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What degree did you earn?

All rights reserved. It was always on my mind: "I hope that everybody's OK. Challenges abound with intriguing new islanders arriving and dramatic twists at every turn.

"If I’m getting technical, I want to get divorced just as bad as I want to get married," adds with a laugh. According to Cely's official bio, she's a 24-year-old legal secretary from Sacramento, California. You don't know what day it is. We're in a great spot; he's actually coming to Arizona. Powered by. Mackenzie Dipman of Scottsdale made an impression in her four weeks on the reality dating show "Love Island," easily falling into a relationship with Connor Trott — more than once. It's not yet clear, but now's the perfect time to get to know Cely. Cely is fluent in Spanish, and in her intro video she jokes that she's a "spicy Latina" who is looking for a "delicious" man. (I got to) talk to Connor's (family) because Connor's mom and my mom became very, very close during the show and kind of leaned on each other for support throughout this whole process. If I’m getting technical, I want to get divorced just as bad as I want to get married,” she says with a laugh.

Love Island airs every night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS, with a two-hour weekly recap show airing Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 10 pm. Love Island: The Game pretty much follows the show’s format in the sense that you have a group of guys and girls that need to pair up in order to stay on the island. “They’re doing divorce parties and I’m like, ‘That looks fabulous!’. Ahead of the show's season finale on Wednesday night, Dipman spoke with The Arizona Republic about her attempt to find love during a pandemic as well as how often she cried on the show and how she and Trott will proceed in the real world.

There will definitely be a lot more interaction on social media coming soon, especially once we're together. Q: You studied at ASU. About you: if you read that and are still interested, let’s do the damn thing!”, Love Island USA: Meet Season 2 Islander Cely VazquezGet to know the 24-year-old legal secretary from California before she moves into the Villa with the first batch of Islanders. We have told each other 'I love you.' Everybody cried all the time. A lot can change on Love Island in a few days, after all.

I just got this sense that since there weren't that many couples this season — long-lasting ones — I knew without having my phone back or being able to speak to anybody that there was going to be a lot of opinions about me and about my relationship coming out (of the show). Meet the Scottsdale student who's on 'Love Island', Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. READ NEXT: How to Watch Love Island USA Season 2 Online Without Cable, ‘Love Island’s’ Cely Vazquez Wants ‘To Get Divorced’, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Love Island's Cely Vazquez. She grew up in the town of Manteca, and was the captain of her high school cheerleading team. Earlier this year, Dipman graduated from Arizona State University with honors, celebrated her 24th birthday and went straight to filming "Love Island" Season 2 in a villa atop The Cromwell hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. (But) I'm definitely not in a rush to get down the aisle at all. I think that's also why we probably reacted so intensely to being around other people and maybe why our emotions ran so high because you're living in a COVID world for months prior to going on the show. He gave them to me and basically was like, "I'm going to come get you; I'm going to see you in the outside world." I am honestly shocked by that because everyone cried a lot in there. Join the web’s most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD with no ads. Watch Real Life Cam - Awesome Tv Show on Dailymotion. A: I was very much of the mindset that I had to be careful about how I came out of this experience. JJ: Channel: … Question: Your mom told us she's never seen you cry so much.

