retro ps1 games

However, you may note, it is currently the most treasured game in Sealed condition. (Although this is different than the Batman Forever game they released a year earlier on the 16-bit era platforms). Check out our 25 best PS1 games below. You’re an agent referred to as a Riskbreaker, and you’re used to diving headfirst into dangerous situations. Note that some of these games are not rare in the sense that there are not many available, but rare relative to demand, which makes the games expensive. I love the plot in Chrono Cross because it deals with parallel worlds in a very clever way. It’s so easy to get hooked playing this game. Humans have been replaced by fast-breeding cyborg imitations, and most of the planet is underwater. Although it looks pretty tame now, it was creepy beyond belief when it first came out! However, with a bit of consolidation of the PS1 market in general in the 2010s and the digital re-release on the Playstation Network has cooled its collectibility a bit over the past decade.

If you’d like to learn more, I encourage you to read HG101’s article. This action-adventure game was developed by CyberConnect (the studio that later went onto develop the .hack series of action RPGs) and published by Atlus in North America. The game's story focuses on Ralph, a man who has been turned into a child who now must save a damsel in distress. From a child-friendly dragon to dragon armoured warriors, there are so many exciting titles on this console that I’ve had a sweat on trying to whittle it down to just 25! It has a compelling storyline and more than deserves a place in our best PS1 games compendium.
Check for Team Buddies on eBay Legends was later ported to the N64 as Mega Man 64 (catchy title). Rakugaki Showtime takes a arena battle concept like Power Stone or Poy Poy but takes a more 2D-ish approach by using a paper-like technique made popular in the Paper Mario series. It’s visually perfect, so much so that it received a score of 10/10 from many critics when it first came out. Spyro is a 3D platform game with five magical worlds. Play ps1 games online, A huge retro playstation 1 library and many great titles that cant be found anywhere, all playable in your web browser. You can see a full photo set from an owner of the set, Game-Rave. No problem at all. Also a complete used copy of Serial Experiments Lain is around that price, and I can’t assure how much they cost sealed but I would dare to say they could reach $800-1000 without being too optimistic. Learn essential information about vintage consoles. This rare shmup will remind many of Konami’s Parodius series and is filled with vibrant color and fun shooting action. It’s set four decades later, and it seems that racers have a need for bigger weaponry the further along through time your travel! Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Speaking of dragons, the next title in our list of the best PS1 games of all time is rife with them!


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