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In Saneworld, the course of action is obvious: ramp up testing and contact-tracing, get the infection rate under one, prudently open certain small businesses and maybe restaurants with the proper spacing and hope that life can be back to something like normal by Labor Day, at which point, if we’ve followed the science properly, we won’t have to go through this again in the fall. And of the ones who did talk, the only ones he heard were the ones who said, “Mr.

The Magazine Basic Theme by His view of international issues was rather similar to their ideas about the importance of stopping the mythical Red Hordes of Russia and China. Home | Still for my money and still unabridged curiosity, Mr. Gaeton Fonzi’s “The Last Investigation ” is the most readable and comprehensive body of work yet…If there are others to share less the Lane crap, I’m all ears …. It was only then that Ellsberg went to Neil Sheehan and the Times. It has been said that he helped arrange the Kennedy-Johnson ticket in 1960. Graham was one of four children.

But the Agency reportedly drew the line at Sen. Frank Church including an exposé of it in the actual report. In 1967, Ward Just was replaced by Pete Braestrup who adhered more to the LBJ/Kate Graham line.

His mother, the former Florence Morris, had been a schoolteacher in the Black Hills of South Dakota. He was known as a stanch member of Athletics Anonymous, an informal group dedicated to avoiding strenuous I suspect the latter I also suspect that his ‘courageous decision’ to print the Watergate story had more to do with his position as a Kennedy family hack than journalistic integrity because, despite Chappaquiddick, the Kennedys still harbored dreams of a return of Camelot. Caveman-self vs. educated self. Bradlee always tried to insinuate that it was just an accident he chose the Post since it was raining hard in Baltimore and he didn’t want to get off the train. . Phil Graham, who had bipolar disorder, died by suicide in 1963, ... Meyer remained a close adviser to his son-in-law until his death in 1959, at which time Graham assumed the titles of President and Chairman of the Board of the Post company. But when he married his wife Agnes, in keeping with his low profile in this regard, it was a Lutheran church wedding, since that was her religion. Automobiles | [citation needed]. The area was still a wilderness.

There are several streets named after the family — in New York City; Providence, Rhode Island; and their home base of Massachusetts. 27.8k . However, after Eugene Meyer took over the World Bank, Phil Graham quickly rose to be publisher and editor-in-chief of the Post. Eugene Meyer, Katharine Graham’s father, was part of the Lazard Freres investment banking clan. Beverly was home to the likes of the Lodges, the Saltonstalls, the Taylors, (who owned the Boston Globe) and Gates White McGarrah who, in the 1930s, ran the Bank for International Settlements. See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. He once said that she could become as powerful in Washington as the president. Must have been his twin but long lankly profile was awfully strong. They must cheer more lustily than non-authoritarian people cheer. (Jeff Himmelman, Yours in Truth, pgs. In 1942 he entered the Army Air Corps as a private and in 1945 he emerged as a major attached to the intelligence staff of the Far East Air Force. In 1967, McNamara decided to quit, but before he did, he ordered a complete review of just how the U.S. had gotten involved in this epic debacle. 74, 82) President Kennedy would tip him off occasionally about an upcoming story, like the spy swap of Rudolf Abel for Gary Powers. (Himmelman, p. 37). Pinchot filed for divorce from her husband, lawyer Steuart Pittman, who would later serve as President John Kennedy’s assistant defense secretary.

And how’s testing in the state of Maryland, I asked—a state, remember, with a responsible Republican governor, Larry Hogan, who’s been very good on this, and with a far-better-than-average medical infrastructure? She also supported the Vietnam War and when President Lyndon Johnson decided not to run in 1968 because of growing anti-war sentiment across the United States, she wept. This is great stuff. So Bradlee sent a Post employee to find Ellsberg, who was in hiding in Boston. Graham committed suicide on Saturday, August 3, 1963.[2]. Predictably, all of the above and more was quite flattering about Bradlee and his career in the newspaper business. ), These two episodes had a strong effect on Bradlee’s career trajectory. He vacationed with the likes of novelist Irwin Shaw in Biarritz.

(Davis, p. 237-38). After that, the Post boomed. (DiEugenio, ibid, p. 368) Under LBJ, that did not happen.

(ibid, p. 224). Their first baby died at birth.

Keep Consortium News Going in the Tradition of  Robert Parry. We’ve learned that tragic lesson from watching so many other countries. Although he was Jewish, Eugene Meyer avoided public identification with that religion as he was coming up in the world, according to his daughter Katharine. That’s the fight Trump and Fox News and the Republicans crave. Page One Plus | Chestnut Lodge is a leading psychiatric hospital. We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests. Johnson told her that although he did not like Bradlee at first, he did now. (Davis, p. 229) Helms did this since he knew Bradlee would tell Phil Graham, and Helms wanted Graham to buy the magazine to ensure it would become part of Mockingbird.

For other uses, see, Last edited on 20 September 2020, at 03:49, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Philip Graham, 48, Publisher, a Suicide", Who Said It First? This could not have been done without the help of the Graham family, the owners of the Post. And got too concerned about which Ricard Sprague was the original chief investigator for HSCA, ending up calling Robert Blakey, Richard .

It built up an editorial policy that is considered to be one of the most thoughtful in American journalism, and a news staff And strength.

There was also the fact that Eugene Meyer had purchased the Post at auction in 1933, giving him a platform to project his personal ideas about national and international politics in Washington. ‘folklore’ album out now: Official audio for ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’ performed by Taylor Swift.


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