bird eggs disappeared from nest

Don�t take my post as a criticism. Baby birds are pretty exciting, and it was going to be an on-going project to watch and chart their growth. But can't stop blaming myself - did I cause the nest to be raided?No way for me to know, we do not have owls here, nor have I seen hawks. She truly is a mourning dove now. Wildlife avoid humans and do not following their tracks (unless they prey on humans themselves). Die off of other food sources? At this point nature has run it's course with that guy. We have several bird houses perched on the Pergola and hanging in our trees.

Take extra care when in a potential or active nesting area.

A few years ago I found a dead male Williamson's Sapsucker in a cavity in this same aspen stand where the Hairy Woodpecker was nesting. No blood or sign of damage to the nest, no one on the ground beneath it. The parents were back within the hour and I was quite thrilled.

Keep an eye out for Mom she may have them stashed somewhere. I checked with the phone again in the morning, babies were good. Like the robin couple had their nest on my plum tree infront of my house. ", Here is a link that might be useful: Emergency Care For Birds and FAQs.

Can you send me some info like what you were talking about? So if you see a nest with eggs and no parents, it may not be abandoned at all, they just haven’t started incubating yet.

A third baby was dead on the leaves of the bush but did not look injured it was so strange. Thankfully, they were all 3 still moving and looked OK so I gently scooped them up and put them back in the nest and put the nest back up on the post. Would she have abandoned this nest after it was raided? I did check on the babies later on (feeling this weird responsibility for them).

Eyes were still closed and now they are gone it is so sad. You are breaking federal law and you should not be posting on Internet your very irresponsible comments that it is OK to do so. Deanna, please don't listen to the comments such as "Having you and five kids claming to get this close to a nest killed these birds." We have a menagerie of song birds nesting in our yard's surrounding landscape.

Every year I end up with a nest in my wreath on my front door. Your knowledge is very limited and its based on a specific area with very limited number of species and here you are implying that it is ok to do what you are doing. We have a robins nest with eggs about 6 feet away in a rhododendron tree. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

About that bird on the ground, chaterinet, it's possible that it fell out while trying to learn to fly and was ambushed there. It had feathers but wasn't quite ready to be out of the nest. One year, I saw one running off with a baby bird in its mouth, and the parents squawking after it.


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