It was a cry-positive household. A: I started at ASU my freshman year of college. With five women introduced at the start of Love Island Season 2, Cely has already proven herself to be a lightning rod for drama, nabbing the attention of three of the guys on the first night. Watch the two-hour Season 2 premiere of Love Island USA on Monday, Aug. 24 at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access. We had no concept of time. That was a very necessary conversation. And then I turned 24 right after that. Is she on a fast track for love, or are all these connections doomed to fizzle out early? And I actually graduated with honors. Maybe? He did book a one-way ticket for now, so well, we'll see happens. I hope that it hasn't worsened for the whole nation." Every few days the Islanders have to pair up, and those who are not coupled up are at risk of being “dumped” from the island. If you were in the original cast, like myself, all of us were there for probably about four weeks. Ahead of the premiere on Monday, August 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS, here’s what you need to know about her. The US version of Love Island is back, but with a little pandemic twist: the Islanders are now confined to the roof of a Las Vegas casino. Freedom and love reigned supreme. Honestly, I'm not usually a crier at all, but I just think that says a lot about how intense my feelings were for Connor. Mackenzie Dipman of Scottsdale made an impression in her four weeks on the reality dating show "Love Island," easily falling into a relationship with Connor Trott — more than once. Get to know the 24-year-old legal secretary from California before she moves into the Villa with the first batch of Islanders. "They’re doing divorce parties and I’m like, ‘That looks fabulous!’", Ultimately, even though Cely says she loves to flirt, she really is looking for someone to who loves and appreciates her for who she is. It wasn't aired, but he did tell me for the first time that he loved me the night that I was eliminated. Follow her on Twitter @kimirobin and Instagram @ReporterKiMi. Season two premieres Monday, August 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. I just think they only showed me crying. Q: It must be exciting having so much going on this year, especially when a lot of people feel stuck in place during this pandemic. So I think now that we're out of the villa, we're not stressing about those labels anymore; that's not coming up. I abided by (Gov. It's crazy, and it's sad. The romance begins when a group of single “Islanders” are thrown together in a villa on top of Caesars Entertainment’s boutique hotel, The Cromwell in Las Vegas. She calls her Star Wars marathon watches a "healthy addiction," and was gifted a fancy Baby Yoda ring. I feel like I won. We're not any closer to a vaccine than we were when we went into villa. Regardless, whoever Cely ends up choosing has to appreciate that she's an independent and headstrong spirit. She's never been the girl to dream about weddings. Yes, it was just as confusing as it sounds. I never thought that there would be someone who appreciated every last thing about me and treated me with such kindness all the time.

And once the skeleton of its towering tree houses were dusted away, it would be transformed into a government-owned state park at the end of a road on the Hawaiian island of Kauai's north shore. I got what I came here for; I found love, and I met the most amazing guy for me. 1.

A: We're definitely going to figure out how to approach moving forward as far as trying to show you guys our real selves, our true selves, and let you guys see the silly and loving and happy couple that we are.

Answer: What I am hearing now that I've come out is that I cry so much. I moved here my junior year of high school, and I attended Chaparral (High School) in Scottsdale, and I graduated from there. They said they found love on the show, yet they left it separately. Plus, I’m always extra, like my guac! Subscribe to today. Carrington is also a Leo; while he's coupled up with Kaitlynn on night one and not her, perhaps these two will find each other in the future? "Someone who loves Cely as much as Cely loves Cely.". I was so hopeful that I would meet someone that I would like on the show, but I never thought that guys like Connor existed.

CBS "He's a Virgo and I'm a Gemini, so we just didn't agree on much," she says in her bio. The app is available on Android and iOS. She amusingly considers meeting a guy on a TV show more "old-fashioned" than dating apps, which she's never downloaded because "that's a whole other world that's honestly kinda scary.". Q: What else have you heard from friends and family since leaving the show? Cely is also looking for someone who “will plan cute dates” and is “able to joke around and poke fun Love Island USA: Meet Season 2 Islander Cely Vazquez Get to know the 24-year-old legal secretary from California before she moves into the Villa with the … She also mentions in her bio that her celebrity crush is Patrick Swayze, who she would have been "100-percent compatible" with because he was a Leo. Thám Tử Ngoại Cảm Tập 2 - Phim Hàn Quốc - Phim Ma - Phim Kinh Dị - Thám Tử Ngoại Cảm - Phim Phiêu Lưu - Phim Hành Động - Thám Tử Ngoại Cảm Thuyết Minh - Thám Tử Ngoại Cảm Lồng Tiếng - Thám Tử Ngoại Cảm Vietsub - Thám Tử Ngoại Cảm 2014 It's so new to me, but I'm so happy, and I really do see us having a very long future together. Cely's bio notes that she prefers to have meet-cutes with guys in a coffee shop, at the gym, or in a grocery store. “I would rather suck on a wet rag than ever let a man tell me what I can or cannot wear.”, Love Island USA – Tour The Swanky Season 2 VillaFollow Love Island host Arielle Vandenberg as she walks us through the Islanders' desirable new digs set high above the Vegas Strip. A: Being in that environment, you almost forget what's going on in the real world because we're completely cut off, so (when you) come out, you were kind of hit with this reality check (that) COVID is still a prevalent issue. Cely says she’s Latina, so she has curves and she loves to show them off. I got my own place by myself, got my own dog, got a job working in Old Town (Scottsdale) to help support myself financially because my parents have always supported me, but I wanted to start becoming financially independent.


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