vintage vespa colors

Power output increased to 5 bhp at 5,000 rpm, and top speed to 75 km/h. The 2-stroke 125, 150 and 200cc engines (displacements vary according to markets) with forced air cooling have electronic CDI ignition and electric start with a kick starter. with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. Vespa 150 in 1956, ten years after the birth of the first model, the factory in Pontedera reaches millions selling Vespa. A "Speedmatic" automatic version was also launched. Although these colours are accurately matched to the Thanks!! Vespa Paint Codes Unfortunately the information out there only matches original colors to "Max Meyer" paint codes which don't exist (as far as I know) ... Vintage Vespa paint codes for Glasurit Paints . The exhaust silencer, carburettor and suspension were also new. There were numerous innovations: the 150 cc engine, 4-speed gearbox, standard long saddle, "faired" handlebar-headlamp unit, wheels with 10" tyres.

& & The engine was new, the front headlamp new and more powerful, the frame, derived from the Vespa 150 Sprint, narrower and more aerodynamic than that of the Super Sport.

Produced in two colors, gray and beige, Vespa 125cc in 1958 marked a new era. View LX125 details. (data last updated 4 hours 59 minutes ago) Over the years Piaggio has developed bunch of Vespa models. VIP Car Inspections, Any Car, Any State, Any Time, Car Parts: Ford Capri Stainless Steel Bumper. The following year the Vespa PK 50 Automatic was launched. View 150 details, Vespa 150 GS, 1955 - Experts called it "the most popular, imitated and remembered vespa model". 1 to no. It was powered by a 98 cc engine that delivered 3.2 bhp at 4,500 rpm with a top speed of 60 km/h. A completely new project, it is the first Vespa ever powered by a 4-stroke engine. View 125 Bacchetta details, Vespa 125, 1953 - This marked the first important change to the engine: bore, stroke and timing gear were modified. View PK125s automatica details, Vespa T 5 Pole Position, 1985 - The T 5 was the "extra-sporty" version of the PX series. Email: Aggressive lines in the design, the windshield and digital tachometer betrayed him sporty character. Vespa Rally 200/1967 Lambretta SX150,1979 P200E.1981 Primavera 125. a not so normal vbb2 '64, a weirdo vbx '86, a not so normal pts100 '82 and a red lipstick '74 sprint, i know Aussie have a backwater culture so i am officially said that Ginch is the backwater Santa Clauss, Re: Original colour chart / color codes reference. Here is list and technical specs of 115 vintage vespa models or classic vespa models (list of classic vespa models) and 26 modern vespa models. There are a few around but not so many where you can see the actual colours according to name and number. Red . The company's engineers have taken into account this fact in future production, strengthening the body frame scooter. A The body design of the model is very convenient, many have used it to move together. Grey.

View 150GL details, Vespa 160 GS, 1962 - This was born to continue the market success of the first GS, with a completely new design.


Model sold in one (blue) color, and was aimed at the entire spectrum of the market (24,000 models). View PK50s details, Vespa PK 125, 1983 - This replaced the Vespa Primavera (standard and ET3), which remained in production with the "Classic" body for the Japanese market, where it was the best-selling Western two-wheeler vehicle. Check out for a great selection of Vespa Touch up Paint Now offering full range of Modern and Vintage Vespa colors.. Free color matching service available. This type had significant advantages in terms of industrial production, and in … Check this original paint resource - maybe of interest: Just found a couple of useful charts in my collection.

You can look for body painting photograph here. Capacity increase from 90 to 100 cc was achieved by increasing the cylindrical vessel. Learn More.... Ruffled is one of the leading wedding blogs for stylish brides and creative couples. This site is best viewed View 125 Primavera ET3 details, Presented at the Milan Show in 1977 as a new model, Vespa P125X more focused on the youth market.

View 98 details, Vespa 125, 1948 - The first Vespa 125 cc. View Rally 180 details, Sold since 1969 till 1982, Vespa 50 was focused mainly on the youth market, this updated model changes were steering, front and rear fog lights. Original colour chart / color codes/paint codes reference,,,,,,,,,,, View 180SS details, Vespa 125 Primavera, 1968 - Together with the subsequent PX version, it was the most durable version of the Vespa. engineering including transport, they may not all be available for Car Parts: BMW 1500-2000NK Stainless Steel Bumper (1962-1972). Rally 200s have 'racing' stripes on the cowls and mudguard, like this. BS 4800 is a selection of colours for building With an engine capacity of only 90 cc, it could do 93 km/h. There are a few around but not so many where you can see the actual colours according to name and number. Square lines and larger chassis make Vespa P125X more recognizable. Featuring Beautiful Fully Restored Vintage Vespa & Lambretta 150cc, 125cc, 50cc, models 1960 to 1990 VBB, VBC, VLB, Smallframes, PX, LI3, LI Special, TV175 and Lambretta 550N. We hope to bring you new and interesting content on our YouTube channel. The steel body is a uniquely Vespa touch, Vespa LX 50 has 2 and 4 stroke models. The possessions of my heart.....Always on my mind.

2 matching N.Z. View 125 details, Vespa 150 GL, 1963 - Another new design for what has been called "one of the best-looking Vespas produced by Piaggio designers". consumer use. View PK50n details, Vespa ET4 50cc, 2000 - The first small Vespa with a 4-stroke engine, combining lively performance that will make no one regret the 2-stroke with quiet running and the reduction of polluting emissions. With a new engine, aluminium cylinder and 5 intake ports, but the design was also new, particularly at the rear and around the front headlamp which incorporated an aggressive dome with a small Plexiglas windscreen. View PK50 details, Vespa PK 50 S, 1983 - Substantially identical to the PK 125 model, it appeared in two models, PK 50 and PK 50 S, both with 4-speed gearbox and electronic ignition.


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