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Zaheer tried to counter, but his foe merely broke up his attacks, continuing to force him on the defensive as they climbed to a walkway ledge. Tenzin again blocked the attack and soon knocked Zaheer down a second time.

Zaheer and his gang traveled to the metal city and, with the help of Aiwei, were able to enter Suyin Beifong's estate without being noticed. Zaheer quickly puts his skills to use two weeks after attaining them, as he is a prolific leader of the Order of the Red Lotus, a group of militant anarchists seeking to abolish the world leaders, putting him in conflict with Korra and her allies, many of whom are world leaders themselves. Xu Ping An | He halted her from leaving, however, by revealing that he knew she was there because she had been unable to go into the Spirit World, much to Korra's surprise. However, he's not completely devoid of compassion, sympathy and honor. Declaring the poison did its work, Zaheer surrounded Korra in air and began to suffocate her in a ball of air.


https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Zaheer?oldid=4039455. Among those new airbenders is Zaheer, a student of airbender Guru Laghima’s teachings whom viewers meet at the end of the first episode as he breaks free from a prison cell.

Having heard of her, he declared that Kuvira needed to be stopped and offered to help Korra get over her mental block by guiding her into the Spirit World. Rather, he desires freedom for all, be they human or spirit. After a heated battle, Zaheer was defeated and captured. 308. Recovering, Zaheer managed to avoid being frozen and blasted Kya back, though before he could escape, two firebending White Lotus sentries arrived. Chronological information Mai | Zaheer is one of the main antagonists of the animated television series The Legend of Korra, serving as a background antagonist of "Book One: Air" and "Book Two: Spirits", the main antagonist of "Book Three: Change" and a minor anti-hero in "Book Four: Balance". The Legend of Korra

[11], Zaheer has been widely well-received as a character by both fans and critics.

Kemurikage | Evil-doer Air, glider staff Posted by 1 month ago. He remained unfazed as Korra unloaded on him, blaming him for having ruined her, and simply noted that she was using him as a crutch to make herself feel better. This summer, during the Black Lives Matter protests following the police killing of George Floyd and shooting of Jacob Blake, much discourse has focussed on whether “violent” protests do more harm than good, criticism often homing in on the dozen people who have died during these conflicts (though as of September, ABC reports that many of these deaths were circumstantial, not political).

Zaheer managed to persuade Earth Queen Hou-Ting to trade Avatar Korra for information regarding the new airbenders. Link(s) Chaejin | Zaheer demonstrated that the power of flight enabled him to make fast and agile movements, and he was also able to make airbending attacks while airborne. Pirates |

Zaheer initially convinces the Earth Queen to hand Korra over to him lest she suffer the other nations' wrath, but upon hearing Korra had escaped Hou-Ting's forces, lost his patience and kills the monarch by Airbending the air out of her lungs, making Zaheer the first Avatar character to graphically kill another on-screen. He explained to Ikki and Meelo that he had heard about the island being a sanctuary for airbenders, demonstrating his newly discovered abilities by creating a small tornado in his hand. Even if his actions threw the Earth Kingdom into chaos, he believed that the Earth Kingdom belonged to the people and not to tyrants, like Hou-Ting. "The Metal Clan" 5. He was deemed dangerous enough to be detained in an isolated prison and had to turn his back to the cell doors with his hands behind his head while receiving food. Hei Bai |

Unlike The Last Airbender, in which Aang’s long journey leads him to a faceoff against the colonizing, genocidal Fire Lord Ozai, Korra goes head to head with four foes, one per season. This attempt failed and Zaheer's comrades were killed, leaving him as the only survivor of their group of four.

And according to Zaheer, “Once change begins, it cannot be stopped.”.

His ankle was promptly frozen in place by a water whip, causing him to descend rapidly. Profession He calmly explained he was releasing them so they could relay a message from him to Korra.[11]. Alongside Unalaq, he is the worst human threat Korra ever faced. Jianzhu | Red Lotus There, he fought off White Lotus sentries and supplied his friend with a few rocks to help him escape. First appearance Meanwhile, in the physical world, he secretly revealed Korra's location at the Misty Palms Inn to his associates, who were guarding his body.

Zaheer is the second known non-Avatar airbender to kill. The new airbender evaded all of the chief's attacks, before knocking him down with an air blast. Becoming devoid of all earthly tethers after P'Li's death, Zaheer became the second airbender in history to unlock the ability of flight. It is also Zaheer's way of making penance for his assassination of Earth Queen Hou-Ting, which allowed Kuvira to take control in a far more brutal regime than the last. Throughout the series, Korra strives to forge her own path while fulfilling her duty. Having cut an opening in the window to Korra's room, they were caught by Naga, who tried to attack. Zaheer was said to be defeated when Bolin pushed him into a tornado, turning him into wind forever.[16].

Zaheer cautioned them to ration the bowl of rice they had brought him, as the next shift change was three weeks away, and announced the dawn of a new age, one in which there would be no Order of the White Lotus or Avatar. The name “Zaheer” comes from the 3-letter Arabic root زهر (z-h-r) that refers to enlightenment, wisdom, and blooming.


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