gluster vs ceph vs zfs
that resulted in partial or total data loss. I think the RAM recommendations you hear about is for dedup.

As such, systems must be easily expandable onto additional servers that are seamlessly integrated into an existing storage system while operating.

SSDs have been gaining ground for years now. Despite what others say CephFS is considered production ready so long as you're only running a single MDS daemon in active mode at any given time. Archived. Looking for more … Btrfs based and very stable in my simple usage. Ceph is wonderful, but CephFS doesn't work anything like reliably enough for use in production, so you have the headache of XFS under Ceph with another FS on top - probably XFS again. Companies looking for easily accessible storage that can quickly scale up or down may find that Ceph works well.

GlusterFS is a distributed file system with a modular design.

During its beginnings, GlusterFS was a classic file-based storage system that later became object-oriented, at which point particular importance was placed on optimal integrability into the well-known open-source cloud solution OpenStack. Looking for recommendations other than Ceph vs. Guster for your big data storage? It already fucked up my home directory once... wont let it happen again... especially not on a NAS... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DataHoarder community. Most comments are FOR zfs... Yours is the only against... More research required. ZFS is an excellent FS for doing medium to large disk systems. Ceph and gluster have, essentially, the same tools, just a different approach. Companies looking for easily accessible storage that can quickly scale up or down may find that Ceph works well. Usually some good gains to be had for virtual machine storage. The term “big data” is used in relation to very large, complex, and unstructured bulk data that is collected from scientific sensors (for example, GPS satellites), weather networks, or statistical sources. The CAP theorem states that distributed systems can only guarantee two out of the following three points at the same time: consistency, availability, and partition tolerance. Deployed it over here as a backup to our GPFS system (fuck IBM and their licensing). Ceph can be integrated several ways into existing system environments using three major interfaces: CephFS as a Linux file system driver, RADOS Block Devices (RBD) as Linux devices that can be integrated directly, and RADOS Gateway, which is compatible with Swift and Amazon S3. Linux runs on every standard server and supports all common types of hard drives. Every file or directory is identified by a specific path, which includes every other component in the hierarchy above it.

Looking at a new storage stratagy for the network... currently got 4 different drobos (5d, FS, mini and second gen), a lot of storage in different boxes, and some external drives, and now want to look into consolidation... Been looking at the idea of … Sure, you can have nasty ram bottlenecks if you've got hundreds of people hammering on the array at once, but that's not going to happen. That means you can store huge amounts of older data without losing accessibility or security. Both provide search and retrieval interfaces for the data you store.

Integration into Windows environments can only be achieved in the roundabout way of using a Linux server as a gateway. Both use a standard POSIX or NFS interface, and users can interact with data as though through a standard file system. It builds a highly scalable system with access to more traditional storage and file transfer protocols, and can scale quickly and without a single point of failure. Both of these programs are open-source, but companies can purchase third-party management solutions that connect to Ceph and Gluster.


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