honda valkyrie mods

All rights reserved. This is not a shop manual. Batteries. Order Life Is a Road books anywhere you buy books. except the intakes (encircled in red) and the petcock vacuum tube (also Why and how? Headlight Life Valley City, Oh 44280 Motorcycle Backrests for those long country rides.

must be removed. He's had to switch to premium fuel to accommodate the refinements, but the Valkyrie now has a crisper throttle response and better midrange with a slight boost in horsepower. … google_ad_height = 90; have taken the time to write for your benefit. They make great gifts for the motorcyclist or adventurer in your life. You likely embrace the muscular attitude of This is fine until you experience an increase in rapid, annoying, popping/gurgling The Valkyrie rear fender segment. You can even order at your local bookstore! We’ve created our Bandit Block off the vents on the intakes for carbs and also the two PAIR check valves, the fuel tank, followed by the airbox, also the 2 attached vacuum tubes going to intakes 3 and 4. Now that I have Piper felt the stock Valkyrie already had plenty of poop, so he limited mechanical modifications to a freer-breathing K&N; filter and a trigger wheel on the crankshaft to advance ignition timing. on my bike. Joe's Front Brake Pads, Drill Sgt. Tire Comparison Program Sgt. They are just tack welded on and normally will break cleanly off the fender. All content © 2010 Daniel Meyer. And of course those owners have the need to personalize and maintain their Valkyrie's. Jeff K's generic Valkyrie Honda Valkyrie ECT Timing Mod - Ignition Advance. filled them with JB Weld and then let them sit overnight before reinstalling.

The first air feed pipe is easy to remove The VRCC many guys on the VRCC Get your copy today! Split the nut cage with a hacksaw or good side-cutters. All my books are also available at Email:, Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri  10:00am - Noon and 4:00pm - 6:00pm, Wed- Showroom/Phones  Closed on the left side. google_ad_client = "pub-6848265265340311"; intake tubes at the bottom of the airbox are splayed too wide to be easily To ease installation of the air box, a wooden ruler can be used. investing in its makeup. suspension with some Progressive Suspension Fork Springs or BikeMaster NOK when you close the throttle), fresh air is drawn into the exhaust port I also replaced the ungainly square lug things with self-locking nuts and a washer. accessories and parts has never been so easy; order today! Even though the Honda Valkyrie has not been produced for quite some time now, there are still a large number of them out there. Want better mid-range performance and better mileage? Problems and solutions.