Peterson, 2005), reappraisal journaling (e.g., Khramtsova & Glascock, 2010), counseling journaling (e.g., Beck & Verticchio, 2018), self-compassion journal (e.g., Germer, 2009), reflective journaling. Currently, there is very little empirical evidence that one type of journaling is better than another. When she’s not working, she indulges in running on the road or the trails, and enjoys cooking. It can be used to decrease negative thoughts. Fill a page with things that make you happy. But the downside is that goal-setting creates a dependency upon distant outcomes or results that may be outside of your control. I reflect on the meals that I have shared with friends, families, and colleagues. And, most importantly, why would you choose those colors? There are many ways that we can practice mindfulness.

These prompts are designed to help you align yourself to a feeling of mindfulness because they invite you to better understand the experience that you’re having in your life right now. Registration Number: 64733564 Is it by exploring what makes you a unique individual in your journaling sessions? Pennebaker, J. W., & Smyth, J. M. (2016). I reflect on the times where I have enjoyed good health. And, why? Along with the tools listed above, you could use our ‘Three Good Things’ exercises as a way to end your day or week. Here we provide a list of daily prompts that you can use for your journal. For example, at the start of the month, you could choose a theme and specify three prompts that you will use that month to guide you. Thank you for helping open this door to live purposefully. Get personal, and maybe a little vulnerable, too. Mindfulness‐based interventions in context: past, present, and future. I really hope you find these mindfulness journal prompts helpful in bringing more awareness to your life and living with more intention. For example, you could set aside some time at the beginning of the day before work as well as at the end of the day after work to journal.

Download Your 3 Mindfulness Exercises Pack (PDF), download our 3 Mindfulness Exercises for free.

What helped you feel loved?

Explore your “story of the moment” for at least 5 to 7 sentences. Another method – which is the topic of this post – is through journaling. Counseling and mindfulness practice with graduate students in communication sciences and disorders. How will I do if I feel anxious/stressed/worried today? The point is that you have to find things that you are grateful for. And this post will help you start this new practice. Counting blessings versus burdens: Experimental studies of gratitude and subjective wellbeing. I’m grateful for two legs that hold me upright. It’s a manner of experiencing your self, and your life, over and over again. How can you now? Think back over the past week and write down on the lines below up to five things in your life that you are grateful or thankful for. This post is suitable for beginners and current practitioners of mindfulness. Emmons, R. A., & McCullough, M. E. (2003). Resist the urge to quickly list what you might think “ought to” list. Before you start journaling, you need the following items: You do not need an expensive journal to journal. Another useful way to use journaling is to check-in. When you sit down and reflect upon the story that you have been living lately — or, your “story of the moment” — you begin to shed a mindful light on how you have been feeling. Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Follow that energy. What are 3 qualities I love the most about myself? If you’re ready, dust off your notebook, find a pen and a quiet, sunny spot, and let’s begin! What do they mean to you? Name three beautiful things that you heard today. Remember your first job and how intimidating everything was? It highlights the importance of “taking stock” which leads to being consciously aware of what’s important to me. Try to find different words to describe your ideal feeling states in ways that resonate personally. Beck, A. R., & Verticchio, H. (2018). You might also like What Is Mindfulness + 7 Easy Mindfulness Activities to Try Daily. Pick another habit for the next week. My day doesn’t start or end until I have completed these two tasks. To help you with your journaling journey, we’ve provided a list of prompts and exercises that you could use. One of which is that it is so easy to implement. My favorite memories from childhood. I feel grateful for …, I think of the home that I live in, and I reflect on how it provides my family and me with a safe, secure, stable place for us to live. Good images to color-in are those that are very detailed with many empty (i.e., colorless) compartments. Because I am left-handed, I chose a journal that was easy for me to write in (e.g., I don’t like ring spines because my hand always hits it), and I must admit that I have a soft spot for hardcover.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, this post should interest you because I am outlining how to use the act of journaling as a way of practicing mindfulness. Pick one at random, or assign different exercises for different days. But the whole point of living more mindfully is that it can’t happen instantaneously. If you selected individuality, consider a way that you might feel more like an individual this week, or help you express more individuality this week: By reflecting upon your personal values or desired feeling states in your reflection, you create a bridge of mindfulness between your sense of self and how you live your days. When journaling about your progress this month, you can use our Personal Goal Progress Review. At the end of the week, document the habit, how you satisfied it, and how it made you feel. 3. She’s highly skilled in research design, data analysis, and critical thinking. However, journaling – in general – should be beneficial. Some of the reasons why journaling is so powerful are that it is cheap, easy to implement, can be performed anywhere, and by anyone.

