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Next is the instruction used to open the database or issue an error message if the connection fails: After these entries, the PHP script has to be extended by the corresponding lines for filling the database. Preset (changeable) count rules for almost all types of source code files.Supported formats include: ADA, ASP, Assembly, AWK, Batch files, Bourne Shell and Variants, C, C++, Shell, C#, COBOL, CSS Files, CSV... sourcecode2html is a html generator highlight for your source code (ruby, python, rhtml, c). You can also make automatic room light controller with visitor counter using Arduino. Everyone wanted to showcase their users, traffic details and other stats to visitors in real time using jQuery Depending on which information you want to record and evaluate with your visitor counter, you need to create a table with a corresponding number of fields. There you have it we successfully created a Simple Visitor Page Count using JavaScript. The log on visits is kept in a textual database. "

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