yinmn blue car

I liked how the lunar module used gold foil, and Apollo the Greek god was the Sun deity; gold often used to represent the Sun. It's pretty crazy to look at in sunlight. In practice there is. Getting all the details in such a model right seems to be the same kind of problem as getting a weather-prediction model right—in that, as you add factors, all your predictions asymptotically approach correctness, with smaller and smaller preturbations. One of those entities is more motivated to get this invention licensed and (hopefully) available to the public. Presumably some health / safety entity? Then What?" Thanks! Why do people get to patent the products of federal grants? The only surefire way to observe a compound's properties is to synthesize it and measure. Reply Delete. Chemistry never had good theoretical classical theory like physics had. The taxpayers are the ones that front the money. * Patents expire, eventually, in a more reasonable timeframe than, say, copyrights. Sucralose: Chemist working on novel uses of sucrose and synthetic derivatives asked a coworker to 'test' a compound. I mean, this is science: shouldn’t chemicals react as they do in theory? Light interaction is physical reaction of photons with electrons and it depends on how the electron cloud is distributed. We found the ugliest color in the world, but what is the most beautiful? I hadn't realised I received one of only three tubes of YInMn blue - I feel VERY special :-) I think it is a very interesting colour for watercolour artists. ', • "The Library of Rare Colors": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rApTzWboLrA, • "I Can't Show You How Pink This Pink Is": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NzVmtbPOrM. Moreover, infrared radiation is strongly reflected, which makes this pigment suitable for energy-saving cool coatings. Coworker thought he said, 'Taste'. It’s now licensed for commercial use, and will be utilitized in coatings and plastics. However it is, in every case, that the tax payers don't get anything out of this. Scientists have synthesized a brand new, perfectly bold shade of blue. However the argument was around "why aren't we getting the money back from direct profit from these inventions?" The quintessential chemistry story: someone sets out to make something and ends up creating something useful but completely different by accident. Give the protections. It may depend on the definition of red, but that doesn't sound true at all. American Road Trip Photography’s portfolio. Under properties one an see the reflectivity and whilst far better than Cobalt blue, its a long way from Gold and silver: Here's a nice interview with the discoverer: Yttrium and Indium are two rare earths, Indium especially, used in displays. If you use government grants, I'd say that the government owes it to us to document any invention from it and give it open competition access or get royalties from its sales. As mentioned in this YouTube video by Seeker, albeit in passing, but credit where it’s due: https://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2011/11/11/th... https://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/category/thin... https://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2010/02/23/th... https://blogs.sciencemag.org/pipeline/archives/2014/10/10/th... https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/1999/10/18/boob-raider, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polytetrafluoroethylene.

Reserved. > If government funded research discovered this pigment, then DuPont can still benefit from the process-- they'd just have to pay royalties to the government (i.e. What does properties mean, to you? ), and the government gets an automatic license to the patent. "At seven hundred freaking degrees, fluorine starts to dissociate into monoatomic radicals, thereby losing its gentle and forgiving nature. I believe that the concept of the patent is a decent compromise between the two points of view. Click here to join our channel and stay updated with the latest Biz news and updates. Those preturbations might cause one or two elements “local” to some part of the configuration-space to be misclassified; but remember, here, that the point is to get a predictive screening test, one that hopefully gives more false positives than false negatives.

Indium atom alone has more than 40. YInMn blue also has potential energy-saving properties: its high level of infrared reflectivity means that it could be useful on energy-efficient roofs. ), tetrafluorohydrazine (how on Earth...), and on, and on. >>stable, durable, non-toxic, and only then even then good looking. a clock reaction. It's not an essential distinction though, because subatomic physics is also simulable in BQP. The latter video makes me wonder: Is there a good way of finding out if a monitor, or even an entire color space, can contain this color? The government gets an automatic license to that patent, so there is also that benefit that the government doesn't end up paying for the invention multiple times. Surely there can't be any problems in computational chemistry that have actually been proven to be NP-hard? The new color has been given the name YInMn blue. That happened here -- undoubtedly the original grant said nothing about finding new dyes. It should be “open”. Like the optical brighteners that are used in detergents: Not quite as vibrant, but still startlingly pink. But pigmentation is a physical property, as it is a reaction between a molecule and inbound photons†. The advantage of YInMn is that it also provides color. I'm calling a big old [citation needed] on a compound that's only existed for a decade. Likewise, the output of a “pigmentation calculation”—if we know of one—should just be more photons. Why do you get so much time to have your product untouchable after the fact? The inventor gets a short-term monopoly on this IP and immediate protection from competitors to make money. The article makes no mention of how the pigment makes the blue colour.

And yes, I'd rather the government handle IP rather than DuPonts research team. > Specifically in the short term, you say that the patent provides access to an invention (through the company or whoever will sell the invention). 'In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. To add a profit motive, which in effect accelerates the fruits of the research being made available to the public and not hidden on the shelf of a lab. Computational chemistry involves solving multiple NP-hard problems. (from the Wikipedia page). I doubt the car industry will be interested as granulating paint isn't popular for cars. All the vibrations and complex geometries make it really hard to calculate exact solutions. Before Bayh-Dole, this compound may have been academically interesting, been researched, published, but then left on the shelf for many years before someone found a commercial use for it. It is additionally safer than cobalt blue. It ought to serve the people, not the recipients. > book written by Mariana Mazzucato which argues that the United States' economic success is a result of public and state funded investments in innovation and technology, rather than a result of the small state, free market doctrine that often receives credit for the country's strong economy. But he did mention your blog a few times. For that matter, iron oxide (rust) technically qualifies. The Apollo 11 Lunar Module used gold foil to reflect heat, I suppose future vehicles could have a brilliant blue foil, apt for Blur Origin. https://www.quantamagazine.org/a-new-spin-on-the-quantum-bra... https://www.npr.org/2016/07/16/485696248/a-chemist-accidenta... https://www.amd.com/en/graphics/workstations.

Before Bayh-Dole, something like this pigment would have been noted in a lab notebook and maybe the bright blue color would have been mentioned in a journal article. Is it still true that there are no real inorganic red dyes? I knew that someone would reply with asbestos when I wrote that. There is an increasing reliance on computational models and simulation, but chemists realize that the models are approximations (since it's computationally infeasible to have perfect fidelity simulations). The thinking behind this is that an invention that is available in the market (even patent-protected) is better than an invention that is sitting on the shelf in a lab. The last time a new pigment of blue was discovered it was the year 1802; when French chemist Louis Jacques Thenard discovered cobalt blue. Is the mortality rate for Chemists higher than average? Therefore, YInMn Blue stands for yttrium, indium oxide and manganese.


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