offerings to frigg

You who holds his heart in your hands, Wine; within the sagas, it was claimed that Odin only drank wine and never ate.


: Patrons in Ásatrú". white wool (carded or spun), spinning equipment, bunch of old-fashioned keys, He is a god of knowledge and wisdom, and therefore he would understand that it truly is the thought that counts. Artwork by Ursawolf. She is a very accepting goddess to make offerings to, and really only gets offended by unclean altar spaces and homes.

It is always a good idea to first sit with your choose deity, and find out what offerings he or she would prefer from you. Not of blood, but of our efforts and devotion, Since this first part of our offering list just covers the Æsir tribe of gods, we will begin looking at what pleases the most famous of the Norse deities; Odin, the Allfather. Jokes; although he probably wouldn’t be too keen on a really cheesy knock-knock joke, to please the god of trickery and mischief you could put out some good joke books or jokes written on note cards; just don’t insult his intellect, Loki is no dummy!

the rune Berkana, plants and trees sacred to Frigga (see article on this site). So, lets take a look at what I have learned over the years studying Norse mythology, what kinds of offerings each of the gods, ancestors and other types of spirits prefer, and please; feel free to add your own ideas onto these lists if you find a specific god or spirit enjoys something different, or in addition to the offerings listed below. Heimdall is the god of guardianship and another god of light, while also being the Guardian of Bifrost. by Goddess of Mothers by Michaela Macha. Poems: My Own He can be another picky god to please, but winning his favor can be worth the extra work. As the patron of wool-spinning and the home, she can be called upon for fiber arts and other domestic arts as well. He is rumored to be very easy to please, unlike his wife Idun. Service Offerings: Help mothers and children. Frigga prefers cleanliness and neatness. Frigga's Greenwights by Raven Kaldera. She is the sister to Mani, god of the moon, and each ride across the sky in a horse drawn chariot, all while being chased by the wolves Skoll (mockery) and Hati (hate). Comfort the grieving. Though she herself was most likely not a virgin, you can honor her at your altar if you yourself are proudly chase, though really Gefjun seems to be a goddess who enjoys offerings from anyone, not just women. Bragi is the poet and minstrel to the gods, and is the husband of Idun.

Hail Frigga! Like Frigg, she is a proud mother and she is the wife of the god of thunder afterall. There are some items she has been known to fancy more, so lets take a look at what to offer up when working with Frigg. Service Offerings: Help mothers and children.

So you may want to make sure whatever it is you offer him is from your best judgement for this mysterious character. Bifrost is the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard to Midgard, where Heimdall stands guard, watching and listening to all with his horn Gjallarhorn at the ready. Not much else is known about Sol other than her being very beautiful, but she seems to be very accepting of offerings in her name. Working with Loki can prove to be interesting according to some of his followers, or folks who work with him alongside the other Æsir gods. Poems: Multilingual

Larisa C Hunter aka Mist,

Hail Frigga! Here we have another picky goddess to work with and make offerings too, though she is very grateful to her devotees who know exactly what she wants. She is famously connected to fruits, especially the apple or pomegranate, and these fruits imparted immortality to whoever ate them. An Offering to Mani also seems to be receptive to offerings in his honor like his sister Sol, even though there is even less known about him, except he is said to be very beautiful and named after the moon. Offerings made in Idun’s honor seem to be very simple and straight forward, but she is said to be hard to please by some of her followers. Forsetti is only mentioned twice within the old Norse sagas, and according to Snorri, he is the son of Baldr. In Snorri’s Prose Edda, in the book Gylfaginning, Gefjun turns four of her sons into oxen to plow the lands King Gylfi promised to her. Though he slowly grew out of favor with the ancient Norse as a main deity, Tyr was still the god to invoke during times of war for victory, in legal matters and for justice. Sigyn then spent her days catching venom from a snake placed directly above her bound husband, leaving only once in a while to empty the bowl before returning to her place. He is said to be a very easy god to please, and is the only god I actively honor upon my own altar. ), Plants; goldenseal, mugwort, mullein, sage, St. John’s Wart, yarrow, fennel, fir trees and hawthorn trees, Runes; you can place the runes Jera (ᛃ), Berkana (ᛒ), Gebo (ᚷ) and Wunjo (ᚹ) out for Sif in an offering, Crystals; pyrite, yellow topaz, copper, bronze, gold, brass and citrine, Harvest; dedicate the harvest time, late summer and autumn celebrations, as well as any time you harvest homegrown foods to Sif, Corn; when you shuck corn, place some of the silk out as an offering to Sif as homage to her beautiful golden hair, or do you can do the same with wheat stalks, Mindfulness; you can also honor Sif by being more mindful in your life, actions and words, as well as being thankful for all you have, Bowls; Sigyn’s most notorious symbol is the bowl she catches venom in to keep it from falling onto her husband as much as possible, so placing a wooden or metal bowl on an altar in honor of her is a great way to connect with her, Flowers; Sigyn seems to prefer flowers with blue petals like bluebells, hydrangeas, irises, blue bonnets, wild blue phlox and monkshood, Crystals; iron, pewter, silver, clear quartz, smoky quartz, blue topaz, sodalite, lapis lazuli, sapphires and pearls are some of Sigyn’s favorites, Edibles; cookies, cakes, sweet wine, candies, chocolates, dates, figs, nuts, cheese and butter, Plants; milk thistle, cherry trees, weeping willows and cypress trees are linked to Sigyn and make excellent offerings, Children; Sigyn was a proud mother, and something to honor her lost son Narfi/Nari would be an acceptable offering to her, a well as volunteering to work with children, donating to children’s charities or placing things to her from your own children on her altar are also some ideas, Hunting; obviously as the god of the hunt, any hunting activity you do can be in his honor, as well as your hunting tools can be placed upon your altar to be offered up for Ullr’s blessings, Bow and Arrow; Ullr was the best archer among the Norse gods, so a bow and arrow set, photo or an archer figure can be devoted to him upon his altar, Alcohol; ULLR or other brands of peppermint schnapps, whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin, dry wines, ale and not too sweet meads, Meat; make feasts of wild game, fish and smoked meats in Ullr’s honor, Nature; Ullr appreciates when his followers spend time in the great outdoors, especially in forests, mountains and by skiing, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and practicing archery, Animals; deer, boars, bears, wolves, elk/moose and hunting dogs (like the Norwegian Elkhound) are connected to Ullr, and figures of these animals can be placed upon your altar, Yew; Ullr is connected to the yew tree and the place he resides called Ydalir which means ‘Yew Dales’, and yew is a popular wood for bow making, so clippings, boughs, leaves and even a yew bow make great offerings to him, Oath Rings; rings that you swear a vow on can be dedicated to Ullr and then buried in an outdoor shrine, or kept in a box on your altar, Runes; lay out the runes Eihwaz (ᛇ), Isa (ᛁ) and Algiz (ᛉ) for Ullr, Winter; as the god of winter and snow you can honor Ullr during the winter months, as well as with offering of snow in a cup on his altar, then return the snow to the outdoors once it is fully melted, Plants; pine, spruce, fir, beech, mountain laurel, mountain sorrel, mandrake, ferns, marjoram and vervain, Incense; burn some pine, sandalwood, frankincense, cedar and other earthy scents, however the best “incense” to honor Ullr with is campfire, Crystals; Baltic amber, carnelian, agate, tigers eye, bloodstone, jasper, moonstone, quartz and garnet.


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