corgi beagle basset hound mix

I’m so happy I found her. Related: 16 Adorable Black Basset Hound Pics You Will Love Just make sure to pick out only safe and trusted dog shampoos such as Natural Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner or Paws & Pals Natural Dog-Shampoo And Conditioner to keep your dog’s coat shiny, healthy, and odor-free all the time. You should also buy a dog that is house trained. Everything you said was right on . It would be really nice to welcome such a beautiful breed into your family. He is going on 5 now. Well, yes. Taking your dog outdoors without proper training would be a tough challenge! These dogs have a stubborn streak due to their need to track. See photos of the Corgi Bassets from around the world! He is the best dog I have ever had.

Jump in and read more about it! Beagle breeds starred in Blockbuster hits like Shiloh and Cats and Dogs, while the Basset Hound enjoyed guest-starring roles in movies like Disney’s Cinderella, where one played sweet dog, Bruno. If you can’t keep your indoor dog inside for long periods of time then you should make sure that your indoor dog knows to come outside when you come home. Beagi dogs show an impressive intelligence that they also inherit from their parents. When it comes to the interaction toward other dogs in the neighborhood or other furry members of the family, this furry companion are great with befriending. All Rights Reserved. Also, considering the background of Beagles as hunters and Corgis as herders, don’t be surprised if your Beagi can be really feisty. And you must clean up any fecal matter that falls out of their litter box. Are you planning to adopt a sweet, lovable Corgi / Basset Hound mix that’s about to be 8 weeks old? Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password.

Corgi Basset Hound Mix.

He will be more apt to want to please you and more interested in following commands. We adopted a Beagle/Bassett almost 10 Gentle leader harnesses help to keep pets safe and secure on walks while ensuring their comfort as well as yours. This article unravels all the other interesting facts about the Corgi Beagle Mix breed and the ways to properly care for it.

The Basset Hound Beagle mix is a great choice for families who love the excitable qualities of the Beagle but want something a little more laid back, like the Basset Hound. So keep these things in mind: The breed of the indoor dog you choose must be well-behaved. She is heartbroken that she may have to put him down. #glamourous #glam #corgi #corgisofinstagram #corgisofdenver #ruff #pamperedpup #corgilife #corgination #corgibasset #bassethound #bassetlove #bassetsofinstagram #bassetsofdenver #dogsofinstagram #dogsofdenver #thelife, A post shared by Ruby (@rubythecorgibasset) on Sep 27, 2018 at 11:28am PDT, #bearkushnercook wasn’t quite feeling his photo opp this morning... #corgibasset #corgisofinstagram #corgi, A post shared by Kim Kushner (@kimkushner) on Sep 3, 2018 at 7:00am PDT, A post shared by Sandie Dixon Watkins (@sandie73md) on Aug 26, 2018 at 7:22am PDT. Most Corgis are not accustomed to potty training so you need to find an indoor puppy potty training class to help them through this. Both Beagles and Corgis have high energy levels, so this crossbreed is likely to have the same energy that you should get along with. They both show intelligence, amiability, enthusiasm, and gentleness. His coat is short and sleek and comes in six colors: The Beagle has a more proportionate body than the Basset Hound, although he can be smaller, standing under 15 inches and weighing under 30 pounds. Unleash your creativity and share you story with us! It is easy and beneficial to rescue for a number of different reasons. My daughter has a beagle/basset.

This means that if your Corgis / Beagle /Hounds are not used to being the leader, then they should stay in a room alone for a few days. You will want to make sure you take your Bagle Hound out for a walk a few times a day and spend quality time playing with him. Be sure to lead with patience, positive reinforcement, and lots of love. According to the American Kennel Club, there are currently no recommended health tests for the Basset Hound at this time, although you can read more about his overall health by clicking here. So give these dogs a lot of love and affection to keep them healthy and happy. Privacy Designed using Magazine News Byte. Considering the similar histories of these two breeds, it seems like a no-brainer to mix them and create a Basset Hound Beagle mix.

Corgi Basset Hound Mix (Corgi Basset) Corgi Bassets range in weight from 28 to 65 pounds and have a life span of 12 to 13 years. Learn how your comment data is processed. You must also get your dog vaccinated and de-wormed because without them your dog can easily catch a disease. There are many pet stores selling Corgi Basset Hound Mixes and you will need to know how to tell the difference between the different breeds and even make sure that you buy from a breeder that is a recognized one. Talk to your vet about the different types of illness or medical conditions that have the potential of developing with this breed so that you are knowledgeable and aware. Chippy just had his SIXTEENTH birthday two days ago!! Corgi Yellow Lab Mix Corgi Yorkie Mix is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn … Training your Basset Hound Beagle mix could depend on the traits he inherits from his purebred parents. Are crossbreeds really healthier than purebred dogs, or is this just a myth? Learn how your comment data is processed. A dog with a great appearance can be described as not having any character at all, but the same can be said about Corgi Basset Hound Mixes that have been selectively bred to look as good as possible. House training allows your dog to obey your commands while you are in your own house, rather than letting him run around in the garden or yard. By letting your dog play with other dogs or children it could cause him to attack them, which is always not a good thing.

Although they are not usually trained as working dogs or guard dogs, they can offer great service and assistance to the family, especially to those elderly who need a helping hand. All dogs are susceptible to genetic health issues, and the Basset Hound Beagle mix could be susceptible to any of the genetic health issues of his purebred parent breeds. She is the sweetest lovable dog. If you have the time and patience to train and love this unique mixed breed, then the Basset Hound Beagle mix might be the perfect new addition to your household! Maria McCutchen is an author and freelance writer living in Chattanooga, TN. If you would like to dive deeper into the process of adopting a Basset Hound Beagle mix from a shelter, visit us here. It can also shed from time to time depending on the season of the year. These little pups are not used to having the master or all the dogs around so that it takes them time getting used to being the boss. If you can’t do this, then find another Corgis / Beagle /Hounds to keep your family pets busy.

Feed your dog well and don’t let it overeat to prevent obesity and other potential health risks caused by it. Frequent brushing and regular baths will do. For more tips and a list of things you’ll need for a new puppy, click here. You will have to puppy-proof your home the same way you would baby-proof your home. For one, adoption fees are much less than breeder fees. He is the smartest too.

Do Puggles Bark a Lot?

My sweet Starzy girl is hilarious. A dog with a great appearance can be described as not having any character at all, but the same can be said about Corgi Basset Hound Mixes that have been selectively bred to look … More personality than any dog I’ve had. With all these instincts inbred in them, this stubborn streak will play out during training your pup, too. Or perhaps you want to know how this mixed dog breed will interact with you and everyone in your family. He is naturally good with children and would make an excellent choice for families who are around enough to properly exercise him and train him. It will keep him healthy, strong, and fit, too! When these two incredible dog breeds combine, wouldn’t that be a stunning hybrid? Corgi Beagle mix breeds also encounter potential health risks over time. Parents: Cavalier King Charles x Beagle mix.

They can sometimes be stubborn, too. Check out our guide on puppy potty training. Of course all dogs and all dog breeds are susceptible to health issues, but when you have a mixed breed, you have to worry about the health issues that are associated with both sides of the dog’s lineage. They’ve got the brains, too! In fact, despite the Basset Hound’s reputation for being so relaxed, he does have a playful streak and really enjoys the company of other dogs.


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