Why do you practice journal writing? So, don’t skimp now! Good images to color-in are those that are very detailed with many empty (i.e., colorless) compartments. Is it a difficult memory to reflect upon, or an inspiring one? Let me know in the comments below! I feel grateful for …, I reflect on my past and all the mentors and teachers who have helped me on my path. I have a simple journal that I bought on sale, and I bought a set of pens from the local discount store. Your prompt is to simply list 5 things that you’re grateful for, and to describe why and how you are grateful for it, in 1 to 3 sentences, for each item.

What do I love the most about life? 4. When you finish, go a bit further by analyzing your reflection: “Values” or guiding beliefs are emotional, experiential qualities that all human beings use to instinctively distinguish what matters most to each of us in our everyday lives, and why. A “story” is anything that we communicate to ourselves in our own heads, or out loud to others. It’s easy to make decisions without thinking them through, or speak to others without any thought put into it. Sometimes we know how we feel, but we don’t always know why.

Maybe it’s been full of stresses or has flown by so quickly that you can barely remember when you last ate. Should you implement a daily meditation session, mindful eating, mindful exercise, or mindful walking? Just writing them all down can help to quiet them in … And expectations have a way of breeding resentments and disappointment. It’s a really popular topic nowadays, and more and more people are searching for “how to find it.”. can help you self reflect, be more aware of your life and your choices, and help you live each day with more intention. What was the most meaningful to you?

Your answer is a story: a series of choices that describe your understanding of the events and details of your commute to work. I like to journal at our breakfast nook, which is near a window. Evoke the memory to reconnect to the lesson or lessons. 5 Things to Do to Instantly... 15 Incredibly Powerful Ways to Raise Your Vibration | Lovely Holistic Living.

or “Rested, Replenished, Rewarded”? It contains all the materials you’ll need to not only enhance your mindfulness skills but also learn how to deliver a science-based mindfulness training to clients, students, or employees. How would you describe your “story of the moment,” and why? Once you have your top 3 values or feeling states selected, continue by answering the prompt: “This week, I intend to align my actions, words, and thoughts to these three values, feeling states or guiding beliefs: ________, ________, and ________.”, Continue by brainstorming at least 1 way in which you might embody, exemplify, or put energy towards your core values or guiding beliefs in the coming week. To begin, review the list of guiding beliefs, values, or core feeling states below. Gratitude is a... 2. The time isn’t long, between 5 -10 minutes. Express a few ways that you can specifically align your deeds, words, and thoughts to that guiding light. I feel grateful for …, I am mindful of my health and my body. Get specific, and detailed. While doodling, you can reflect on the same gratitude instruction used above, or you can focus on the doodles and making the lines connect.

Things I like to do when I’m off of work. Is it by expressing more of your voice and point of view at your work meeting? It is as effective as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a staple of the clinical psychology world (Kocovski, Fleming, Hawley, Huta, & Antony, 2013).. Mindfulness journaling can help us discover our why, and give us a clear direction to move forward. Outcomes of an integrated journaling and mindfulness program on a US university campus. It’s something I continue to work on every day!

If you wish to learn even more, Mindfulness X© is our 8-module mindfulness training package designed for practitioners. This prompt intends to help you “flip the script” on your ungrounded day and find a more mindful sense of presence.


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