18 ft pontoon boat capacity

View press releases. And do you know how much weight your pontoon can handle? The deck layout is similar to the 230 models with reclining chairs in the rear and a driver and passenger seat protected by a glass windshield. Children and heavier passengers will fluctuate as well, so keep that in mind and adjust as necessary. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc, or its affiliates.

These pontoons have a pontoon log diameter of 24”. Severe Weather: Go to Shore or Ride it Out? The deck width is 8’6” and the pontoon length is 22’3”. Qualifies for the Military Discount Program(click to register). If there is only one outboard motor, it will be center-mounted. A more expensive model may be shown.

We may earn a commission when you buy through our links. Instead, go by the weight rating. Place coolers, gear and other heavy items around deck evenly. Exact product configuration may vary,

Here are steps for the calculation: *1728 is the cubic inches in a cubic foot (12 × 12 × 12). Above all, you should adhere to the government’s standards because if you do get stopped by the US Coast Guard, that’s what they will be looking at. Max weight capacities go from 2,300 pounds to 2,600 pounds. With V-hull fiberglass powerboats, the calculation is fairly straightforward, and goes like this: (Boat’s Length × Width) / 15 = Number of Passengers. Pontoon Volume x Density of Water (62.4 lbs) = Pontoon Weight Limit & Capacity Using our real-world example, if your equal-sized pontoons have the individual dimensions of 18 x 2 x 2 feet (which is height x length x weight which equals volume) then you get 72 cubic feet of volume in one pontoon. The 9 Best Yachting Life Jackets Rated & Reviewed. See loweboats.com for details. Because they submerge, cut it in half. capacity. There are bench seats at the front of the boat as one side of the rear of the boat. Person Capacity: 9 persons: Our factory discounts and promotions Not a chance. If your boat is older and missing capacity plates, use the U.S. Coast Guard’s recommendation for calculating the approximate number of passengers.

For a boat like this, you’d probably want to get a full-size truck for safe towing. capacity, Galvanized bunk trailer 16-18' pontoon w/disc brakes & LED lights, 2700 lb. You may need to calculate this yourself (don’t worry—there’s an easy method). Similar to asking passengers to shift collective body weight to the back of the pontoon when you push off from a beached pontoon boat, you need to even the load distribution. Knowing how much load you can place into your pontoon boat is an essential thing to know, especially if you are planning on inviting more passengers on board than you would usually would do. Boating is produced by Kalkomey Enterprises, LLC. They will have had scientists figuring out an exact method and weight limit for safety, so pay attention to what they say, not me. This calculator is purely for fun and illustrative purposes only to give you an estimation on your pontoon boat weight capacity and weight limits.


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