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Instead, he asks about going to Tier 1, which prompts the leader to respond angrily to his cockiness. Chrollo is a young man with black hair and grey eyes. Despite that, he is cold-blooded and not above inhuman mass murder, as he and all of his Troupe members (with possible exception of Bonolenov) casually and remorselessly commit those crimes, the best example being the massacre of the Kurta clan, where not only did he and the Troupe kill people regardless of age or gender, but only did so to acquire their Scarlet Eyes, and his usage of his Indoor Fish ability on a helpless assassin reflects his sadistic nature. The ability in question is The Sun and Moon, which Chrollo has acquired in Meteor City. During this time, he presents himself as an amiable and helpful man, always enthusiastic and smiling, who also displays curiosity; while in fact, Chrollo only intends to learn about Neon's ability as one of the requirements for stealing it.[14][2]. He then tells Uvogin and others to cause a big disturbance to lure out the Shadow Beasts.

This forces him to search for an Exorcist who can remove the chain. [13] The technique he relies on the most, however, appears to be Hatsu, with Chrollo proving to be extremely versatile in the technique. Chapter 55 (Mentioned) Chapter 71 (Debut) *You do not need to post images and reviews togeter. 1999 Full Name Five other members of the group immediately give chase until they are stopped on the way by the remaining Shadow Beasts. Male On the way back on a hot-air balloon, Uvogin calls Chrollo by phone, saying he suspects there is a traitor in the Troupe. However, Hisoka altered his prophecy to convince the Troupe to stay.

they were aware of how dangerous that woman can be, she had this unexplainable aura that reeked death. They took Gon and Killua to a hotel. [10] Expert Nen users can see through some of these conditions, as Zeno rightly guessed that Chrollo must endure 4 to 5 hardships before he can steal an ability.[24].

To paraphrase him, the head of the spider is just another limb that can be sacrificed for the survival of the Spider. Phinks finally agrees to let Pakunoda go alone after Franklin tells him that if he keeps being stubborn, the Troupe may disintegrate. [16] In order to persuade Nobunaga, he uses the Lovely Ghostwriter that he stole from Neon to make prophecies about Nobunaga and some other members, according to which 5 more of them will die if they meet the "Chain User" within 2 weeks. His Zetsu was noted by Silva to be flawless, allowing him to sneak up on his opponent and kill them without leaving the faintest trace of bloodlust,[25] although Hisoka was able to sense it an instant before being hit on at least one occasion. [24] According to Pakunoda, he would have no trouble dodging an attack lasting 0.2 seconds. [12] As an example, throughout missions, Chrollo's most commonly issued order is for Troupe members to stay close and to assist each other. [11] Indeed, Phinks, Feitan, and Shalnark try to follow Paku, but Nobunaga stops them for fear that Chrollo would be killed, leading to a heated quarrel between Nobunaga and Phinks.

[2] Upon reading the prophecy he cries because it mentions Uvogin's death. KonoSuba: God`s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Chrollo is portrayed by Ryosei Konishi in the. According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" section found in the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho official character book (Shueisha Jump remix).

Chrollo's coat, hairstyle and earrings closely resemble those worn by Sir Crocodile from the One Piece franchise. Gender [41], After the battle, Chrollo tasks Shalnark, Kortopi, and Machi with verifying Hisoka's death. When she suggests they flip a coin, Chrollo refuses, saying that method is for settling disputes between two members, whereas they are all itching to slay Hisoka, including Chrollo himself. [26], Chrollo then calls other members, telling them not to touch the ambulance that is carrying Neon to the hospital and to continue with the plan,[26] according to which they make use of Kortopi's ability to fool the Mafia with fake corpses of five members,[27] take the real items and sell their copies in the rescheduled Underground Auction held on the 10th floor of the building. Boss Chrollo orders Kortopi, Machi, Nobunaga, Pakunoda, and Shizuku to go with him to the hotel. For the same reason, once the marks are affixed, they will remain into existence even if the book is closed, until they explode. Copyright POT(Yoshihiro Togashi) 1998-2011, Item Size/Weight : 17.7 x 13.6 x 9 cm / 241g. Zeno stated that Chrollo would lose to him, but the outcome could be different if Chrollo was serious in his attempt to kill him. He states the magician is certainly on the ship and they will manage to find him. Kuroro Lucifer Pakunoda carried out the exchange and Chrollo went free. This remains the case even when the two abilities that he may have lost possession of following the original owners' death are discounted.

[28], According to Chrollo, the ability vanished in his book during an unknown time. When Chrollo reads Neon's prophecy which contains Uvogin's death, he cries for him. The blast wounds Hisoka and severs one of his legs. Machi and Nobunaga easily recapture them despite the total darkness. Melody has stated that his heartbeat sounded as if he was happy living alongside death. It is connected to the others through two horizontal joins. With the information they have all gathered, he orders the Troupe to bring him Hisoka's head, after which they can celebrate. Chrollo gathered the members of the Troupe to rob the Mafia's auction. Alive [ About online shopping pre-order sales ]. [39] When Chrollo's curse was lifted, but he ran away from Hisoka instead of fighting him. Abilities Chrollo disregards stealing the treasures in favor of hunting Hisoka first. Manga [30][31] On the way, noticing that they are being followed by 2 people, he tells Kortopi, Nobunaga and Pakunoda to go ahead while he, Machi, and Shizuku stay behind. [32], Chrollo, Machi, and Shizuku take the 2 kids to the hotel[32] and meet up with Pakunoda's group in the hall. [29], Later, Chrollo is able to deduce that Kurapika is one of Neon's bodyguards, and thanks to a pair of fake Scarlet Eyes that they sold him the night before, they know that he and the other bodyguards are staying in Hotel Beitacle, 2.5 km from the hideout. However, Kurapika turned off the lights and captured Chrollo with his Chain Jail. According to the leader, the Troupe's rampage in Yorknew City allowed them easier access to the New Continent. Chrollo vs. Zeno Zoldyck and Silva Zoldyck.

Near midnight, they find where Uvogin is being held captive and free him after killing Dalzollene, the head bodyguard of the Nostrade Family. He has complete dominion over his emotions, as demonstrated when he was captured by Kurapika; on that occasion, however, he managed to take notice of the latter's weakness (he would prioritize his friends over his revenge). He then kills some hired assassins with ease[14] while his other comrades massacre the 2,000 Mafiosi guarding the building.

Chrollo Lucilfer is calm, and comes across as intelligent and charismatic. Evil-doer Chrollo inquires whether he is, and the passenger replies that he looks as though he is about to kill someone. His Zetsu borders on perfection, and he is generally very proficient in any of the basics of Nen. Despite that, he is cold-blooded and not above inhuman mass murder, as he and all of his Troupe members casually and remorselessly commit those crimes, the best example being the massacre of the Kurta Clan, where not only did he and the Troupe kill people regardless of age or gender, but only did so to acquire their Scarlet Eyes, and his usage of his Indoor Fish ability on a helpless assassin reflects his apathetic nature towards those not included in the Phantom Troupe. Chrollo immediately takes control of the referee with Shalnark's ability, using him against Hisoka while also attacking him with his bare hands.


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