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Which Descendants Characters Are You Based On your Zodiac? Quiz Descendants : Quiz sur le film 'Descendants' de Disney - Q1: Comment s'appelle cette personne et qui est sa mère ? @import url(''); Take this Descendants quiz and find out!

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Do you like Disney Movies?

Cute, This personality quiz will tell you Which Descendants Characters Are You.

Villain . yes .

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1. Who is Mal best friends with? _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); Lady Malcolm Bertha .

Share the quiz to show your results ! Dude. Leo

Rude yes .

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À la fin, quelle méchante est transformée en animal ? Correct! Tous les tests de personnalité .

Which Descendants Characters Are You Based On your Zodiac?



Annie LeBlanc . Villain

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Lady Maleficent Bertha .

Annie …

A dog treat that makes you fly.


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A heart bracelet .

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Quel est son nom ?

Hero . Correct!



Lady Adele Gaga. Au début du film lorsqu'ils arrivent à Auradon, on leur préesnte le prince Benjamin.

Which "Descendants 2" star should be your new BFF? Wrong! Why Don't We .

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Ben, c'est son surnom. I'm %%personality%%

Just a simple quiz, to help you figure out who your Descendants Boyfriend is. Gemini Descendants 10 question trivia quiz, ... As of Nov 02 20. Comment s'appelle la fille de la Bonne Fée ?

2/10. Chad. Only True eMos Can Score 6/8 on This Quiz.

No .

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None comment malefique se transforme en bragon ? %%description%%

Image by Descendants | Producer: Tracey Jeffrey | Director: Kenny Ortega | Bad Angels Productions, A 5678 Productions, Disney Channel.

No Lui, c'est l'héritier de la Belle et la fameuse Bête.


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