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Last year, the band livestreamed shows to raise money for Puerto Rico disaster relief, Casey Cavaliere teaches bass for the after-school program Rock for the Future and Campbell recently did a benefit show for Symphony for a Broken Orchestra, an organization that seeks repair kits for the thousands of unplayable instruments in the underfunded Philadelphia school district. roman reigns But it’s clear that Sister Cities is the beneficiary of the Wonder Years recognizing where they had shortchanged themselves and having access to more of everything. brock lesnar This is what we’d normally do here and it’s good but…I dunno, maybe we should change it or maybe we shouldn’t?”, In the past, the band had always worked with a hard deadline, “because if it wasn’t done by then, we needed to get back on tour to pay our bills.

In 2009, The Wonder Years' released a split EP titled Distances with UK pop punk band All or Nothing. Released in 2007, Get Stoked On It is the album The Wonder Years have distanced themselves from the most, with singer Dan Campbell going on record to say that it’s an abomination. aaron west and the roaring twenties This is the same reason he did not attend the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl parade, despite them being one thing he might be more passionate about than the Wonder Years.

”). And that’s the easy part: in the next two months or so, between in-stores, pop-up shops, a UK tour followed a few week run in America, Campbell’s only day off will be spent at a wedding in Virginia. KROQ rotation at a time when modern rock is created in the image of Imagine Dragons? We were not destitute by any stretch of the imagination, but definitely low on the economic ladder.” Which is to say, he’s a product of the rural-suburban corridors that voted overwhelmingly for Trump and are the frequent targets of most pop culture’s political antagonism. These are also the places that pop-punk tends to quietly thrive.

A Vietnam War veteran, Lauria served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps;[2] he served at the same point in his life that Jack Arnold, his character in The Wonder Years, did during the Korean War. Six songs about Friday Night Lights from Dan Campbell (The Wonder Years, Aaron West) and Ace Enders (The Early November, I Can Make a Mess). “And you put so much pressure on yourself wondering, ‘What happens if I fail here,’ and then you end up with three fourths of a step rather than a full one.” But as for Sister Cities, “we took the full step and added that extra quarter that we owed you from last time.”. The Greatest Generation’s “Teenage Parents” was a plainspoken, gutting account of Campbell’s upbringing in what he describes as “a not-huge town without any money. , The split consisted of only two songs by The Wonder Years, and it was after this release that keyboardist/vocalist Mikey Kelly left the band to pursue other goals. In October 2010, The Wonder Years released a music video for the song "Melrose Diner" set to the theme of BAW Wrestling and starring actor Charlie Saxton as the wrestler "Lone Wolf".[6]. In retrospect, it’s a reminder of the fragility of both these scenes and the bands in it: Dan Lambton’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder, has necessitated cancellation of several tours. The Warped Tour will end after a final run this summer, and though the festival grew increasingly at odds with the Wonder Years’ progressive worldview, the band played it three times between 2011 and 2015. ", which is about the early years of music for The Wonder Years and their local scene in Lansdale, PA.

Prior to the release of The Greatest Generation the band played 4 shows in the span of 24 hours to promote the album. I was like, ‘Hey, you know what? Also with the release of The Upsides was a 7" limited to only 500 copies and available with pre-order of The Upsides CD.

"Suburbia" is inspired by the poem America by Allen Ginsberg as well as the band's life following the release of The Upsides. In retrospect, it’s a reminder of the fragility of both these scenes and the bands in it: Modern Baseball were emerging as generational talents before calling it quits to focus on their mental health. , The other song on the split was "Cowboy Killers". Late night TV? four chord [31] He later released another EP, This Isn't Very Good, in November 2013.[32]. We talk to Dan about his production debut. “‘Yeah this is gonna be the most fun shit ever.’ And now, I’m trying not to tear up right now at the thought of leaving my wife for that long.”. On April 20, 2015 the band announced they were finished recording their fifth studio album. [16], On October 23, 2020 the single "Brakeless" was released on the 10th anniversary of their album The Upsides, revisiting older, pop-punk tones.

“, It gets a little frustrating when we get written about the same way [2011’s], got written about,” Campbell grouses. Campbell considers the opulent, orchestral closer “The Ocean Grew Arms to Hold Me” the best Wonder Years song ever written and it owes its existence to a stray comment about switching time signatures from 4/4 to 6/8. Jack was a Korean War veteran … Dan Campbell came out swinging from a south Philly basement seven years ago; now he’s trying to throw his arms around the world.


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