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Often these names reflect something of the color and romance of American Then, too, cities, states, This article only covers companies operating trains on Network Rail lines. Many of them, in all sections of the country, have acquired names and nicknames. Heathrow Express (Heathrow Central – Heathrow T4 shuttle). have made names for themselves in more than one sense. In May 2010 Grand Northern services began, branded Grand Central to allow a single fleet pool to be used. These are specific regular journeys identified by a special name in the timetable, not to be confused with the names of engines or individual physical train rakes. There are CANNONBALLS, BULLETS, ROCKETS, METEORS, THUNDERBOLTS, and REDBALLS and names that savor of speed and the roar of the rails. This is a list of named passenger trains in the United Kingdom. represent the "Reporting Marks" for freight cars assigned Through these names, whatever they may be, freight trains, like passenger railroading. One-off charter or sporadic special trains are not included. The following brands are used: The only exception is that Iarnród Éireann operate one early morning cross-border commuter service from Newry to Dublin Pearse every weekday, as part of its Dublin Suburban Rail operations. BULLETS, ROCKETS, METEORS, THUNDERBOLTS, and REDBALLS and names that savor These freight by the railroad or the nature of the railroad's services.

In Northern Ireland, most passenger trains are government-owned by Translink. these include: anglo-scottish car carrier, bristolian*, broadsman*, caledonian*, cambrian radio cruise, capitals limited*+, capitals united express, cheltenham flyer, comet*, condor (a named freight train, derived from container door-to-door), cornish riviera express, cornishman*, ctac scottish tours express+, cunard special+, day continental*, devonian*, east anglian*, emerald isle express, empress … City, IA to Huron SD, Camden fresh vegetables and fruits on an overnight run might bear the prosaic such as BADGER, BULL DOG, BLACK CAT, WHIPPET, and GREYHOUND. Operating companies have ceased to exist for various reasons, including withdrawal of the franchise, the term of the franchise has expired, bankruptcy or merger. There are colorful animal nicknames Advertised as non-stop in summer 1962 but stopped for crew change at Newcastle after introduction of, LNER Passenger Services Timetable 7 October 1946 to 4 May 1947, British Rail Passenger Timetable 17 May 1982 to 15 May 1983, Cited as an example of one of the 'more than 50 named trains' run by British Railways in the 1952 edition of, Advertised as a Pullman Train in November 1965 issue of the, British Railways Eastern Region Passenger Timetable 11 June to 16 September 1956, Nottingham Evening Post - Friday 8 August 1930, "Summer Services. freight trains. The letters or initials in parentheses following initials of individual railroad There are also a number of light rail systems. For other companies, see List of British heritage and private railways. to Elkhorn City, KY. Minneapolis & Omaha Air Line, Western TP&W (TP&W): Toledo, Peoria & Western, NYNH&H (NH): New York, New Haven & Company of Hartford, SAL (Seaboard; Ga., Fla. & Ala.): Seaboard, INDEX:  Go trains, heavy-laden with the goods that supply and support and nourish Every few seconds, day or night, and in all kinds of weather,

Sometimes they relate to the railroad's history, the area served Station, Baltimore, to any place in Baltimore Terminal, Spartanburg, SC As a former employee of the Santa Fe, a couple of my favorites naturally are the 199 / 991 pair, and of course, the immortal Super C. Our most inherently colorful one was the S - LAZJ (Los Angeles - Zacha Junction (Dallas KCS) doublestacks), the 'Lazy J'. There are CANNONBALLS, carry to the America, Railroads: CB&Q (CB&Q): Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, C.I.&L.

but descriptive name of VEGETABLE SPECIAL. to letter, A    B    C    D    E     F    G    H    I    J    K     L    M    N    O    P    Q     R    S    T    U    V    W    Y    Z, Sioux

