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Shanti Bhavan, a residential school in Southern India and subject of the award-winning Netflix documentary Daughters of Destiny, takes a unique approach to lifting families out of poverty: by demanding they dream big.. In this hip-hop competition, judges Niska, Shay and SCH search their hometowns of Paris, Brussels and Marseille for the next breakout talent. Today India's caste system is gradually falling out of use, but there are still some 200 million Dalits in India, families who have been living in extreme poverty for generations and have practically no way out.

They know they never need to pay that back to those who helped them, but they do need to pay it forward to others in need. It is now the subject of a four-part docuseries premiering July 28 on Netflix: Daughters of Destiny: The Journey of Shanti Bhavan. One of the toughest realities we face is that each year Shanti Bhavan is forced to turn away hundreds of children, not because they aren’t in need or aren’t able to succeed, but because one school simply cannot accommodate them all. “If you go on dates, that’s a shame, and if you wear short skirts sometimes, even that’s a shame.” Nearly half of Indian women are married before age 18; watching Raj’s adolescence on screen, we learn that her parents believe that her uncle is the ideal suitor.

Shanti Bhavan grads are now working at places like Amazon, Mercedez Benz, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan.

Raj recalled that just a few weeks ago, a mother came to claim her child.

This is how you break the cycle of poverty. It is now the subject of a four-part docuseries premiering July 28 on Netflix: Daughters of Destiny: The Journey of Shanti Bhavan.

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... A group of down-on-their-luck Broadway stars shake up life in small-town Indiana as they rally behind a teen fighting to bring her girlfriend to prom. While some of the girls continue their schooling, others have moved on to careers, where they work to fulfill their mission of helping others. Glamour: What is your vision for the future of Shanti Bhavan? Shanti Bhavan grads are now working at places like Amazon, Mercedez Benz, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan. A scene from Vanessa Roth's Netflix docuseries, Photo: Vanessa Roth / Courtesy of Netflix, Daughters of Destiny: The Journey of Shanti Bhavan, launched by President and First Lady Obama in March 2015. Help us scale the Shanti Bhavan model today. Ad Choices. Until they complete twelfth grade, our students live in our beautiful campus where they receive clothing, meals, health care, and all the support of a stable home.

George Clooney stars and directs. The series also provides insight into our unique approach to education; it gives viewers a glimpse into what makes Shanti Bhavan special. But I can’t imagine having found any professional or personal success if all I had been provided with was basic literacy or a primary education.

He initially funded Shanti Bhavan entirely, through his Foundation, until 2008 when the global financial crisis led to devalued investments and a shortage of capital. 3.

Shanti Bhavan looked at the results of decades of basic literacy and found that many of its recipients ended up back in poverty once the program ended. . “Children like us from poor families from India, we don’t have that kind of time to spend exploring, though it seems unfair.” Although Dr. George—a father figure who the students call “Uncle George” or “DG”—provides lots of opportunities for education in the arts (conversely, his son, Ajit, says he attempted a career as a novelist before becoming a Shanti Bhavan administrator, noting that he was able to rely on his family’s “safety net”), he discourages such careers because, as 21-year-old Edwin tells me, “Your income is not constant .


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