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Making her way to the inner chamber, River is confronted by a Dacha who reveals that the Doctor is in peril, showing her a glimpse of the crisis. Nardole answers the phone, and tells the person calling to hold, while he takes the phone and runs off down the hallway. The Doctor is lost, forever. T-Shirts.

To his surprise, Cindy isn't infected. At that moment, two officers, Co-ordinator Akiyama and Senior Hyperspace Tech Mouchgober enter the room.

It includes extended endings for Sins of the Father and The Flood which were not in the original versions. When infecting Ice Warriors, it could communicate verbally once infection manifested itself. View basket for details. The station shakes as it's bombarded by time distortions. Back at the university, the Twelfth Doctor asks how Jenny found him. On a remote Army outpost, a fearsome alien warlord - the Fisher King - sets in motion a twisted plan to ensure his own survival. (TV: The Waters of Mars).

For anyone who knows me, what I'm about to say is high praise indeed: The Flood is the best Cyberman story written to date.

DALEK ANNUAL 1979. Vastra explains about how a Silurian corpse, one from the scholar class, was found and she is now looking for other possible Silurian survivors. However, they are being listened to by North, another MI6 agent. With the immediate crisis resolved, Jessop asks Akiyama to take Cindy on an inspection tour, while he will show the Doctor and Gabby around Central Control. It was capable of controlling the water, causing it to flow in unnatural directions. The Doctor, who recognised the virus, worked with Sskoll and the Vikings in an effort to contain the Flood, though the Ice Warriors were impeded by the temperatures of a nearby volcano which also prevented the Flood from being frozen on Earth. The intruders are unconvinced, asking why the Daleks do not rule the universe if they are so powerful.

Cindy hears this and tells the Doctor that she hates him. The Doctor has been selected as one of the pilots.

To the Doctor's surprise, the person responsible is the Fourth Doctor. All she has to do is tap the cube to her chest and the suit will form around her.

Osgood states that Bill will soon know peace, and so will the others. Despite the considerable amount of water produced by the infection, the infected did not seem to be overly affected by electricity (which salty water conducts well); the infected Andy Stone was electrocuted by the Tenth Doctor, but was only momentarily incapacitated. All eight versions of the Doctor's TARDIS link to the Type 1 allowing it to reevaluate its view on things, jettisoning its cargo. Many people watch, cheering.

4), Scott Gray; 4 -, item 5 Doctor Who: The Flood: The Complete Eighth Doctor Comic Strips Vol.4 by Scott G… 5 -, item 6 Doctor Who: The Flood - 9781905239658 6 -, item 7 Doctor Who: The Flood, Scott Gray 7 -, 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 33 product ratings, 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 3 product ratings, 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 9 product ratings, 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 22 product ratings, 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 88 product ratings, 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 17 product ratings. A starship crashes into the library, demolishing it completely but with the trio unharmed, with Nardole protecting Bill. Ultimately, the Ice Warriors found that the only way to stop the spread was to encase it in a glacier in the Gusev Crater. For some time now, Jenny had been tracking a white hole anomaly that has been devouring the universe and followed it to Sultath where she ran across Jack and Tara. Mouchgober reports that the second probe is docking, which means there will be more of them, but Jessop has changed the access cipher, which will slow them down. After an encounter with possessed Vikings and a Haemovore, the Doctor realised that Fenric was in the Vikings treasure, still trapped in the Shadow Dimensions and that the Vikings were the ancestors of the people he met when he fought Fenric in his seventh incarnation. The Doctor and Alice try to come up with a name for him to use, before the Doctor decides to have everyone call him "Theta-Sigma".

The station shakes, as the Cyber-ships starting ramming into it. Nardole is concerned. There is no Cyber-virus. Thought was given to a storyline that would have seen Destrii travel with a Doctor who was 'trapped' mid-regeneration, with a flaming head and hidden features that the writers and artists compared to Dormammu of Marvel Comics, but this idea was considered too much effort for too little reward, considering the main purpose of a regeneration storyline was to see how the companions reacted to the new Doctor. The Doctor quickly moves over to a nearby console. The Silurian asks for help, in exchange for sparing Willdar, but River denies, claiming that she's not a 'saves everyone' type.