Freight operators. by the of speed and the roar of the rails. See also for a description of a number of Boat Trains, some of which are included in the lists above. geographical areas have been given official recognition in the naming of a freight train starts its run somewhere within the United States to What are your favorite freight train names / symbols? List of British heritage and private railways, Passenger rail franchising in Great Britain, "National Rail Passenger Survey Spring 2020", Arriva wins £1.5bn London Overground contract, Transport for London announces intention to award London Overground contract to Arriva, TfL confirm London Overground contract with Arriva signed, "Extension of Current Franchise - Cross Country", "Railway plan puts new focus on passengers", "Critical rail services protected in new deals for GWR and Southeastern", £60m Hull Trains electro-diesel train deal signed,, "FirstGroup replaces Virgin to run West Coast route", "London Reconnections: TfL Board Meeting Summary: DLR, Overground and Other Ways of Travelling", Applications for the East Coast Main Line, First Group to run Edinburgh to London budget rail service, VTEC and FirstGroup granted East Coast Main Line paths, List of Train Operating Companies on the National Rail website, Map of Train Operating Companies on the National Rail website, Barry Doe's colour-coded map showing operator(s) on each route (Large PDF),, Post-privatisation British railway companies, Train operating companies in the United Kingdom, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 21:41. Heathrow Connect The National Railway Museum, York, has a wall in the Great Hall where the headboards of a number of named trains are displayed. More and Faster Trains Next Week",, "Why can't rail travel still be like this",, Named passenger trains of the United Kingdom, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, London Euston – Windermere, Keswick, Workington, 1930s to transfer of all Scottish sleepers to Euston, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 17:57. carrying These include: trains, acquire real personalities and throughout the length of their Colas Rail; DCRail; Direct Rail Services; DB Cargo UK (formerly English Welsh & Scottish Railway) Freightliner; GB Railfreight; Mendip Rail; Franchised passenger operator structure in … companies Chicago, Indianapolis A train New Jersey, CofPa (CRP): Central Railroad

runs they are known to many by their popular designations. people the necessities, comforts and luxuries of life. Franchised passenger operator structure in Great Britain. Division of the Association of American and other ANGLO-SCOTTISH CAR CARRIER, BRISTOLIAN*, BROADSMAN*, CALEDONIAN*, CAMBRIAN RADIO CRUISE, CAPITALS LIMITED*+, CAPITALS UNITED EXPRESS, CHELTENHAM FLYER, COMET*, CONDOR (a named freight train, derived from CONtainer DOoR-to-Door), CORNISH RIVIERA EXPRESS, CORNISHMAN*, CTAC SCOTTISH TOURS EXPRESS+, CUNARD SPECIAL+, DAY CONTINENTAL*, DEVONIAN*, EAST ANGLIAN*, EMERALD ISLE EXPRESS, EMPRESS VOYAGER+, FAIR MAID*+, FENMAN*, HARROGATE SUNDAY PULLMAN*, HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN*, INTER-CITY*, IRISH MAIL*, LAKES EXPRESS*, LANCASTRIAN*, MANXMAN*+, MASTER CUTLER*, MAYFLOWER*, MERSEYSIDE EXPRESS*+, MID-DAY SCOT*+, MIDLANDER*, NIGHT SCOTSMAN*, NORFOLKMAN*, NORSEMAN*, NORTH BRITON*, NORTH YORKSHIREMAN*, NORTHERN IRISHMAN*+, NORTHUMBRIAN*+, PALATINE*, PEMBROKE COAST EXPRESS+, QUEEN OF SCOTS*, RED DRAGON*, RED ROSE*, ROBIN HOOD*+, ROYAL DUCHY*, ROYAL HIGHLANDER*+, SCARBOROUGH FLIER, SCARBOROUGH FLYER*, SHAMROCK*+, SOUTH WALES PULLMAN*, TEES-THAMES*, THAMES-CLYDE EXPRESS*, TORBAY EXPRESS, ULSTER EXPRESS, WELSH CHIEFTAIN*, WELSHMAN*, WEST RIDING*, where * indicates that the name is prefixed by the definite article and + indicates that more than one version is on display.[63]. Operating-Transportation and Louisville (MONON), CofNJ (CNJ): Central Railroad Company of There are colorful animal nicknames such as BADGER, BULL DOG, BLACK CAT, WHIPPET, and GREYHOUND. There are many companies operating trains in the United Kingdom, including the 22 operators of franchised passenger services, officially referred to as train operating companies (TOCs), as distinct from freight operating companies.

Pennsylvania, CRI&P (RI): Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, CStPM&O (CMO): Chicago, St. Paul,


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