gold panda lyretail molly male or female
A Penguin 100 Filter in an aquarium with 10 to 20-gallons of water is ideal, and a Penguin 200 Filter is the right size for a 20 to 30-gallon aquarium. It surprises some aquarists to learn that Mollies can grow to be at least 5" long. Molly fish are characterized by a lot of variety, making them a popular choice for tropical freshwater aquaria. The addition of Lava Rocks will keep nitrates in the ideal range.

The molly is thought to have been a hybrid of the gold dust molly and possibly the Dalmatian molly.It most likely does not live in the wild. They prefer live plants as Mollies typically munch on these plants throughout the day and between feedings. Conversely, the anal fins of males are highly modified, and they function as intromittent organs, allowing the males to transfer sperm to the females. So we feel very confident that this is the fishiest crew anywhere. Mollies have been selectively breed by fish farmers from around the world to come up with many variation of colors and patterns. Keep lots of green in the diet. Probably a pH of about 7 with moderate hardness is best. As a lifelong environmental educator and ISA-certified arborist with more than 17 years of animal care experience, Ben Team writes about pets, environmental issues and outdoor recreation. Their scales may come in a variety of colors including yellow, white, and black. This sounds confusing to some aquarists, but can generally just be ignored. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The male Dalmatian Molly Fish also has a larger dorsal fin. Breeding mollies is as simple as providing a proper habitat and diet, and ensuring the tank contains at least two females for every male. Aquarium Filter: Bio-Wheel Filters are highly recommended. The male Lyretail Molly Fish also has a larger dorsal fin that will not develop properly if the tank is overcrowded or too small. The plants also serve as hiding spaces for the females when they are pregnant. Most mollies that are sold are found in Central America and southern part of the United States. With a fin that can be the size of the fish itself, it is a very nice fish to have in an aquarium, for the display! Hi , i just got two female gold panda mollies and one male gold panda molly, its been 5 to 6 days now and my male molly doesn't seems intrested in any of the female. A female Mollys will release live babies and not lay eggs like many other fish species. However, these slight discolorations will fade as they age. "Beautiful fish, I asked for color and aquariumfish delivered.

It is best to house fish of similar personalities, temperaments, swimming abilities, water requirements and fragility. Even virgin females have more voluminous bodies than males, but pregnant females become especially bulky as they approach the end of their monthlong gestation periods. In the wild, this represents a threat to the survival of males. The Black Molly Fish typically requires a 30-gallon tank to allow for proper growing space, quality oxygen levels, and swimming space. As with all Molly Fish, the Black Molly should be tankmates with fish that are of similar temperaments.

Breeding: Keep them in a warm, healthy tank. Scientists call these fins gonopodia. Those possessing fanlike anal fins are females.

It prefers water with a pH level of 6-8 and will eat flakes and pellets. Shortfin mollies: The color on these fish is a greenish/silver with some brown and yellow patterns on them, along with the black spots that will vary. The male sex of the fish will have more of a pointed anal fin. Shortfin mollies: The color on these fish is a greenish/silver with some brown and yellow patterns on them, along with the black spots that will vary.

Dalmatian Molly Fish have large appetites that should include brine shrimp, tubifex, freeze-dried bloodworms, and algae-based flake fish food. Most mollies... Gold Dust Lyretail Molly Medium Poecilia Mollies are very closely related to the guppies, and are both members of the same genus, Poecilia. Females are larger than males and fairly easy to identify, especially because of that near-constant pregnancy. These molly fish types are also more expensive than most mollies.

Being livebearers, they do give ‘live birth’ to their babies. Also included in this genus are the platys.

They’re a livebearer species that requires a spacious tank with temperature-controlled water to avoid sudden and dramatic temperature fluctuations.

This type was made by combining the gold dust molly and another species. The female fish will have a more rounded anal fin. Dalmatian Molly Fish are typically very peaceful fish, and they would do very well in a community tank. Temperature: Mollys can live pretty well from about 72 to 86 degrees F., but they're probably most comfortable from about 78 to 82 degrees F. Click here to learn about aquarium temperature, aquarium thermometers, and aquarium heaters.


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