she is pisces

Pisces was assigned the twelfth house of isolation, confinement, and retreat since Pisces’ deep, reflective, and interior territory aligned with the concerns of this house. Pisces are often natural musicians, poets, fantasy writers, and artists, and explore universal messages with their various mediums. This card is more stable and prosperous than the previous card, and perhaps represents the resolution of number 8’s disillusionment. She will inspire and lift up, fly above the clouds and take her loved ones with her. She feels like home to me. In bed she knows her stuff. Sage has many culinary and medicinal uses that are especially supportive of Pisces. The sea’s floors are sprinkled with mysterious animal and plant life we don’t see often. Other times I let my white noise app play on my phone and I listen to either the rain storm sound or the flowing water sound.

He has to support her, to comfort her and help her when she needs it. Whole unprocessed foods, immune-boosting remedies, and cleansing practices will help Pisceans protect their bodies and auras from disease. When she likes what she is doing, the woman in Pisces will be hard-working and motivated. The following recommendations could be useful. Pisces women just KNOW.

The “Satiety” card depicts the Pisces influence as “peaceful and spiritualized…” (Book of Thoth). In order to be with a Pisces woman you MUST have a great amount of patience. Because she keeps changing, Pisces woman can put a Gemini to shame when she comes to her changing behavior. So much is the emotional involvement and suffering as her sexuality will express itself better. The principle of osmosis seems to be an active force for the Piscean body, as they tend to absorb chemical and emotional impurities from their environments. Hopefully it helps. Pisces reminds Capricorn of its mystical side, and Capricorn helps Pisces materialize its unique ideas. The sound of water moving about in its freedom helps me to relax, think, regroup, pray and sleep.

As long as she trusts you, she will be ready to bare face her feelings and stay committed to the relationship. These folks are selfless, spiritual, and very focused on their inner journey. She can pick up on your vibe and if you’re off, her defense mechanism is to swim away.

This card symbolizes fulfillment, wholeness, and contentment that can be arrived at after working and evolving to find peace and emotional balance. The compassion and healing talents of Pisces, as well as the twelfth house connection to institutions, can lead these natives to roles as physicians and nurses in hospitals. The “thread” that unites them corresponds to the tendency depending on others or her partner. Mars-ruled Aries is assertive and individualistic, where Jupiter-ruled Pisces is reflective and self-sacrificing. Jupiter has a full affinity with the imaginative and spiritual tendencies of this sign, but because it is in its nocturnal home, these themes take on a more interior and meditative expression. Those with strong Two Fishes placements in their charts can be found in creative professions of all kinds.

This isn’t just for Pisces women but for anybody. It’s a difficult but awakening process.


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