stud fee for sphynx
Im looking for a cat to breed to my female sphynx. I guarantee pregnancy with your queen. Jun 5, 2020, Ready to go June 15th. But of course anything that's agreeable to both parties is fine.

If the birthing is unsupervised, there will probably be kitten mortality in almost every litter. On at least a weekly basis, you will need to groom all of your cats: bathe, clip claws, clean ears, etc.

Replacing the bedding every few weeks as it gets tattered from too much washing. Sphynx young healthy male cat available for stud. The age factor bothers me too - it would be different if the female had at least one or two litters. ... stud elf sphynx TICA 11 months old male... by bhlrlcm8b - York, Pennsylvania - - May 31, 2020 She's looking for a stud! We are excited to see the gorgeous kittens Randy will help produce! It is equally as heart wrenching for the breeder to have to take the tiny baby into their own hands…a baby that you have waited so long for and were so excited to welcome into the world! I do not wish to line breed in any way. We are aware of the significance of maintaining the pure bloodline of your cat, so we guarantee to give you the most fitting mate that your queen deserves. Open to pick of the litter or $600 stud fee. I just wanted to hear others' experiences about the practice. Thanks! Your female might not get pregnant the first time or the second time and you may lose your stud fee.

If you have kittens at home, I wouldn't consider it. So now, she's back, wants to breed her girl but I think 5 is getting up there in age. You are responsible for any Vet care that your cats needs while being boarded at the stud owner’s house.

(706.5 km) She didn't want to breed there because the breeder said not until she was back in Canada.

His father is a split odd eye, so we’re hoping he will produce the first odd eye in our Cattery – we’ll see!

Jun 22, 2020, Hello everyone here is my handsome male full bred Sphynx. Persian, Himalayan, Sphynx, Siberian, and Savannah are only some of our available stud cats for sale. Supplies: cages, carriers, carrier covers, beds, toys, scratching posts, cat trees, pedigree program, filing system, litter boxes, grooming equipment, cleaning and disinfecting products, water filter system, air exchange/filter system etc. ... 12 Yrs and 2 Mths. This same ad/item/service by this seller is found elsewhere in the classifieds. Seal female 1500 Elvis is the funniest little cuddley guy you'll ever meet. Kitten (and cat) destruction like furniture, lamps, upholstery, torn curtains, your favorite comforter, etc. He loves to sit outside and enjoy the warm AZ weather. They are not only well-groomed and good-looking; they are also healthy and safe as they have gone through all the pertinent examinations and vaccinations to ensure their and their mate’s well-being. Please look below the deluxe listings for our free listings in alphabetical order. A thorough Veterinary exam and inoculations once a year for all your adult cats, Every year or two, your adult cats will need dental work, Time: time to learn about cats, cat breeding, the standard of your breed, research, communicate, follow up and more. (509.5 km) Feb 26, 2020, -- Dark Seals With blue eyes!

The replacement and/or cleaning of all the things in your house that he will spray. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers; post id: 7187161017. posted: 2020-08-30 13:49. Trojan is very vocal and calls to all our ladies, always hoping for some company! Nemacolin, Pennsylvania [United States] - Under the circumstances, I think I'd take a stud fee rather then a kitten in case she only would have one or two. - it's ok to contact this poster with services or … (609.0 km) Terms If you are ready to own one, you can choose from the different breeds we have. She wants to hire me to let my boy breed with her girl. JavaScript is disabled. Now, I am unsure if this is going to happen yet or not, my boy hasn't quiiiiite figured it out 100% yet.

Ad is being used to send a message rather than sell an item/service. He has green eyes and is 2 years old.

No more date night with the Hubby!

Open to pick of the litter or $600 stud fee. Sphynx Donskoy male color black dark shocolate DSXn green eyes Title sertificate number 0185/11/CH looking for a girl STUD Service to walk under the moon. You will never stop learning and you can’t afford not to take the time, The time and money you must spend to rescue any cat of your breed in trouble if it is in a shelter near you, Keeping your house constantly warm enough for your cats and kittens to thrive, Oklahoma's Premiere Sphynx & Bambino Breeder. Thanks Daisy for your input, it's much appreciated. I did try to talk to her about that, and she understands that if it is going to happen it has to happen soon. - (493.8 km) 5 years old and never been bred. Misleading or confusing item/service description. With dogs, the "usual" stud fee is pick of the litter, or, if the stud's owner doesn't want a puppy, the price of the puppy. Natallie9. Trojan was born April 2015 and is one of our studs in the Cattery. Annual subscriptions to cat associations & registering bodies.

Remember, the financial cost is nothing compared to the emotional cost if you lose a kitten. (612.3 km) Since finding the most suitable stud cat for your queen is not as simple as it may seem, we are here to offer only the best help and assistance you can get. A caesarean section at the emergency clinic will cost you more than you paid for your queen and the kittens aren’t likely to survive.

Call 7248123791. Jynx is available for a stud service for 1200 dollars or pick of the litter.

(601.6 km) $800. The Requirements and Cost to keep your own male. Hypoallergenic Russian Blue Mix Kittens 2 Left. . Thanks! You must log in or register to reply here. Stud Fee: Usually the price of a kitten. Mojo is also an up and coming stud in our Cattery. QR Code Link to This Post. He is up to date on shots and has been FIV and FeLV tested.

I am doubtful that her girl would respond well to being at my house for a couple weeks and then to try to breed her.

Annual dues for all the Cat Clubs you belong to.Long Distance phone bills to call your Vet, your breeder friends, your prospective kitten buyers, your follow up calls to kitten buyers and calls to get cats out of rescue situations. let’s make this work. (706.5 km)

- $300. Her cat is absolutely gorgeous BTW. Fiv Felv tested Negative. Mine all have to be retired by 5 years old, not just starting out. - Very loving, intelligent, flashy looking kittens!!! Driving to the Airport or the Stud Owner’s house if you do not own your own male. He is going to be a big boy – at 4 months old he’s already 6 pounds! She and I talked at great length about what she wanted. Will have shots, wormed, vet checked . Only available to sphynx females or a manx female for pick of the litter. Feel free to email or text me if interested in stud service only. Jynx is a red flame point elf sphynx stud from russia.

Monty is trying so hard LOL.

Like I said before, I think she'd be better off with another kitten to start with. Wellington, all points you touched on are well taken. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. Advertise. That could be a problem. Describing Cats - What Does My Cat Look Like.

I am not concerned with anyone elses. Do you think that cat breeders charge too much for their purebred Sphynx kittens? This ad is being used to play a joke on someone. Even more cat litter and clean up for the kittens! © 2019 They come prespoiled and handled daily. I am hesitant to do it, only because Monty is a baby himself, just turning 10 months. She may or may not take at her age.

In this way, there is a very minimal chance or none at all for the pair to produce kittens with health problems and genetic defects. May 3, 2020, Register Tica Sphynx available. Wrong or Deceptive Price, Wrong Phone # or disconnected. Randy is a beautiful black male with golden eyes. Tica registered. I love to hear from experienced breeders regarding these types of issues. Your family will complain and you will go to work looking like the walking dead! next to each category below for more info, click here to view our "More Information About Fraud" page, Almost 9 Week Old Kitten (Update Price Lowered). Before you ever have kittens you will have expenses.


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