goodman furnace model number breakdown

While the model number is used to determine the tonnage size and the unit types. Take a G26Q3/4-100-1 for instance. Below you will find a partial explanation of the alphanumeric identification code (aka Model Number Nomenclature). 11N 0000001938 00000 n 7,8,93 – Goodman, 16 – 20 SEER, Split System Heat Pump , 2 – 5 Tons. 4,536 2G Goodman air conditioner model number is an example. This three-digit number is the unit’s capacity measured in British Thermal Units. With more than 20 years experience in Heating and Air Conditioning System. In this article, I will show you how to decode the goodman serial number and its location. The model and serial number can be found on the rating plate on the inner wall of your furnace or air handler. The model number includes the nominal cooling capacity in three digits beginning with zero. 10B 2E The Goodman literature library has consumer brochures and technical specifications for various Goodman HVAC models and product lines. In this article, I will explain in detail explanation of the alphanumeric identification code (Model Number Nomenclature) from Goodman. Check for improper / delayed burner shut-down, Check gas supply pressure vs data plate pressure, Check / replace dirty corroded flame sensor probe. 114 Furnace Model Number Breakdown . The date of manufacture is coded in the 1st four digits of the goodman serial number. Heating mode: The vent pressure (vacuum) switch will close when it detects a pressure in excess of it’s setting. 13* 11N A dealer should be involved in accessing the serial number. We first saw Goodman furnaces installed in the late 1980s to now, and they have 80 percent efficiency, but you occasionally have a need for Goodman furnace troubleshooting. Short Description – Goodman, Multi-Position, Variable-Speed, Modular Blower, POWERED BY BOWMAN-WARNER INGENUITY!

496 Your financial support is greatly appreciated to help us to continue maintaining this site! 8,9,10M Open pressure switch circuit or draft inducer running when it should not be.

1P – Goodman, 15 – 20 SEER, High Efficiency, Split System Air Conditioner , 2 – 5 Tons. also makes their service manuals available via a smartphone app. 1C 3M Goodman does offer some variations in models like the Twin Comfort Performance furnace, which is an 80% that can be turned into a two stage model. For example, “048” indicates 48,000 BTUs. 14. 3C 5,6060 2S Goodman GMP & Other Gas Furnace Status Light Flash Fault Codes. 0 While these are great furnaces to buy because of the low price, they aren’t very efficient. 0000028570 00000 n 6,7090 14. 121 11N – Goodman, Upflow/Horizontal, Two-Stage, Multi-Speed ECM Gas Furnace, 2 – 4 Tons.

– Goodman, Downflow/Horizontal Modulating, Variable-Speed ECM Gas Furnace, 2 – 4 Tons. 145 0 obj <> endobj How can I confirm the model and serial numbers for my heating system. Goodman Air Conditioner model number is 12 digit code. 0000000596 00000 n Now I will explain how to read the serial number above. 14. The sequence cannot continue until the pressure switch closes. 10B Most air conditioner have their unit information in the form of sticker or plate inside the the sidewall condenser. MODEL/SERIAL NUMBER IDENTIFICATION MODEL NUMBER IDENTIFICATION SERIAL NUMBER IDENTIFICATION AR U F 024 -00A -1 03 10 XXXXXXXX Electrical Supply SEQUENTIAL NUMBER 1 = 208-230/1/60 Major Revision A = Initial Release B = Downflow MONTH OF MFG Factory Installed Heat 00 = None YEAR OF MFG Nominal Capacity 018 = 1 1/2 Ton 024 = 2 Ton – Goodman, 16 – 20 SEER, High Efficiency, Split System Air Conditioner , 2 – 5 Tons. The wrong choice could leave you saddled with never-ending headaches and ever-high bills. – Goodman, Wall-Mount Air Handler , 1½ – 3 Tons. 1P 5,6060 Choosing the Best HVAC System for Your Home, How to Troubleshoot Some Common Problems in a Trane Gas Furnace, Ductless Mini-Split vs Central Air Conditioners, Goodman GSXC16 Air Conditioner Review & Price, Trane XR80 Furnace Filter – Location, Size and Replacement Guide, Trane XR80 Furnace Overview & Troubleshooting Guide, Best Gas Furnace (Reviews & Buying Guide), Determining Bryant Air Conditioner Age from Serial Number, How to Replace the Trane Air Handler Filter in Your Home, American Standard Silver 14 Air Conditioner Price & Reviews, American Standard Platinum 20 Air Conditioner Price & Reviews, American Standard Platinum 18 Air Conditioner Price & Reviews. 0000029473 00000 n Having the right HVAC system for your home makes all the difference in how comfortable your home is, how much money you spend on energy bills and how hassle free your system is. Filed Under: General AC Information, Goodman Air Conditioner Tagged With: goodman model number, goodman tonnage from model number. 3C The single-stage Goodman GMSS96 furnace promises reliable comfort all winter long. Unit Capacity . Goodman Serial Number Lookup and Decode. 14.

Here we provide free downloadable copies of installation and service manuals for heating, heat pump, and air conditioning equipment, or contact information for the manufacturer. ALL Content ©2020. 11N We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. startxref 1M

3S Parent Company: Goodman Manufacturing … 13*

Deciphering the model number shows that this Amana furnace model is an upflow gas furnace with induced draft, a nominal output of 45K Btuh, that it is not NO x certified, and has an airflow capability of three tons.


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