how to fix ikea malm dresser

1001freefonts Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. instead of two local IKEA stores. On the other end, use a pocket hole jig to allow you to install it without prying things apart, just be very careful with placement and alignment. Thanks for posting this life saving tips. I’d ordered 20+ to fix all drawers.

For free., Mount them at … It was less than $2 for the ones used on the shelves, the home depot bars are $4.47 each. Pulling the front of that panel out Align the piece properly (use a guide and clamps) and fix it to make sure you reinforce it without angle.

Whoa. Cut a piece of scrap wood according to the measurements. We thank you for the opportunity to assist you. For some reason for years MALM chests been selling without any support for drawers.

When we were planning out our modern master bedroom makeover, I knew I wanted to incorporate contrasting elements wherever possible and I also knew we definitely wanted a short and wide dresser compared to the tall one we had before. they sent just the part.

My question is, is it possible/ is there a method to replace this spar without having to take the majority of the unit to pieces? I’d threw out at least 4 IKEA drawers just because the drawers kept sagging even I tried to fix it numerous times with varies DIYs. You may need to take the entire unit a part to slip it over the dowels. Crazy question. As a matter of fact my first call was rejected by IKEA rep, but second person accepted my order without any questions. It’s free of any charge / free shipping. Robin

Remove the existing hardware from the MALM dresser.

But most of chests will have common problem – saggy drawers. However, I received this email this morning. It’s free of any charge / free shipping. I'm a home improvement enthusiast, living a very merry DIY lifestyle. Put them on opposite sides of the piece (so one on the front and one on the back, or one on the top and one on the bottom), and offset them so their screws don’t interfere with each other. I love notes.

Then touch up the white on the front (maybe tape all the way across?). Make sure you stay far enough away from the splintered part and take care not to hit a screw you already put in from the other side.

i got a new dresser and one of the little beams broke off just like yours as i was assembling it. 8 kids were killed in the US because of this design defect (and parenting fail/not anchoring). I love notes. I ran out to home depot and got the screws 12mm 1/2 inch . BOTH have sagging dresser drawers. Your email address will not be published. If you like it, don’t be shy to drop comment or two, or just share it – this would be very helpful for us! Also we get to help one another with our IKEA “problems”. And it’s as simple as it could be. If your piece of furniture from IKEA on the way to dumpster, spend five minutes and get as many parts from it as you can.

Does Ikea not sell the part as a replacement part?

Tips for making crossbars successful: 1. The heavier insert are done for safety reasons. That was awesome!! I just removed them. I have a new Hemnes living room cabinets that are junk – not square, warping drawer faces, etc. Excellent. This was great to find. Let Ikea anchor the dresser to your wall for you.

Quality is terrible, some metal parts been switched to plastic one, unnecessary heavy MDF inserts, new designs are… Bad. Assuming that you nailed everything the way you are supposed to, and DIDN’T glue the dowels (I generally glue them on permanent pieces that get screwed to the walls now, Billy and Sektion mostly). This should work as well, might not look as neat and could be an issue if the spar is close to other pieces of Malm (meaning you can’t put an inch of additional wood between the spar and whatever piece of Malm is next to it). Also! Well I just contact them via facebook to see if any luck.

Could you give me some help? Good to know. Maybe you should give it one more try? The spars don’t look structural, you can pull the old one out in two pieces Thanks! If you need to learn more about the recall and your options (including refund!) I’d ordered 20+ to fix all drawers. Cheaper would be to use 1-2 pieces of wood (another spar, plywood, 2×4, ..) instead of the metal braces/strong ties. I will be asking if I can get a replacement spar from the workshop next time I’m in IKEA. Related: Adding this furniture wrap to the MALM changed everything.

Just ordered 6x part# 123833 with a phone call to customer service. It took me 2 minutes and the dresser is as good as new.

You’ll receive it within 14 business days / no questions asked. The easiest fix would be to find similar dresser on craigslist (they are common enough to easily be found) that is not in a good condition and taking parts from it.

either way..

I got them yesterday but there were no instructions. As you can see in the attached photos, my MALM drawers have developed a broken spar. I was hoping you might be able to give me some help on how to replace one of those partitions completely? Ikea’s Malm Dresser (Back Wall) I emailed Ikea Customer Service … Luckily my local Ikea is 10 minutes down the road, and the help desk gave me the screws (105344) no problem. here’s a direct link to the info you need on Loosening the cam locks for the top Your email address will not be published. If you own one of these dressers, you’ll know that the drawers fit together pretty seamlessly, but a thin piece of particleboard serves as a partition between drawer fronts. Thanks a bunch! Makeover a simple IKEA Malm dresser into a modern dresser perfect for your bedroom. Just ordered from Ikea Australia customer support, with the 2 part numbers for bracket + screws and they are ordering and sending them over for free! What do you think? Adding this furniture wrap to the MALM changed everything, Built-in Home Bar Cabinet with IKEA BILLY, Easy tweak for a new dining buffet with hutch, Dressing Table to hidden keyboard tray desk, In my opinion this series was one of the IKEA’s best ever made.

