mentor retirement quotes
6. How times flies, and now you get to spend the rest of your days relaxing and being merry. Take it. But over time, we’ve uncovered some common themes by connecting with global HR leaders, executive mentors, enterprise people leaders, and high-potential protégés on mentorship. Retirement is the opportunity to rest they say. 51. No matter what happens, I believe that having a mentor should be a real priority all in all too. If the teachers tell you that you are already good or the best, maybe you should find new ones. You’ve worked very hard to make this dream come true. 119. It is not that, however, that measures your real worth as a mentor. The moment you have already mastered something is also when you should try new things. Believe me when I tell you that things are going to get better because they may not be, at all. 18 likes. When they are already in the sky, you would be proud to know you have made stars shining. You always treated me like an equal, the way a boss should. Grab that list you wrote all those years ago. I can’t wait to hear all about your exciting adventures now that you’re retiring, and I we get to go on some together! Being a mentor is hard work because you get judged based upon the results your mentee would get. 8. 106. As a mentor, I really believe that the things that matter the most is the attitude & character. 38. May the rest of your life be filled with exciting adventures, peace,and good health! Take the leap. We may not get everything right the first time, the second time, the third time, or even the hundredth time. Retirement is the perfect chance for new experiences and memories to come your way. As a person who coaches people, I believe that there should be minimal guidance all through. No more restrictions, no matter career holding you back. It has been a pleasure working with a mentor like you. Happy retirement!

You can send these goodbye messages via text/SMS, email, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, IM or any of the social networking sites. Life is beautiful, so make the most of it and never look back! 45. I see that you understand the point in not asking but you should follow real well as well now. 5. A big thank you for everything you did for this company. 89. How many years have we spent together? Time flies by.

Go out and discover anything and everything. You worked so hard all your life, and now you can finally retire. 41. Goodbye! Goodbye and we hope to see you again! If the world can have more people like you, indeed the world would be a much better place to make a living. Farewell and thank you for being my inspiration! Congrats! That dream almost seems like its unreachable sometimes, but eventually, we get there. The work is done, and now it’s time to have fun! You deserve it! 13. We join our colleagues in appreciating the knowledge you have imparted on us. Goodbye!

No matter responsibilities, no more early mornings. Maybe what the seed needs is nourishment to be able to let it grow without failure at all now. Above all, your mentor must value your life and understand the things you are going through. 109. Thank You for Condolences – Messages And Notes. Retirement wants you to be happy, to relax, to sit back and enjoy the show. Express gratitude to your mentor/teacher that retired or leaving and let him or her know how much you valued the time and effort he or she had invested in you. Best Retirement Quotes. So many achievements and some setbacks, but you always go right back up. Is it retirement, or is it a brand new life? Don’t be scared to go on that holiday or move away. From today onwards, you’ll never have to hate another Monday again!

If you don’t have worries, you get more points buddy!

73.It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally time to say goodbye to an amazing boss. What to write in a Farewell Card or Speech. 96.

I’ve loved having you by my side, but I know it’s time to say goodbye. It is the job of mentoring to help guide the people to their right path, what is meant for them. Enjoy those fun times.

There is a sense of companionship, knowing you are able to make things happen in the end. You get to meet new people, but still have the same ones by your side. Working under your leadership was the most fulfilling moment of my life. Best wishes to you and your family on this next adventure! Thank you for the support, guidance and encouragement you have provided for me during my time as the Regional Manager of our company. Goodbye to a great mentor ever! Best wishes to you and your life of freedom, you deserve it! Exercise please!

It’s the chance to do all those things you missed out on before.

The knowledge you have imparted is a treasure that will forever remain in my heart and I promise to pass it on to my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Let me use this note to let you know how interesting it was working with someone like you and to bid you goodbye. However, no matter how daunting it could be to say goodbye to someone that have spent time and effort into helping us succeed, we need to appreciate all the beautiful moments our mentor spent with us. 87. Like which are the best spots in the city? 56. Oh, retiring! 102. Boss, if you need more employees just make a call! What pleasure we’ve had over these years. Good luck and goodbye. So, you retired? When you value the learnings from your mentor, you approach getting where you want to be. Goodbye! Congratulations. It is included in mentoring that you should push people further beyond their own limits too. Goodbye! To the woman who was an office mother to us all: Happy retiring, and may you never have to use Math again! 92.


90. Enjoy your work-free and stress-free days from now onwards, and know that you did well and you deserve it!

As your friend, I saw so many of your accomplishment. Lessons of painting? Thank you for your inspiration to all, young and old. I thank God for making it easy for me to connect with you. Congratulations on your retirement news! Ha, ha, congrats! We pray God gives you the strength and wisdom to continue the good work you are known for.

Time goes by fast, and now you are retired. 79.

There’s been a more perfect time than day. 116. We wish you all the best! What your mentor should teach you the most is the discipline, the character and integrity. 11. 50. Happy retirement. May you enjoy your retirement and you have no cause to fear as you have played your role as a good mentor and have prepared many of us to continue with your great work.

Happy retirement.

You always did your best over the years, working hard and doing everything you could to make things work. To a co-worker who worked hard every single day, congratulations. Without having someone to guide you out in life, it is so easy to give in to the temptation. As you move to your new place today, may God's mercy and endless blessings be upon you. Ok, I’ll wash the dishes, ha ha! 104. May God grant you all your wishes as you move! Thank you for all the years of unselfish service to our great country and for leading by example. 114. Take care of yourself, you worked very hard for this. We’ll miss you.

The person which refuses to get advice from another will later on get to the path of ruin too. Now, you can permanently switch the off button and enjoy every day that comes.

We are who we are today, much to your efforts in a team and as a leader. 25. And a big I’ll miss you on your last day. You should create them out to follow your own image but let them to create who they are too.

103. And to let you know that the knowledge you have imparted will remain in our minds forever.

55. 22. Retirement Calculator Tips For Best Results. 83. You’ve quickly become one of my best friends, and a person I know I can trust. 69. Your future is looking very bright. Remember to create a whole new world to look forward to. Retirement means the freedom to chase your hopes and dream. And in the end, there is a price you need to pay if you want to plant a garden anyways too. When you are able to see how to improve someone, it is rude not to tell them about that too. Well, life happens!

Do everything on the list. Your whole life has been leading up to this day! The best way for someone like a mentor to prepare his student is to let him be exposed now.


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