The Doctor does a deep scan of the collapsing helix, and finds that it's not becoming a black hole, but a white hole. Three time capsules will be jumping days forwards and backwards in time. The Flood's natural state was in liquid water. He notes that the capsule assigned to him is the same one he calmed down before. The voice turns out to be from another Silurian. Alice suggests that they should leave, but the Doctor reveals that the fluid links were evaporated.

The Doctor heads over to Jessop and his crew, who have boarded a collection probe. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Meanwhile, Willdar is translating the Silurian to himself, as they discuss Willdar being a corrupt human.

The Flood were a viral species which became trapped inside a glacier on their planet of Mars. The Doctor makes a comment that the current use of validium in the links is dangerous, and that they should use mercury or rubidium instead. In a section of space, a white hole has opened and is consuming the surrounding space and planets.

The Doctor deducted that the Flood, like the Ice Warriors, have a weakness to heat.

Doctor Who has been published by Marvel Comics, IDW and Titan. They should also destroy the station, so that the Cybermen can't use the corridor. The Doctor asks Vastra why she's here. The Doctor departs in the TARDIS. Outside the core, Akiyama gives Cindy a cube, containing a self-enclosing E-Suit.

Sword of Orion • Spare Parts • Real Time • The Harvest • The Reaping • The Gathering • Human Resources • The Girl Who Never Was • The Ultimate Adventure • Kingdom of Silver • Legend of the Cybermen • The Silver Turk • Silver Lining • The Crystal of Cantus • The Blue Tooth • Last of the Cybermen • The Isos Network • Return to Telos • The Tyrants of Logic • Code Silver • Master of Worlds • Hour of the Cybermen • Conversion, The Coming of the Cybermen • Flower Power • Cyber-Mole • The Cyber Empire • Eskimo Joe • Masquerade • The Time Museum • Test Flight • Junk-Yard Demon • Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman • Deathworld • Black Legacy • Revelation! TWELFTH DOCTOR COMIC STRIPS . Alice runs into the room, asking where the Doctor is. River swiftly points her gun at the Silurian. Meanwhile, River Song is examining the Dacha. Eighth Doctor comic stories are two ranges of comic series that featured the adventures of the eighth incarnation of The Doctor, the protagonist of the hit sc-fi series, Doctor Who.. Two separate series of original comic strips featuring the Eighth Doctor (and thus the likeness of actor Paul McGann) were published during the character's original tenure. But, it's too late, as a Cyberman grabs Akiyama, infecting her.

It would not be until DWM Issue 400 in October 2008 that the comic strip would introduce another non-TV, comic strip-only companion in, Technology from this incident would be used by, The Cyber-Controller returns, having last been seen in, The Cybermen again travel through time.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll While Jessop gives the evacuation order, the Doctor talks to Gabby. A voice calls out from within Rose's mind, one Rose recognises to be Jack Harkness. Back at the university, the four have moved to the Doctor's chambers and are enjoying some tea. Art Attack was a Doctor Who Magazine comic story featuring the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler. Horlak agrees and states that he and the others will creating a telepathic dam to block the corruption of the white energy. any Comic Vine content.

The Oriel, the greatest art gallery in the world, has everything: Dogs at tables playing cards... the Mona Lisa... special tour guides... and a strange metal statue. One of the scientists has determined that there was an extra dimensional bubble hidden in the capsule, likely left over from the first attempt to insert internal dimensions inside the plasmic shell. The Doctor is telling the two women about an adventure he had, when the Cloister Bell starts ringing. After freeing everyone, the Doctor asks Horlak if he can borrow another gun, as his modification ruined the first gun. Alice heads back to the TARDIS to wait for the Doctor. The Eye of Torment. With some adjustments, the Doctor not only fixes the shields, but improves them. Refusing to believe that the Eleventh Doctor has died, Alice waits until nightfall, before sneaking into the lab and stealing one of the two remaining Type 1 Time Capsules, who likewise refuses to believe her sister is dead, setting off to try to find the Doctor. Instead the Type 1 saw only chaos and found solace in another of the Doctor's memories. River asks for 'charges', which Willdar is immediately confused about, but soon, the ground behind River explodes.

Osgood, Kate, and the UNIT soldiers have been possessed by the white energy. It saw the reappearance of the Cybermen in the strip, as well as several other people from the strip's history. Checking the console, the Doctor is shocked to discover where they landed. Horlak reaches into Rose's mind and begins healing it. The Doctor yells at Cindy to run away from the docking port, as the station is being invaded by the Cybermen.


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