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When he has a vision, he sees it in its full reality; and that drives him to complete it. Praying for this family as we all grieve the loss of this groundbreaking pioneer. Hahaha! We were late for the wedding and late for the reception, which was held in the former Hotel Utah.

Lived in Philadelphia and Glenside, PA. Orlando, FL. | Have you got evidence of this or romours, gossip? His work was brilliant beyond his time, which is still being proven by modern science. Gary’s “maverick” spirit, unfailing work ethic, and passion for life inspired everyone around him to be better, bolder, and kinder. On Wednesday, May 9, his left leg began to swell, and a hard lump was pushing against the skin. My prayers and God’s grace is with his family during this trying time. Copyright © 2020 Young Living Essential Oils.

He trusted and believed in others until they proved him wrong. The doctor said he could recover from perhaps an individual problem; but putting them all together, recovery would be unlikely or very difficult.

Mary will continue to serve as the CEO and I will continue in my role of president and chief operating officer. Gary was surrounded by those he loved and those who loved him dearly, who he worked with, and who had traveled the world with him. People need to wake up and stop believing everything they’re told. He founded the essential oil movement against tremendous opposition and slander, but he never stopped in his desire to serve God’s children. However, his blood pressure was a little low and his heart rate a little high, so they decided to take him to ICU. What were your first months of working together like? Gary was continuing to improve each day from the last stroke he had, and we were all very enthusiastic about his future. He was someone who inspired many. Thank you for your love and support as we go forward together keeping Gary’s flame growing brighter as we continue to be a part of the mission that he envisioned decades ago. Essential oils are great but they need to be respected and need to be used safely. Rip Gary. I am still amazed at how many blind sheep he had in his fold! This talented group has diverse expertise across industries, from operations and manufacturing to research and marketing. This team has grown the business 800 percent over the last five years. “We built Young Living with no outside capital, no borrowed money, and did most of the work ourselves. “In November 1994 Gary moved Young Living to Riverton, Utah. I made the decision to have the tube pulled out and let him breathe on his own.

His passion for pure essential oils and their healing benefits caught my heart. Sign up to receive the top news in the MLM industry.

Gary was the undisputed leader of the global essential oil movement. Just trying to put feelings on paper is a challenge for me at this time, but so many people are feeling the pain of losing Gary that I thought I would try to answer some of your questions and give the best explanation I can with what we have experienced. He had gained about 6 pounds and was eating three good meals a day—even asking to eat—so we were thrilled with that. I made him two quarts of a special power protein drink every morning, and he would usually drink all of it throughout the day, besides taking all of his supplements; so I knew he was getting great nutrition.

Our lives were entwined in giving Young Living a great start and keeping things going. It has often been said about us that Gary is the visionary and I am the realist. He had so much brain damage that his body started to shut down. He will be a great loss to the world, to those who knew and loved him, to our two sons Jacob and Josef, and to me. We want people to know truth and for that truth to better their lives. Even though he wouldn’t want us to feel this way, everyone at Young Living is heartbroken by this loss. Surrounding his bed, we held hands and prayed. It was an honor for me to be with him when he took his last, peaceful breath at 3:55 pm, on this beautiful spring day. During more than two decades, Young Living has become not only a remarkable success story but also a great love story. “On our first day taking orders, we made about $1,800, which was not enough to pay the bills. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The founder and former CEO of Young Living Gary Young is dead at age 68. How has the story of Young Living touched your life? Gender Male.

God was his foundation and his word was his bond, and to let anyone down was to disappoint God—and he wasn’t about to do that. Through Gary and Mary’s combined leadership, Young Living has grown to become the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions. Let us know in the comments! It was like, “Mary, get this out. We'll also be announcing a fun giveaway that you're sure to love. I am very sad with you and want you to know that you are like a family to me and I am always here in Egypt should you want to visit.

. I helped in the office while he traveled, gave meetings, and developed the farm in St. Maries. I had the opportunity to spend some time with him in Nevis and he taught me a lot of interesting things that have affected my life since then. What do you mean? He always gave 200 percent, never allowed the word “can’t” to be spoken, and was always looking for the solution, the best way to accomplish the goal.


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