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Current compensation for on-field officials is not public. Many leagues got wrecked precisely because their competition with established leagues caused their payroll to explode and overwhelmed them with debt. BC's owner said he made a couple of million profit last year hosting the GC. No one should draw any conclusions based on the information below. Candian foot ball is not so much ” different” than US football as there are and have been Candian system players from college to the pros who have come ” south” to play successfully and vice versa. It is a fleshed our embodiment of the ” American Dream” . Thanks, so now we know, Braley is making money this year on the Leos. You would think they would make sure they’ve established a solid fan base and a fun game to watch before dropping that kind of cash for players! MLB’s central revenue (mainly national television money … Plus if you look at it in another way, the CFL plays 18 games with the playoffs and the XFL will be playing a 10 game season with 1 playoff round and the championship game.

Can you provide advice on this contract or situation. “So if it took the CFL this long to pay players like that then think of how much further ahead the XFL is to the CFL.”. Historically, the CFL isn't really very lucrative. Esks made 150K last year, even winning the GC and having to buy rings. It is likely the practices differ from team-to-team, city-to-city and year-to-year based on the local economic situation and salary growth under the parameters allowed by the CBA.

Even today most players have a second job just to make ends meet. Let us know in the comments. Players are also compensated with a per diem when travelling, free and discounted tickets, playoff and Grey Cup compensation and pension contributions. Head coaches earning more than players mirrors business practices where salaries of managers, directors, vice-presidents, etc. For putting your body on the line like all football players do, that’s a slap in the face.

Lions quarterback Mike Reilly who signed a four-year deal worth 2.9 million CAD. He pays the rent, the salaries, travel costs, and all the bills from this stock sell off. However, some light is shed in this 2011 Prime Time Sports interview (MP3, 13:43, 6.4MB), with then Toronto Argonaut coach and general manager Jim Barker in which he discusses the Canadian draft, player salary ranges by position, dealing with agents and more. Think about it like this, the CFL was officially founded in 1958 and up until 1990, most salaries were unknown until it was reported that legendary CFL quarterback Doug Flutie signed a two-year contract with the B.C. When CFL 2.0 takes off there’s no reason why we wouldn’t see salaries on par with the NFL like they were at one time. This increase will be reflected in the next TV contract which could triple each CFL teams league TV & Sponsorhip disbursment. The salary offered will vary depending on experience and position. This requirement was negotiated away in the 2010 CBA in exchange for immediate and scheduled cap increases. The decline in value of the Argonauts illustrates the CFL's franchise value collapse. In the CFL, practice roster players make an average of $500-$600 a week, which ends up being somewhere around $2,500 a month. The SEC is the maximum amount teams may pay in player compensation. We need to think bigger. In 2018, the CFL board of governors reinstated the ability of players entering the final year of their contract the ability to workout and sign with NFL teams during a specific window during the offseason, effective with contracts signed after August 20, 2018.

Players qualified as a veteran of one or more year who are released after the 14th game of the Regular Season are entitled to all medical benefits they were receiving prior to termination up to the day before training camp the next year. So I put together a list of "core values," or simply "behaviors," that I wanted to be ingrained into our team's DNA. After fulfilling their option to renew a contract in this way, the member club will not have another option to renew the contract in this way. CFL team Salary Expenditure Cap floor and ceiling values are quoted in Canadian dollars, which fluctuates in value on the foreign currency exchange. While clubs are not obligated to pay moving expenses of new international players, it is possible signing bonuses in a contract could be made for this purpose. I’m not a fan of going back on their word even though I honestly thought the salaries were way too high for a startup league. However, signing bonuses for non-veteran players would be small or rare. The XFL will overtake the CFL due to being a better on field product. All information located herein is unofficial and not sanctioned by the CFL. In 2006, if an official officiated 18 games during the season (typically they officiate 16 regular season games per season), he would have grossed between $10,000 to $15,000 over six months, perhaps not enough to make up for the earnings lost for time taken off from their full time jobs or professions. Offensive and defensive coordinators earn more than positional coaches. The CFL 's player salary cap is defined as part of the Salary Management System framework. If the transfer occurs between the start of training camp and the Grey Cup, the amount increases to $2,000. A player's salary is divided and paid equally over the 18 games of the regular season (the game cheque). And if any of my figures are inaccurate, let me know. This option is available to member clubs for an additional year on any length of contract. Original content © Copyright 2008–2020 CFLdb — All rights reserved, this 2011 Prime Time Sports interview (MP3, 13:43, 6.4MB), with then Toronto Argonaut coach and general manager Jim Barker, Article 14.09 Minimum Player Compensation, Article 14.09, paragraph 3 under Salary Management System of the 2014 CBA, Article 25 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, coach limit of 11, football operations staff limit of 17, and total expenditures capped at $2.738 million, long careers but live a nomadic existence, the league is preferred for the work-life balance, compensation ranged from $550 and $850 per game, they officiate 16 regular season games per season. It seems incredibly unlikely that the XFL is going to last decades. Starting in 2014, veteran players signing a CFL contract that is not their first are not required to have a team's option year added to the contract, therefore they may sign a single year contract. Read today, one of the players backed out cause the pay was 27,000. I’m not saying they will be at NFL levels but they will surpass the CFL by miles in just a short amount of time! You couldn’t make a comfortable living on that but not bad for a couple months. There was no agreement to share the game's net proceeds. The CFL's player salary cap is defined as part of the Salary Management System framework.

It is this way because of the mega economy of the US and the reality that the USA is almost SIX TIMES as large as Canada. Keeps the excitement flowing, and to be honest, I feel it encourages more quality plays vs flukish type luck plays. Practices for sharing playoff compensation will vary from year-to-year and team-to-team.

A fan will argue all interpretations against a call/non-call in a neutral game because they can't survive their rival benefiting from the proper call. I understand that since the only competition no longer exists (AAF) that they don’t have to match or beat salaries, now I’m not saying that’s whats happened here but it seems like they are going to reduce salaries drastically which I can foresee quite a few players walking away also! Players placed on the 6-game injured list have their salaries during the time they are on the list excluded from salary cap calculations. Also, you will most likely be playing closer to home, so that’s a bonus. Player salaries by position, age, years of experience or team are not known to the public. In the end CFL endures because it not only showcases QUALITY Canadian and ” International”( USA) players but it CARES about the fan base. Per Article 14.09 of the 2014 CBA (page 50, paragraph 3 under Salary Management System), the 10 player practice roster salaries are included in the SMS but salaries of players during expanded practice rosters are not included (in excess of 10 players). There's an article in the CFL mag I just received. Per 2014 Article 11 of the CBA, players who qualified as a veteran of one year received $525/week, a veteran of two years $625/week and a veteran of three years or more $725/week for a minimum of three weeks of training camp/pre-season compensation. No details of current compensation rates are known, stating 10 year old figures as accurate today would be wrong.


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