buzzard meaning spiritual

Heightened senses may be activated at twilight, dawn with special emphasis on moonlit nights. Magpie teaches maneuverability, taking opportunities and chances, the ability to forage for truths. [Listen], Bunting speaks of knowledge and intelligence with an emphasis on utilizing your voice to "sing" beautifully. Groups may provide inspiration, creativity and mental/emotional support. She uses resourcefulness and ingenuity to aid in revealing what is necessary. Trust your intuition as she demonstrates the importance of (It's all about..) timing. Are you letting go of personal dramas? (similar to Kingfisher) Titmouse teaches to use our voice and the immense power of small things and with small ideas. Knowledge is collected so future wisdom comes to light. Enter your email to subscribe to the TWG Newsletter. Are stuck in a dream world of what you want rather than what is true and real? Wrens may be small but can teach big lessons. how you speak. [Images] Nuthatch is also a bird of ingenuity. It is time to listen and watch for the nuances and timing of action. Are you open to your guides?

Exercise judgment, care, and diplomacy. Do you feel unsure or inadequate? Now that you have learned the essential dream messages of the buzzard, please check out more animal dream messages here on It is time to soar above your perceived limitations. A hovering Kestrel teaches when to strike so be patient in waiting. Pay attention to dreams. This also correlates to grounding properties in order to receive and process spiritual and emotional insights for clarity. [Images] Bobolink speaks of knowledge and intelligence with an emphasis on utilizing your voice to "sing" beautifully. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

[Images] The know how to "ride" through life and its circumstances to form a mutual relationship, whether it be with people, animals or everyday issues. Moving with alertness and grace she teaches generosity and gentleness with a touch of ferociousness when needed. (Bobolink not found on any other animal totem sites as of this publication 10.18.11) He shows how to restore harmony of thoughts and feelings so one can reach new … [Images] He has the ability to navigate emotions and aids in recovering what is lost whether it be emotional, mental or spiritual. He teaches a balance of a parasitic vs symbiotic behaviors. The next two weeks sees the result come to fruition. [Images] Are you moving in the direction you need to go? It is time sing your own song for a new period in life force abounds. Although he may be shy, he knows how to strike with determination. Within three to six days the process will start. Warbler will teach how to diversify and expand your surroundings and feel comfortable in doing so. Be aware in dream time. Determination, balance, follow your own path. Connect with Mother Earth. Pay attention to your diet. [Listen], Teaches cooperation, establishing peace, shows team work and community action. Buzzard will aid in transforming knowledge to bring the unconscious to conscious and teach how to soar above it and bring the transformation you are needing at this time. Listen to your dreams and visions. She shows emotional strength that you may need at this time. Take time for yourself in quite solitude. He shows how to see above situations with a higher clarity and teaches that there are many perspectives to consider. Take time for yourself in quite solitude connecting to Mother Earth. He gives access to memories long forgotten and shows how to assimilate them into awareness. Mockingbird will teach how to accomplish this balance. She demonstrates touching Mother Earth for balance. [Listen], Flamingo teaches how to maintain balance and movement through the emotions. Pay attention to throat health. She teaches ways to uncover what is hidden. Eating properly with plenty of vegetables is important as it connects to Earth. Warbler shows how to endure and use patience and tenacity for your best interests. Osprey shows that after the initial "splash" of your endeavor, situations and issues will naturally fall into place. Blackbird teaches use of intuition that will aid in understanding Mother Nature and the connection to all things. It will take about 28 days for lessons to be learned and about 10 additional days for incorporation of wisdom to take place. [Listen], Creation, mental-spiritual-emotional swiftness, healing, dignity, strength, courage, wisdom, healing and insights, awareness of surrounding, aids in seeing hidden spiritual truths and higher balances, illumination of spirit, stronger and quicker in actions, responsibility, shows how to connect with intuition and higher spiritual truths. It’s time to start listening to your intuition and believing your GUT instincts. She aids in heightening the powers of observation in the stillness within. Although the genus list for wren is vast, pay attention to the surroundings, habits, and plumage for more insight. With one of the prettiest vocalizations of the bird family, his medley of calls is a culmination of many other birds, likewise, your song is a medley of circumstances, experiences and those that surround you. Say what? He indicates a time of heightened creativity and inspiration that expands outward to aid others. He shows how to seek a new and heightened vision while increasing sensitivity. [Images] New Moon 16 Oct 20:31 Flicker aids in our ability to find deeper meanings and hidden qualities of patterns and coincidences. Two weeks later her lessons are incorporated. His medicine culminates quickly 18 days later. Stork will show how to carry your new peace into all areas of your life. Over the next 21 days, chicken will teach the balance of being stubborn and outgoing. Are you extracting the joy throughout your day? Are you drumming and creating your own beat? He shows how to restore harmony of thoughts and feelings so one can reach new heights with little effort. He aids in finding happiness and joy in the small things. Goose medicine demonstrates soaring to new levels often with the cooperation of others which will help gain a tremendous amount of resources, knowledge and insights. Swifts can teach how to join together with others either for protection or for communal joint efforts to accomplish tasks and goals. [Listen], Kites are one of the most graceful at flying and will teach how to do the same. Are you trusting your hunches and feelings? Is it time to voice your opinion? Dove teaches many lessons of home: love, security, fertility and family. As such, another dream meaning for buzzard points to the importance of remaining in a natural balance or in finding balance in a situation or relationship. They are noted for their songs so are you singing to the best of your ability? Are you willing to soar to new heights at this time? When Towhee appears there may something else you are missing and will show how to go over things with a new perspective. Let your soul sing loud from the treetops so others may hear your message. Penguin helps navigate the realm of emotions and the depth of our unconscious. Sparrow teaches cooperation and sharing responsibilities whether at home or work. Yellow color brings vitality, creativity, energy, light, higher awareness, knowledge, optimism. Grounding and centering is needed.

