shimano curado dc vs slx dc

I’d go as far as saying that it may take buyers away from the Curado DC. Shimano only uses magnesium in its highest quality reels. The bonus of carbon is it won’t rust which is a huge bonus for salty areas. It’s simple to see that this is a tough and powerful little reel. This is fine as it really doesn’t take away from the solid feel of the reel. Last year there was another downside pertaining to a side plate issue. Super Stopper: This is a one-way, stainless steel roller bearing to cut back play. The shields mean each ball bearing has rubber or metal covers on both sides.

Composite materials tend to telegraph vibration more than solid metal. To lower you confusion, in this article I will rate and review eight Shimano casting reels. I-DC4 System: This is a digital controlled (DC) braking system. This is the use of bearings on either end to support the pinion gear. While a beautiful round bait casting reel, it’s purpose is a true fresh and inshore salt water work horse.

The Shimano Calcutta has been a favorite with anglers as a round bait casting reel since 1991. Some anglers like this while others don’t, its up to you.

The Shimano SLX DC is the latest in the SLX series of baitcasting reels. This technology enable stable movement and a reduction in spool vibration. I loaded it up with fluoro and tried some crankbaits. This computer driven reel makes precise adjustments to reduce human error during casts.

Given that the Curado is about 70 dollars more expensive, it really is a compelling case. Other than setting the brake system, this is a set it and forget type of reel with very little user output. Magnesium offers a weight savings of 10% over aluminum. The next disadvantage is for anglers who use the flipping and pitching technique. The SLX DC uses the same construction as other SLX series reels. This “max control” reel is the latest addition to the SLX series of baitcasting reels. Plus there is an external dial to make precision brake adjustments. This reel lacks many of the features of the Curado, the biggest being MicroModule gearing. It comes in at 7.6 ounces as opposed to 7.8 and 7.9. Ci4+ is a carbon fiber and polyamide composite that is lightweight can’t rust. At first the washers work great but I find that over time I switch these out for carbon washers. With your new found knowledge, choosing the best Shimano baitcasting reel isn’t hard. Buy the Curado DC because it’s packed with great features and will help anyone improve their casting methods. Well, it’s almost same size, except the spool size is a “150” and the side plates are different. If you remove the easy access side plate, you will notice Shimano has included a 6 Pin VBS braking system. The features don’t stop there, it comes with many of the features you expect to get with premium Shimano fishing reels. Shimano also anodized it in gold to help with durability. This slows the spool speed, then as the pressure lessens the spool moves freely. Keep in mind what you are targeting and what features are most important to you. Core Protect: The is a surface protection coating to provide water resistance without creating a heavy rotation feeling. For drag, the Aldebaran MGL maxes out at 10 pounds, but remember this is a bait finesse casting reel. This dial controls the SVS Infinity brake system, a built-in centrifugal brake system. Add the wide-ranging Cross Carbon Drag up of to 13 lbs of max drag. Also, Fluorocarbon lines with light lures and windy days might not go well with this setting. As with any Shimano reel that has “micro-gearing” you do have to re-grease the gears at times. For over 20 years the Calcutta series has proven the test of time. A star drag allows the angler to make strong and comfortable changes to the drag. Now there are even more models to help you conquer any form of fishing you desire. Look no further, the SLX is rock solid and simple to use yet also a compact budget friendly reel. Some anglers love to open up and clean the reels while other don’t. (S) A-RB: Shimano uses corrosion resistant shielded stainless steel ball bearings. “For newbies, finding a baitcasting reel this lightweight, at this price point is hard to find!”. The first impression I had last year was how comfortable it felt in my palm and that hasn’t changed. Inside, a centrifugal brake system uses small weights to activate the braking. By this I mean the Aldebaran uses Shimanos trusted X-ship gearing. Overall, the SLX DC is a great addition to the Shimano lineup. Today, all you have to do is open the easy access side plate. It uses static internal brake settings, for some anglers this could become annoying. When loosened the opposite side plate rotates open, revealing the inner braking mechanism of the reel. Last year, Shimano introduced the Curado DC reel with its I-DC4 digital brake control system designed to reduce the learning curve for anglers new to baitcasting reels, while raising the performance level for experienced fishermen. As a result, this spool provides balanced and smooth casting and retrieving. One gasket is next to the spool, to make it impossible for saltwater to contact the spool when it’s spinning. Plus the versatile gearing of each Tranx 200 model makes it perfect for jerk, crank or spinner baits. The result is a classic smoothness, whereas some new Shimano reels use the micro-gears. If you love the performance of the MGL but tend to fish brackish or inshore salt, get this reel. In particular if using light baits and casting in windy conditions. Trusting us lets you spend less time indoors and more time outdoors fishing.

The Tranx 200 uses a full brass pinion gear over a machined aluminum with brass sleeve gears of the Curado. Level wind is great for casting distance or if you worry about backlash. Note that the left handed models has a 151 instead of a 150 in the model number. 3. Its more than powerful to hook set any inshore species you target.

Overall it is amazing and makes casting effective and efficient.

My casts with this reel are effortless and I don’t worry about backlash. It has a bigger handle, more waterproofing with less ball bearings to go bad. Along with large EVA paddle grips, which are great for comfort and control when finesse fishing. It sounds like a high pitched whine that kinda sounds like a tiny jet engine. Or make mini adjustments by opening the side plate and engaging the inner weights.


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