I need advice on this bookcase over radiator hack. You could also just re-enforce the existing one with a board and 6-8 (or more) screws. The guy on the phone hadn’t heard of the piece but I gave him the item number, he put me on hold, and came back a minute later to ask how many I wanted! Now they’re winging their way to me from Sweden, and should take about 6 weeks to arrive…, Update: They arrived after 4 days (not weeks!) IKEA supports their products. Great! (not sure what they are in UK though..) it takes 2 screws per bracket. You’ll just need to remove the drawers.

Both nieces have 2 dressers and one night table in their bedroom and I have 2 dressers. This is where we share our IKEA hacks, news, style and spaces., I just leaned on it while moving the drawer and it snapped in half and I want to replace it? Delighted.

Oops! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. THe quicker fix is the glue-in-place method as described above. Good work and keep sharing hacks and tips please. Expected to receive them within 4 days free of charge. What I had encountered was self-inflicted, could have been prevented, and wasn’t something I was sure I could easily fix. My partner did a bodge fix by putting white tape around it, but it naturally stays in a bent position now. Loosening the cam locks for the front of the outside panel (I have to presume through transportation when we moved house). This fix looks a lot easier!! I just ordered these in the UK and they will be delivered to my home in around 4 days. No cost and no shipping fee. Learn how your comment data is processed. Can you tell me what I need to do?

Unfortunately no, sorry. Here’s a video of how I fixed it. I’d suggest using something like this: which you should find in almost any DIY market in the wood working section. Thanks for documenting this! © COPYRIGHT 2020 IKEAHACKERS.NET | IKEA® is a registered trademark of Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you want to go cheaper, pick up the crossbars at ikea.

IKEA masters, what’s the right name for this awesome assembly device? I’m in the UK I emailed them using their website form for spare parts yesterday. IKEA is actually unable to offer component parts from our product range for separate purchase. From top to bottom. More IKEA wear-out fixes comin’ at ya. Required fields are marked *. they do not send these with the braces. Using IKEA hardware to assemble, it doesn’t look like you can do it without: Here’s a video of how I fixed it. Replacing your spar Just bad.

You’ll just need to remove the drawers. I received the brackets in 4 days from the phone call and fixed the drawers! Editor Update: Since writing this tutorial, IKEA has recalled its MALM dressers and other products.

All too often, I need to repair a drawer bottom that bows and separates from its track, usually because I’ve tried to force fit too many pairs of Wigwam socks into a non-expanding space, but that wasn’t the real issue this time. But I found a better way and it’s totally free. As it turns out, the part being requested is included with purchase of the entire MALM unit only. If possible, we would suggest returning to an IKEA store location to speak with a Customer Service coworker, who could advise on the availability of any replacement parts in our recovery department. If you do get a new spar from IKEA, just ditch the screw and dowel — secure it with 2 small L-brackets. Especially all metal parts, will thank me later . How to paint Ikea furniture. The IKEA MALM dressers I’ve owned have generally held up well. Amazing tip, thank you! ONE issue, I didn’t ask for the screws.. to put it in place!

With a little bit of maintenance. In light of the recent injuries and deaths caused by IKEA Malm drawers tipping over, we would like to remind our customers that some IKEA furniture should be fixed to the wall; such as wardrobes, bookcases and tall drawer units. Do you know if there is any other place that I could find this part? Did reaching out via Facebook work? How do I turn an IKEA dresser into a laundry hamper? Yes, with my method, you can attach the new spar onto the dresser without dismantling the whole thing. I had purchased a new malm chest for a kids room and was surprised to see the metal bars to support the drawers and immediately look for a way to fix all my other older chests. Pilot holes are always a good idea. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I did 2 braces per full size drawer and 1 brace for the smaller ones. 3, 4 or even 6 drawers, doesn’t matter. The simplest fix with my breakage situation was to apply wood glue to the back of the particle board, and clamp it back into place. I have the same problem with my MALM 4-drawer chest. The representative was very nice. you know it only need one brace per drawer bottom! My wife and I have a complete MALM bedroom set. here’s a direct link to the info you need on I also tried calling them just now and there is no way getting through via phone right now.

You can paint everything white afterwards and it won’t be very noticeable. One pocket screw on the other end should hold it, but not super strongly (which should be OK… again not structural). I was left wondering what to do next, and removed the drawer above the broken partition for a better look. 68 braces?


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