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or. Gerard | 03 August 2012, Ah, Geraldine I'm so glad I don't believe. Don’t wait as we may have been inclined in the past for the formal leadership to make things right. It is only through suffering that evil will be overcome. How much are we prepared to commit ourselves to refreshing this Church of ours?

An update on North Korean politics, people and economy. "It would be full-on for a while, and then we would pull back a bit," Tegan says.

"The Greek word 'catholic' in the creeds has nothing to do with the power of Rome or the authority of popes"! John O'Donnell | 03 August 2012, Thank you Geraldine for your thoughts I also ask my self the same question, why am I still a Catholic? Alchemy Tried In The Fire, For me to do nothing is not an option....I am constantly reminded of the words, no longer in the mass.... " for what I have done and what I have failed to do" Having the J's in my classroom day to day as teachers, Ijust saw them as more human.

Years later one sister admitted popping the plate money in her purse! This whole royal dictatorship system we are seeing the unintended consequences of now is a relatively new phenomenon in church history.

Suggestion box time may be at hand. Geraldine Doogue is an Australian journalist and radio and television host who has been the host of Compass on ABC TV since 1998. It raised my expectations. Even before the recent unfortunate revelations and the way the Church handled them, I felt those outside the Church, with good will, were just as precious in God’s eyes as were Catholics.

Myra | 16 August 2012, The Club you cant be a Catholic, in the Catholic church established by Christ, and reject the Christ given authority of the Pope. ", Tegan, meanwhile, feels that the missing pieces of her life have been found.

Humans intervene not GOD. As a sincere, 'We Are Sorry', would help the healing process....And, yes, the Stations of the Cross, though it is The Cross, ( but we preach Christ crucified ) I would like to bring your attention to. Piecing together the story of her father's survival during Nazi occupation as a young Jewish Czech took Ariana Neumann years. I do not know. My mother's view post Holocaust was "Why would anybody want to be a Jew if they did not have to?" "I knew I was adopted from the beginning and that was a gift because I always knew that someone loved me enough to want to give me a better life," she says. But such was Doogue's anger at the treatment of Julia Gillard when she was Prime Minister - and particularly the now infamous comment by Alan Jones that Gillard's father "died of shame" -that she decided to do something constructive with it. Frank S. | 03 August 2012, At St Canice's in Kings Cross we started a journey of Parish renewal the week of the latest 4 Corners chronicle of grief and betrayal. john ozanne | 03 August 2012, I especially like the bit about 'meaning-seeking', Geraldine. Unless the paid independent professional expertise of the church, upon which much of official church is dependent to function, offers honest and critical appraisal,and is willing to even resign en masse with all its consequences, in the light of structured and sometimes structured covert abuses, then unnecessary sufferings, abuse and exclusions will continue and even grow against the wisdom of the Spirit, as we all co-learn from the especially the victims and all in sexual and other abuses. The conversation, I feel, is not between all Christians but is simply Roman Catholics talking to other Roman Catholics. Why People Have A Crush On Geraldine Doogue But then it has to go into production. Now, what sort of families are they? Father John Michael George | 05 August 2012, The Apostle Paul wasn't joking when he said, "knowledge puffs up, but love edifies."

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Michael Lorenzen News, AURELIUS | 07 August 2012, Geraldine, it seems you speak for so many! Richard Feynman,

I agree, I have huge admiration for Geraldine.

I think the old Irish-Australian "ethnic" Catholicism is changing into something quite different and I think that a thoroughly good thing.

Bears Vs Falcons Tickets, It is the power of Humanity. Geraldine Doogue is a renowned Australian journalist and broadcaster with experience in print, television and radio. The apparent "ditching of the role of Good Shepherd" and the stance that "the priestly caste had to be protected above all", has lead me to believe that the leaders of the institutional church will not be able to revert back to true Christianity.

But we have one order or command that we must always obey... To love one another as I have loved you.

I believe that for many years I have been. I have come to realise how important it is for the good priest to go and sit in the victims home and say I am sorry for what has been done to you and your family and just sit there with vulnerability and compassion.

I have s growing sense that this is the wrong question.

We need more leaders like you to effect that change. I was not rejected,- I was just uncomfortable.Finally in 1955 I started again to mix in the Jewish community and that is where" I found my feet"

Anwar Jibawi Wife,

"It's not to say [Gillard] was the best PM that had ever been born, but I thought the lack of courtesy around her was quite breathtaking, particularly the Alan Jones remark," Doogue says. May we unite behind your voice as you express the gospel for today! Comforting thing is it can't go on for ever. Then, if the reform comes from the "laity", Rome will slam us down to protect, not truth, but their power. ", She tells young women that there has to be something of a performance in broadcasting, which some of them resist very strongly.

But that new church must have devolved some or possibly most power, or else it too will be doomed.

Geraldine, the question and answer resides somewhere in this currently lived, systemic state. The visible rites by which the sacraments are celebrated signify and make present the graces proper to each sacrament. We all need to sharpen up our apology sense .There was, and still is, an Australian Prime Minister who refused to say 'Sorry', to the Native Australian people for crimes against them in the past, but it appears the main reason that he wouldn't publicly apologize on behalf of the country was that he was afraid of the backlash. "It was scary because the doctors told her she wouldn't live," Tory says. ( Log Out / 

“I PRIORITISE FRIENDSHIP IN MY LIFE. We stay because we really do love this old cranky girl, our Mother Church.

Tune in for half an hour of laughs and conversation. At first she was wary, a little "snooty" about broadcasting when papers seemed far more important and powerful. Many lives remain broken.

"It makes me emotional, it's the most rewarding thing, because you think, 'Boy, I must have modelled something right,' " she says. Indeed the knowledge that "I have come to give you life and give it in abundance" has indeed been often quite thwarted not only in "the sense" but the personal experience of "the ordained officials of the Church" who have "so powerfully lost their way, ... that key parts of the institutional Church essentially [have] ditched the role of Good Shepherd; ... that the priestly caste ha[s] to be protected above all, rather than the most vulnerable."


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