gp14 tuning guide

Ian Dobson, World Champion 2006 & 2008. Tamar Building, Queen Annes Battery, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 OLP Tel:+44(0)1752 266766 0000003755 00000 n There is also a tuning guide from

0000098880 00000 n NZ Simple Sailing Resource This is an interesting collection of articles for sailors of any class that covers an overall approach to sailing and some really simple guides to help improve your performance. 0000096613 00000 n Association. Starts 26th April. "The Cumulus mast is very responsive to changes in controls and rig settings, making it easy to get the maximum performance out of the rig across the full range of conditions. small cutaway on outboard end, and three boom slides. 0000005780 00000 n

%PDF-1.5 %���� 0000094962 00000 n Standard pole is a light and stiff 38mm tapered tube with piston ends. The GP14 Building Forum is a discussion forum for those involved in repairing or rebuilding GP14s and has substantial photographs showing the different rigging systems in use, as well as tips on tuning. 0000094816 00000 n GP14 Tuning Guide by Speed Sails.

0000017122 00000 n 0000094702 00000 n Show UK nationals gear guide from Enter details for .

Rigging includes wire main halyard and swaged lower ends on shrouds. h�b``0a``�����n��01� ��$l�r���?0�5�=`�������P��g���`�w��-�NFwF}��}��N�32H?Xe�P���x������Y�����h3p9�Oah �`�t`�`Td�bf��A��! 0000110654 00000 n The fleet enjoys a competitive international, national and regional racing circuit for adult and youth sailors and is active in training initiatives. Included on the mast are hook rack, main halyard sheave, ball bearing spreaders. 420 Parts Diagram 420 Tuning Guide Albacore Tuning Guide Enterprise Tuning Guide F15 Tuning Guide Fireball Tuning Guide GP14 Tuning Guide Lark Tuning Guide Laser 1 … features unique to our products, for example: Series 1 mast has square heel plug, series 2 standard tenon plug. 0000014237 00000 n rebuilding GP14s and has substantial photographs showing the different rigging 0000098615 00000 n This is his tuning guide. The GP14 Building Forum is a discussion forum for those involved in repairing or 0000016998 00000 n 0000094859 00000 n 0000094889 00000 n

Choose a Seldén mast and you will find many performance enhancing

Boom is supplied as standard with inboard and outboard ends with sheaves, Drawlines for all halyards are fitted for fast attachment of rigging. 0000096899 00000 n 0000008791 00000 n GP 14 Tuning Information.

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0000094538 00000 n Working closely with the Class Association and Speed Sails, Seldén have upgraded the registered GP14 section to our new Cumulus section. 0000088963 00000 n 0000010902 00000 n systems in use, as well as tips on tuning. GP14 Difficulty: intermediate The modern day GP14 is a two person competitive racing dinghy with spinnaker, constructed from either epoxy resin or wood. 0000094443 00000 n

0000007748 00000 n 0000003344 00000 n The rig has proven to be the best available winning the 2006 World Championship and taking the top two spots at the 2007 National Championship. The Seldén 2628 boom has the unique strength-for-weight characteristics necessary to achieve absolute mainsheet and kicker control, and our boom slides allow direct attachment of kicker and mainsheet blocks for efficient centrelining. 0000003720 00000 n setting). 0000078421 00000 n This is his tuning guide. 0000002383 00000 n 0000097076 00000 n The fittings are well engineered for functionality and reliability." England. Masts, Booms, Furling Gears, Rigging, Ropes, Hydraulics, Round Thimbles, Shroud Roller for Yachts, Dinghies and Architecture, 2835mm (outside of transom to back bolt of mast step), 155mm (aft edge of mast to straight line between shrouds), 160 kg (light), 180 kg (medium), 200 kg (heavy), 20mm at spreader height (with rig tensioned to medium 0000034421 00000 n 0000007914 00000 n 0000048779 00000 n and/or members of the Richard Estaugh was the proprietor of Speed Sails, a leading sailmaker in

from Sword Sailing. H��WKo�0��� e����-��h�D8��Җ"ڢ.���o3�w)'�V����. 0000066986 00000 n 0000006810 00000 n 0000048532 00000 n Pinnel & Bax and another There is also a tuning guide from Pinnel & Bax and another from Sword Sailing. 0000096962 00000 n 0000094318 00000 n 0000095074 00000 n 0000094765 00000 n 0000012278 00000 n 0000094283 00000 n nationals . There are a substantial number of useful articles on the GP14 International The Cumulus section has been supplied as standard on all new Speed Sails boats since 2004.


GP14 Tuning Guide by Pinnell & Bax. 0000002820 00000 n

website (click on the logo on the top of the page) but most are restricted to registered users 0000004883 00000 n A more modern section than the ’D’, the stiffness to weight ratio is more efficient, and with an improved taper, the Cumulus creates a faster, more user friendly mast for the boat.


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