Are you aware of the cycles happening right now in your life? [Listen], Quail teaches about mysticism and enlightens you about your soul name and purpose. Are you going with the flow or fighting it?

Vulture aids accomplishing tasks through great patience and vision, using your sense of smell and discernment, and how to glide and soar with your own energy. Magpie will help with the transition of understanding so you can break free from those illusions. She helps in recognizing your own voice and internal power.


Anhinga can show how to delve into the depths of yourself and chase your dreams, ambitions and goals whether it be physical or spiritual endeavors. It is a good time to try new foods and flavors as tastes may be changing. Trust your intuition and watch for synchronicities to show the way. Heron teaches that grounding yourself in the earth, spiritual and emotional insights will become clearer. [Images] Pay attention to the color of Bobolink for this will guide in understanding which phase you are in. There are many animal kin listed here, many of which are not found in other websites. Pigeon shows how to bring peace, love and understanding to situations and teaches us the art of communication and cooperation. At this time there is a magic of the unseen worlds coming forth that is paired with the balance of grounding within the earth as you walk your path. [Listen], Catbird teaches ways of communicating by listening and singing your own song in life along with care and tact in Are you hovering or circling and ready to accept what you prey upon when it appears? Time to expand and explore. Swallows are masters of the air and will show how to move with utmost grace with agility and style. Is it time to surface with thoughts, ideas and opinions or a time to strategically wait patiently? Kingfisher demonstrates excellent visionary skills and will teach how track your "prey". Insights and intuitions are activated and perceptions are changing. Loon gives guidance by awareness of the unconscious process of creating and imagining. [Listen], Meadowlark indicates a time of cheerfulness, joy and easier times ahead. All the information contained herein is written by me upon contemplating the animal. When buzzard shows up in your dream narrative, it is time to pay attention to your psychic senses and safely open yourself up to your untapped extrasensory skills. Starling will teach much about sensitivity to others and working as a unity either in this world or another and will instill a sense of protection and hope. Seagull can teach you many lessons of looking, living and being. He stirs psychic abilities and brings to consciousness latent healing gifts and creativity. Nuthatch shows how to move in many directions in search for spiritual and mental "food", sometimes head first is needed but rest assured, Nuthatch will also show how to hang on with amazing agility. It is time to be creative and express your ideas and make life vivid either by being bold and vocal or being quiet. Is it time to do inside/outside home improvements?

What has been in darkness will now emerge into the light. Cowbird awakens the mind with awareness as changes of perceptions are unfolding. She aids in tapping our creative energies and stirring the emotions. Meditate on the wind to uplift you. Art of moving at night and maneuverability; unconscious, subconscious and dreams. It is the Spring time of your spiritual development. [Images] [Images] [Images] [Listen], Sparrow aids in opening the eyes to our self-worth and instills dignity and empowerment. (And … that would certainly work wouldn’t it? Raven also brings in the light of awareness and knowledge with opportunities of great changes that are in store for you. [Images], Power of insight, agility, discernment and how to attach opportunities in life, discern when and how to strike when needed. There is an air of showmanship with Peacock so it's time to take pride in your endeavors. [Listen], Wren represents a new period of incoming energy, increased activity and heightened alertness in mental, physical, and emotional areas. Titmouse can show how to express ideals with timing. He teaches balance and timing of speaking of one's mind along with balancing lessons of light and dark. He shows how to balance masculine and feminine energies whether it be personal or with others around you. She helps look deeper into aspects of life which brings out innate wisdom and shows how to become self-reliant. Envision it and pick the pieces into small ones to completion. Swallow shows how love and communication paired with trust can do the most good.


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