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According to Canadian basketball historian Curtis J. Phillips, other members of Naismith's family and friends also confirm this. Both practices are obsolete in the rules of modern basketball.[16]. [6] While a coach at Kansas, Naismith coached Phog Allen, who later became the coach at Kansas for 39 seasons, beginning a lengthy and prestigious coaching tree. On June 20, 1894, Naismith married Maude Evelyn Sherman (1870–1937) in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Besides, the first football helmet and basketball rulebook were designed by him. [23] When Allen became a coach himself and told him that he was going to coach basketball at Baker University in 1904, Naismith discouraged him: "You can't coach basketball; you just play it.

Naismith took a YMCA post in Denver in 1895 and enrolled at the University of Colorado medical school, earning his degree three years later. "It certainly was murder." 6. Josh Swade, a University of Kansas alumnus and basketball enthusiast, went on a crusade in 2010 to persuade moneyed alumni to considering bidding on and hopefully winning the document at auction to give it to the University of Kansas. In 1898 he moved to Kansas and became the first college basketball coach in the country. [10], In the same year, Naismith entered McGill University in Montreal. In 1939, Naismith suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage. [3][13], At the Springfield YMCA, Naismith struggled with a rowdy class that was confined to indoor games throughout the harsh New England winter, thus was perpetually short-tempered. Naismith termed his new sport "Basket Ball" and pinned its 13 basic rules outside the Springfield gymnasium Dec. 21, 1891. 7. [22] In 1937, Naismith played a role in the formation of the National Association of Intercollegiate Basketball, which later became the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). The Booths won the bidding and purchased the document for a record US$4,338,500, the most ever paid for a sports memorabilia item, and gave the document to the University of Kansas. [22] However, basketball became a demonstration sport at the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis. The Canadian-born physical education instructor James Naismith made an indelible mark on sports history when he invented the game of basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts, in December 1891. [20] In those early days, the majority of the basketball games were played against nearby YMCA teams, with YMCAs across the nation having played an integral part in the birth of basketball. His mother, Margaret Young, was born in 1833 and immigrated to Lanark County, Canada in 1852 as the fourth of 11 children.

He was born on November 6, 1861, in Ontario, Canada. Facts about James Naismith will give you information about the inventor of basketball game, sports coach, and innovator. Inventions Timeline The Invention of Basketball. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). [40] He was 78 years old. [10] Firstly, he analyzed the most popular games of those times (rugby, lacrosse, soccer, football, hockey, and baseball); Naismith noticed the hazards of a ball and concluded that the big, soft soccer ball was safest. Naismith was Canadian. During his lifetime, Naismith held these educational and academic positions:[11], Springfield College: invention of basketball. Corrections?

The same year he left Canada for Springfield, Massachusetts, he invented the game of basketball. Naismith analyzed the most popular games at the time – rugby, lacrosse, soccer, baseball and football – in hopes of taking the best from each sport and including it in his game. The hoop consisted of a peach basket nailed to the wall. That stopped tackling and slugging.

[10] By 1893, basketball was introduced internationally by the YMCA movement.

Asked by Wiki User. Nasmyth showed an extraordinary mechanical inclination while still a schoolboy in Edinburgh, building successful model steam engines. [10][30] The FIBA Basketball World Cup trophy is named the "James Naismith Trophy" in his honor. James Nasmyth, (born August 19, 1808, Edinburgh, Scotland—died May 7, 1890, London, England), British engineer known primarily for his invention of the steam hammer. His masterwork "Basketball — its Origins and Development" was published posthumously in 1941. In addition to his years as a coach, for a total of almost 40 years, Naismith worked at the school and during those years, he also served as its athletic director, and he was also a faculty member at the school.

The first basketball games were played nine against nine using a soccer ball. 10. He compiled a record of 55–60 and is ironically the only losing coach in Kansas history. James Naismith died Nov. 28, 1939. He designed the game at Springfield YMCA and after teaching it there for several years, he introduced it in Kansas by founding the University of Kansas basketball program. The first game ended with a score of 9-3. At the age of 48 he retired from the foundry in order to devote himself to his hobby, astronomy. The game proved so popular, journalists were already writing about it less than a year after its invention. Members who were interviewed during that era remembered Dr. Naismith: "He was deeply religious", "He listened more than he spoke", "He thought sports were nothing but an avenue to keep young people involved so they could do their studies and relate to their community", and "It was real nice having someone with the caliber of Dr. Naismith be so involved ... he helped many a SigEp! 2.

Although the Great Britain was eventually furnished with screw propellers instead of paddle wheels, the steam hammer immediately became an important part of the metallurgical arsenal of the Industrial Revolution. They ended up in a free-for-all in the middle of the gym floor. Since the ball could only be moved up the court by a pass early players tossed the ball over their heads as they ran up court. [41] Coincidentally, Naismith died 8 months after the birth of the NCAA Basketball Championship, which today has evolved to one of the biggest sports events in North America. James Naismith (November 6, 1861 – November 28, 1939) was a Canadian-American physical educator, physician, Christian chaplain, sports coach, and innovator.

Nasmyth showed an extraordinary mechanical inclination while still a schoolboy in Edinburgh, building successful model steam engines. [10] His father, John Naismith, was born in 1833,[38] left Europe when he was 18, and also settled down in Lanark County. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, when designing his steamship Great Britain, originally made plans for paddle wheels of exceptional size. [24] There, Naismith handed out the medals to three North American teams: the United States, for the gold medal, Canada, for the silver medal, and Mexico, for their bronze medal. [11] Naismith was a Presbyterian minister, and was also remembered as a Freemason.

[12] He won multiple Wicksteed medals for outstanding gymnastics performances. It was for personal use, not team use. Besides steam hammers, Nasmyth manufactured more than 100 steam locomotives, many small high-pressure steam engines, and a variety of pumps, hydraulic presses, and other machines. Until then, they had been given automatic passing grades on a required swimming test without entering the pool, so it could remain all-white. It's expected to fetch in excess of $2 million. On June 21, 2013, Dr. Naismith was inducted into the Kansas Hall of Fame during ceremonies in Topeka. Naismith was, ironically, the only coach in the program's history to have a losing record (55–60). [5] Seven years after inventing basketball, Naismith received his medical degree in Denver in 1898. I then explained what they had to do to make goals, tossed the ball up between the two center men and tried to keep them somewhat near the rules. [17], By 1892, basketball had grown so popular on campus that Dennis Horkenbach (editor-in-chief of The Triangle, the Springfield college newspaper) featured it in an article called "A New Game",[8] and there were calls to call this new game "Naismith Ball", but Naismith refused.


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