avengers meet their future selves fanfic

There was no way this dude was Percy Jackson. It had a crab, a bunk bed and few toys with a chair in the corner of the room which to their amazement was like a iron room with white paint to cover the walls and a nice carpet "surely this is not what Fury meant by a Mission?" Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff where out practicing their skills for when another attack like two mouths ago, who so happened when they were well used to kicking butt or just making sure each other could handle any problem, when Fury called the two in just to inform them of their need in a new mission not that they cared so they were off on the first flight back; not everything could be said for Bruce Banner as he was not thrilled to be back with his anger monster the other guy known as the big green Hulk; now as for Thor the God of Thunder who was trying his best to find Jane to keep his promise to her was called too and by the way Fury said it was like they needed him for something similar as to the Alien attack in New York that tore half the city to crumbles too. And the exceptional: Why Are You Like This? Nobody else. "I know I will be and it'll be your butt that I'm kicking." "Do you think it's even possible for you to make a 'window' to see into the future?" They've come back to the past to chase down a powerful villain who plans on destroying the League, and the parents can't help.

the boy on the top bed lay on his side begged with an eager face; "more? Does anyone know any good fics in which Ladybug and Chat Noir meet their future selves? What happens when the Justice League meet their kids? This sub is for Miraculous Ladybug fanfictions: recs, search for an specific fic, prompts, discussions, everything. Thanks in advance! I have my reading material for the next two days now lol. I have my reading material for the next two days now lol. Tony answered. Press J to jump to the feed. The Avengers.

On the way, the future young justice team will find out more than they ever knew about their parents while they take the adults on an...enlightening ride. Tony exclaimed happily. Natasha asked as she watched Tony and Bruce work on a small machine. When he entered the room the group was about to through many questions at him as to why they were needed. After finishing the story he put the baby to bed who was now asleep, well all of them were.

"So you called us out of our personal time to ask a question this must be very important Fury" Tony Protest as did the others all at the same time; at this point Fury and Agent Hill was ready to shout at them to be quiet but remembered the angered Hulk in Banner so he spoke smoothly much to Steve's surprise "my question is what do you think you all want in your future lives?" "I still think this is a bad idea."

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. "And there came a day, unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes were united against a common threat.

Ahaha, I've got an unfinished one(but it's almost complete) right here as a self rec: In Time You'll See, And for the ones that are not mine:A Sound of Thunder. "No but since when have I ever listened to rules?" Fics where the Avengers meet their actors Pretty much what the title says. Edit: wow, I really did not expect to get this many recs. Natasha said. Natasha asked as she watched Tony and Bruce work on a small machine. Please?" The five avengers sat in Fury's office unsure of what he wanted them all so badly after their Alien attack not even two mouths ago, now here they were seated waiting for the man in black with a black eye patch on his left eye.

Steve said and everybody nodded. "If I was able to, wouldn't you want to see your future?"

Thor said in surprise and confusion as did the others when the door opened. "Come on little red. *drops in from the sky* Did someone say future fics!? Thank you all so much! Did you ever think maybe the others want to live their lives before what can happen in time?" Tony invents a time machine out of fun. The Avengers meet Peter Fanfiction. It has young Ladybug and Chat Noir in the future but can be heartbreaking for you and is rated M. I do not mark who is when and who meet who. Hope for the future." Once he took one last look at the children he smiled whispering "yes, still Hope" before turning the light off and closing the door. So here they were watching the man with his hands behind his back looking at them with a blank face no matter how hard Tony or Steve tried to figure out what he held behind his back that was until he spoke "I have brought you here for one reason and that reason is more like a question before sending you to your new Mission Avengers".

By: MysticFantasy.. Disclaimer: (I own no part of this movie or the characters in it.Chapter 1.. "Are you sure this is something you should be messing with?" They all stood in front of a large portal thing glowing bright blue "now this is means none of you can use your weapons or will be able to be seen or heard just be able to follow the people who you need to see. "To the ladies, almost everything is a bad idea." "Good point but you still shouldn't be messing with this." Children, who one day, be the new generation of heroes.

Ultron wanted nothing less than dominion over the world, but the Avengers stood in its way. Tony asked in return with a sly smirk. "Are you sure this is something you should be messing with?" The five avengers sat in Fury's office unsure of what he wanted them all so badly after their Alien attack not even two mouths ago, now here they were seated waiting for the man in black with a black eye patch on his left eye. Tony Stark was with Pepper arranging the new building he used to call home if not for the attack but still they were busy as normal when Steve called saying Fury needed the Iron man himself so that's how Tony got here; Steve who before was to call Tony was taking his anger out in the fourth boxing bag for missing his chance to dance with his long love Peggy Carter and how he woke to the future he found more frightening then facing Peggy's fury when she shot three bullets at him when he showed her his new shield. Chapter 1: Fury sends the Avengers on a mission. "This is set. Wow, thanks! "Can we hear it again? Bruce said as he tightened a bolt.

But before they fell, the Avengers hid their children in a faraway place, where they would grow up safe from Ultron's grasp. The one and only. the spy said.

A elderly man with whitish brown hair picked up the baby, the boy brought in who giggled which Natasha thought was sweet even Steve who suffered a bad childhood smiled as he held the child to rest on his chest so the baby's head lay on it. he half muttered. Bruce flipped a switch and the lights turned on. I'M Percy Jackson. Chapter 2. Their silence was what he wanted so he smiled inwardly "well we came up with a plan to show you what you might have in your futures" at this Steve stood in anger "you cannot send us though time just cause you think it is right! Obviously, Tony and Rhodey knew Peter.

"The line of work that you two do, I think it's possible for you to stay in shape." Tony stood too both hands on the table frowning he was not always like this only when in the suit or saving Pepper; "I agree, this is not how even us Asgardians do things" Thor said in a mighty voice with full anger at the man in black called Fury.

https://www.reddit.com/r/MiraculousFanfiction/comments/hnaozf/time_travel_stories/. Because the Avenger knew that as long as the children were alive, there was still hope. He and a few other Avengers get more than he intended. "Good point but you still shouldn't be messing with this." "I agree it is wrong but I know that what you will see might give some of you a chance in life like Mr. Rogers; so here is my offer if you choice to see what life you have then what you got now follow me but if not you can make your own future" and with that said Fury and Agent Hills walked out while the group stared hard at each other before Steve stood up followed by Banner then Clint and Natasha leaving Tony and Thor who stared at each other before thinking 'why not give it a shot or I might regret this' and they all found each other in the Lab with two guys in white coats reminding Steve of when he stepped in the lab to be Mr. super solider and met Tony's Dad who soon became a good friend which was why Tony disliked Steve but it was not his fault the two got on. And finally, when the world was at peace, the heroes built lives of their own. But in time, evil returned; an evil called Ultron. I’m really excited for the next update. Tell us the story more?" "I would like to see if I stayed in shape." Clint asked. I looked at Annabeth, and the look she was giving me … When six students of Hogwarts, including Hermione and Harry come across a strange picture, it port-keys them to the future, 18 years into the future to be more exact. And one by one, the children of the Avengers came to be. You can't tell me you don't want to see if you're still kicking butt a few years from now.".

Good luck Avengers" and with that the five were traveling in the speed of lightening when they finally stood in what looked like a room but a Childs room. Did he just say what I think he said?

The Solider and the Spy fell in love; as did the Giant and the Pixie. Now the Avengers who wanted more of their old lives was too mixed with confusion on which path to choose and hearing that story was like a eye opener for all of them the so called Pixie, Giant, Ghost and King was not found by Fury yet so he was most likely still searching but something told them other wise.


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