mercedes w212 coolant temperature sensor location

Article number: 1393100100 . But how do these systems differ from each other? hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(3867393, '13f0880f-a4d7-45ef-b212-169a84bd06a5', {}); Writer/Editor at FCP Euro and owner of a daily R53 MINI Cooper, a track-built R53 MINI, and a 1997 Dakar Yellow E36 M3 Sedan. Changing the oil on your Mercedes-Benz yourself is one of the easiest ways to save yourself money and extend the life of your vehicle. Article number: 1393100100 .

Since you're working with aluminum, be sure to use a torque wrench and torque to 17ft⋅lb.

On top of that, a coolant system check should be performed (leak test using proper equipment) and a thermostat performance can be checked via SDS (MB systems diagnosis).

It tries but will not fire. You can find this value in various modules; however, I would recommend reviewing live data in the front SAM (Signal Acquisition Module). i circled the sensor. Place a drain pan under the center of your engine. Is your cooling fan running at full speed constantly?

• I will also mention that the bolt should be replaced as well. incl.

It tries but will not fire.

It is quite difficult to get out and may require special tools. A/C lines are typically constructed of aluminum and can break easily, so you want to hold the line while using your 27mm box wrench to remove the sensor. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ed66de12a04c867 Buying a used car can be daunting for some, and even more so when talking about buying a used German car.

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An oil service at a Mercedes-Benz dealership is far more expensive than many customers would imagine. £ 4,76 . here is the parts diagram.

JP GROUP Sensor, coolant temperature. The coolant temperature sensor is located below the intake manifold on the driver side of the cylinder head. The coolant fan will run at 100% until a specified temperature is reached.

If the check passes system specifications a coolant pump diagnosis via ME actuations can be performed where it checks for proper coolant pump actuator arm operation. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. The coolant temperature sensor can be found under engine major assembly, group 15 for engine electrical and subgroup 120 (page 2) for switches, senders, etc.. On newer systems some deviation should be permitted (via tech documents and dealer technical support documents). Hello, STAR certified systems technician for MB here. Follow along with this DIY. I'm still not sure if I believe that but maybe somebody else can verify this information. The temperature sensor was obviously faulty and this was replaced and the fault was rectified immediately. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. This will allow you to access the shield that protects the condenser and the A/C pressure switch. My wife's Mercedes W211 E320 petrol would not start. The coolant temperature sensor is located below the intake manifold on the driver side of the cylinder head. JP GROUP Sensor, coolant temperature. This step is straight forward and just requires you to be careful.

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We recommend these four depending on your needs. On my Mercedes this turned out to be a simple fix that any one should be able to try without much difficulty. We had our system evacuated at a local shop to demonstrate this procedure. If you want more Mercedes-Benz content, visit our Mercedes-Benz hub, The coolant temp sensor is located at the center of the engine, below the secondary air pump (red arrow). On these models, this is often the result of a faulty A/C pressure switch reporting an implausible value or an excessively high value. If you were to name one thing that modern AMG cars are missing, it would probably be a manual transmission. The graph will provide a clear illustration of what the coolant temperature should rise to and what the coolant system performance currently is.

first , here is the parts diagram that will show you the overview, its on the back of the drivers side cylinder head.


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