daugava river depth
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Violation of the dam drainage system operation leads to pressure increase, to “pop-up” of the dam body and its possible displacement in the horizontal direction under the action of static pressure of the reservoir mass during heavy floods. RIGA SHIPYARD dock No. 3 Floating docks up to 255 M LOA X 36 M BM.

The high nitrate and phosphate load of the Daugava is instrumental to the buildup of extensive phytoplankton biomass in the Baltic Sea; other European rivers contributing to such high nutrient loading of the Baltic are the Oder and Vistula Rivers.

Its length is 1,020 km (630 mi),[1] of which 325 km (202 mi) are in Russia. The riverbed average width of the upper section 10-15 m, of the middle section 20-35 m, of the lower section 70-90 m. Depth of the river from 0.6 to 1.2 m. The gradient to the lake Dysnai 117 m / km.

Their combined area is 3 800 km². Daugava River discharge during the studied low wind pe-riod. Dense layers of halogen-carbonate rocks of upper Devonian sediments of Plavinas, Salaspils and Daugava units was subjected by erosion, both the clastic sandy-aleuritic sediments of Amata-Gauja unit of the upper Devonian. In the process of regular update of the drainage system seismic profiles in the modification of the reflected waves (CDP) were performed. The cascade of the Daugava hydroelectric power plants forms continuous chain of reservoirs throughout the lower stream of the Daugava river, a substantial portion of the which is located along the buried preglacial palaeovally which depth in some places is more than 150 meters. About 10-20 percent of the flow of some tributaries of the Lielupe (Memele and Svete) and the Aiviekste tributary of the Daugava is fed by groundwater, while for the Daugava and Gauja rivers it is 35-40 percent. [2], The river began experiencing environmental deterioration in the era of Soviet collective agriculture (producing considerable adverse water pollution runoff) and a wave of hydroelectric power projects.[3]. 0000004540 00000 n D��9)��Q��?�6IͿ��0����������c�t1G���c.hi=�+.����9�'Q�F:���I�|�Χ!�:�v��#A+r"�U�2F8��.�5���$b�n8R���"m�]�"]}����c�ɪ�NF�%;�A#e V�4�p��F��FW��UedR��0����u Ͻ�#d�;�yn$������a��K�.�h=S�R�2_���ó�O��n*�c�G�40|_X|˭Q|��i#k@�N��~������m�k�B��Fz����w`�����rF�wGP��ŗ8���nr �KaN��Q[н�� In 13th century river was called Wogen or Woga. Performing of long profiles and significant land areas is carried out using a low frequency dipole antenna, which allows in some cases to detect and delineate the anomalous zones of the paleokarst manifestations at depths of 5-8 m. Below figure shows an example of detection of anomalous zones on the profile along protective dam of the Riga HPP reservoir. Out of the Daugava's 1005 kilometre length, 352 kilometres are in Latvia.

0000000668 00000 n Determine the velocity of the boat with respect to an observer on the riverbank." The works are being carried out all year round. Salaca river basin: It covers the north of the country, near the border with Estonia.

Bedrock and moraine surface depth determination. Depending on the physical and geographical conditions, a large part of the river discharge comes from either snow melt, groundwater or direct surface runoff. In about 7–8 days the bulge grew up to 20 km in diameter, before being diluted.

It is a westward-flowing river, tracing out a great curve towards its south which means it passes through northern Belarus. Scheme  of engineering-geophysical investigation sites displacement, Seismic survey on the site of drainage wells in the Plavinas HPP lower pool. Gauja river basin: Its total area is 8 900 km², of which almost 95 percent is situated in Latvia. The profile of pre-glacial valleys on the seismic section, Volumetric reconstruction of preglacial valleys and “plumes” of coarse material from the seismic data, Manifestations of palaeokarst at the base of the left bank protection embankment of the reservoir, Earth’s surface subsidence and soil collapses, Identification of local inhomogeneities of the soil mass, Bedrock and moraine surface depth determination, Telemetric registration system for shallow seismics, Site of TES-2 new energoblock construction, Riga, Flotation waste repository of metallurgical integrated plant (Peru), THE STUDY OF THE DECOMPACTION ZONES IN SOILS BY METHOD OF NON-LONGITUDINAL HIGH RESOLUTION VSP, EVALUATION OF DRILLING SAFETY AT THE CASPIAN SHELF USING 3D SEISMIC AND SUBBOTTOM PROFILING DATA, Geotechnical study at the sites of private construction. In about 7–8 days the bulge grew up to 20km in di-ameter, before being diluted. Coastal west basin: It includes the small river basins at the west coast with a total area of 5 100 km². Ruba, Vitebsk, Beshankovichy, Polotsk with Boris stones strewn in the vicinity, Navapolatsk, Dzisna, Verkhnedvinsk, and Druya. The negative impact of karst processes on the safety of structures is manifested in the form of increased filtration of water from reservoirs through protective dams, subsidence of dam bodies, erosion of the foundations of drainage channels. Remote sensing imagery and numerical model study of river bulge evolution and dynamics in a... All site content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under the, Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems, Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 'Manuscript Revision: River bulge evolution and dynamics in a non-tidal sea – Daugava River plume in the Gulf of Riga, Baltic Sea'. This brings the internal renewable water resources (IRWR) to 16 940 million m³/year (16 540+4 700-4 300) and the total renewable water resources (TRWR) to 34 939 million m³/year (34 539+4 700-4 300) (Table 3). The yard is capable to accommodate PANAMAX size vessels for dry-docking and AFRAMAX size vessels for afloat repairs. It rises close to the source of the Volga. It has many tributaries, the most important being the Memele, Lecava and Svete. Surface waves attenuation analysis. River bulge evolution and dynamics in a non-tidal sea – Daugava River plume in the Gulf of Riga, Baltic Sea . The major rivers are Daugava, Lielupe, Gauja, Venta, and Salaca.

In the Kurzeme peninsula and in the middle uplands, direct surface runoff accounts for 40 percent of flow of the rivers, while in the Zemgale plain it represents 20-30 percent. Its area within Latvia is 3 200 km². Subbottom soil interior determination.

The Lielupe river rises in Lithuania, enters Latvia in the south and flows north to the Gulf of Riga through the most fertile regions of the country.

During the Quaternary glaciation periods, the valley and its sleeves and tributaries were completely filled with heterogeneous moraine material. [citation needed], In Belarus, water pollution of the Daugava is considered moderately severe, with the chief sources being treated wastewater, fish-farming and agricultural chemical runoff (e.g. This area includes rivers such as the Irbe, Stonde, Roja, Svetupe and Vitupe. The banks of the middle section lower than in the upper and lower sections. Since the Late Middle Ages the western part of the Daugava basin has come under the rule of various peoples and states; for example the Latvian town of Daugavpils, located on the western Daugava, variously came under papal rule as well as Slavonic, Polish, German and Russian sway until restoration of the Latvian independence in 1990 at the end of the Cold War.

0000002515 00000 n Bedrock and moraine surface depth determination. Violation of the dam drainage system operation leads to pressure increase, to “pop-up” of the dam body and its possible displacement in the horizontal direction under the action of static pressure of the reservoir mass during heavy floods. Venta river basin; Its total area is 11 800 km², of which almost two thirds is situated in Latvia.

Coastal north basin: It includes the small river basins within the coastal lowland on the opposite shores of the Gulf of Riga. The Venta has many tributaries, but only one of them, the Abava river, exceeds 100 km in length.

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