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Michael Francis Atiyah was born on April 22, 1929, in London to the former Jean Levens, a Scot, and Edward Atiyah, a Lebanese. Atiyah proved a generalization of this that applies to all compact symplectic manifolds acted on by a torus, showing that the image of the manifold under the moment map is a convex polyhedron,[96] and with Pressley gave a related generalization to infinite-dimensional loop groups. The metric is then used to study the scattering of two monopoles, using a suggestion of N. Manton that the geodesic flow on the moduli space is the low energy approximation to the scattering.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh became a substitute for Trinity College, and he would enjoy entertaining guests there. Together with Hirzebruch, he laid the foundations for topological K-theory, an important tool in algebraic topology, which, informally speaking, describes ways in which spaces can be twisted. It’s not rational. Michael Murray 1983, Enter your email address below and we will send you your username, If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6GG, UK.

Finalement, à partir de 1997 et jusqu’à sa mort au début de 2019, Atiyah est professeur émérite à l’Université d'Édimbourg[13]. Il a aussi présidé les Conférences Pugwash, en faveur du désarmement nucléaire, entre 1997 et 2002[20],[19].

He was taught by the chief mathematics master F. L. Heywood (an Oxford first in mathematics), who disliked textbooks and produced detailed hand-written notes describing the correct approach as he saw it. President 1990–1995. [13][16] In 2012, he became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 16 septembre 2020 à 04:26. This subsection lists all books written by Atiyah; it omits a few books that he edited. It could have been held anywhere, but he chose Oxford. Mathematics was not Michael's only interest in his newly adopted home. Several of his papers from around this time study the connections between quantum field theory, knots, and Donaldson theory. His domestic life, however, had changed. Hodge himself was becoming increasingly occupied with other activities—Master of Pembroke and Physical Secretary of the Royal Society—and he handed over to Michael many other departmental activities and some of his graduate students too, such as Rolf Schwarzenberger and Ian Porteous. And it was not the permanent members at the Institute who were leading this movement, but the young visitors. The Atiyah–Hirzebruch spectral sequence relates the ordinary cohomology of a space to its generalized cohomology theory. This provided a ready-made reservoir of sophisticated techniques to apply to these linear equations, which was eagerly assimilated by Penrose's students. (Online version in colour. Students were not exempt—one baffled Cambridge undergraduate recalled going to his supervisor, Peter Swinnerton-Dyer (FRS 1967), to be told ‘Dr Atiyah treats the syllabus with the utmost contempt’. (Taken by Konrad Jacobs, Erlangen. [35] He also studied double points on surfaces,[36] giving the first example of a flop, a special birational transformation of 3-folds that was later heavily used in Shigefumi Mori's work on minimal models for 3-folds. In 2002 he and Lily spent two winter months at CalTech, where Witten held a visiting position.

Then, in mid life, he learned that theoretical physicists also needed the theorem and this opened the door to an interaction between the two disciplines that he pursued energetically until the end of his life.

And so began his long association with the college. Having been two years ahead in Victoria College, Michael had already taken his Higher School Certificate examinations, but he was now exposed to a new level of mathematical study that required a great deal of hard work and in a competitive environment. This became known as the Atiyah–Jones conjecture, and was later proved by several mathematicians. Lily, born in Edinburgh in 1928, was the daughter of a dock worker at the Rosyth naval yard. It was a very active period for topology, with Milnor's work on manifold classification, Thom's on cobordism theory and Hirzebruch showing the links with algebraic geometry. The index problem for elliptic differential operators was posed in 1959 by Gel'fand. This version is called the L2 index theorem, and was used by Atiyah and Schmid[81] to give a geometric construction, using square integrable harmonic spinors, of Harish-Chandra's discrete series representations of semisimple Lie groups. His first task was to understand characteristic classes of vector bundles, following S.-S. Chern (ForMemRS 1985) and C. B. Allendoerfer, but quite rapidly in his first year, Michael latched on to the new techniques of sheaf theory developed by Henri Cartan (ForMemRS 1971) and Jean-Pierre Serre (ForMemRS 1974) in Paris. There was also a return to his roots in the Middle East. Figure 3. [13] He was a doctoral student of William V. D. Hodge[3] and was awarded a doctorate in 1955 for a thesis entitled Some Applications of Topological Methods in Algebraic Geometry. One of his mathematical achievements, begun in 1959 collaborating with Hirzebruch during a brief return to Princeton, was the invention of K-theory. At the same time, he became President of the Royal Society and founding director of the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, a national facility based in Cambridge.

They also formed the basis of a biography in Yau (2003), wherein other recollections can be found. The theoretical prediction of their existence, soon experimentally verified, appeared in 2019 (Kane & Mele 2005), where we may read: ‘These bundles are classified within the mathematical framework of twisted real K-theory … the Z2 index is related to the mod 2 index of the real Dirac operator.’. The Royal Society in London, of which he was president in the 1990s, confirmed the death but gave no details. Lily Atiyah died on 13 March 2018 at the age of 90, Michael on 11 January 2019. It’s practical. Previous generations had worked for the Anglo-Egyptian administered Sudan government, and Edward was no exception. [10] His mother was Scottish and his father was a Lebanese Orthodox Christian.

[38], Atiyah's works on K-theory, including his book on K-theory[39] are reprinted in volume 2 of his collected works. Graeme Segal 1967,

Many of his papers on gauge theory and related topics are reprinted in volume 5 of his collected works. “It’s a bit of black magic,” Dr. Atiyah said in 2015, “to figure things out about differential equations even though you can’t solve them.”. When this was accepted, he was promptly summoned to register within 24 hours and in October of that year he became a clerk in the regimental headquarters. Lily Brown was born in Ed­in­burgh in 1928. Michael Atiyah was born on 22 April 1929 in Hampstead, London, the eldest of four children. In the process, they transformed both fields. Before going to Cambridge, Michael decided to spend two years doing his National Service. Later, the Simons Foundation made a donation of two million dollars to establish a chair in his name. (Online version in colour.). A lecture on monopoles. One was A. S. Besicovitch FRS, a Russian analyst who had been there since 1927. The collected works contain Michael's comments focused on the background to the mathematical papers. Mackay recalls as a student sitting on the pillion of a motorbike going to Oxford to visit Michael's brother, Patrick. So Michael successfully applied for this readership instead of the chair, and took it up in 1961. He married, in 1955, Lily Brown; she died in March 2018. [88], Atiyah's work on instanton moduli spaces was used in Donaldson's work on Donaldson theory. Source: Archives of the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach. A typical example of this is Rochlin's theorem, which follows from the index theorem. He introduced[53] the J-group J(X) of a finite complex X, defined as the group of stable fiber homotopy equivalence classes of sphere bundles; this was later studied in detail by J. F. Adams in a series of papers, leading to the Adams conjecture.

This was partly through books and problems sent on from Cambridge by his peers at school, but also through his own experiments; for example, with properties of higher dimensional polyhedra. "Algebra is the offer made by the devil to the mathematician.

The early years . In August 1944 Victoria College moved back to Alexandria (figure 2) and from there, Michael's parents decided that his mathematical ability required him to aim for Cambridge.


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