maplestory hayato skill build 2020

Call upon the powers of Hayato’s ancestors to unleash a furious barrage of attacks. @dvdemon: Does your Demon Slayer got banned recently? I’m taking 1,500 to 3,000 damage from monsters, and I’m level 174! This Link Skill isn’t that great unless you’re playing an unfunded character that has to depend on mobbing lower level monsters. Required Skill: Jin Sanrenzan (MAX) then we’ll have hyper skills and voice too. Saves the trouble purchasing mastery book (at level 70) and gears. No SP required. @Javkson, only Evan and DB have the pre-4th job Mastery Books because of their many small “job advancements”. Increases the number of monsters attacked with Hitokiri Strike. Attacks against monsters afflicted by Abnormal Statuses deal +3% damage. Are you gonna update the Hayato and Kanna because the latest patch for GMS? Hayato primary attacking skill for 1st Job will be Sanrenzan and Surging Blade. Can attack the same enemy more than once. However, you did not state its mastery book on your guide. 3. It is a beginner skill, so giant slime (example for noob hayatos) would be easily killable with hayato. 25. 3. Damage is the end-all-be-all stat in MapleStory, so a flat out percentage-based damage boost is terrific. He really needs to learn how to speak his native tongue. Even though we are giving each of the following link skills a ranking, some of them may be very similar in usefulness. Attacks against weaker opponents deal +3% damage. Note: Press skill button repetitively OR hold down skill button to perform up to 3 different slashes. Temporarily increases Abnromal Status Resistance and Elemental Resistances. Terms and Conditions massively increase the damage for 10 seconds. Deepens your connection to the elements to provide a permanent damage increase. They are among the best ways to improve your characters’ damage, stats, and survivability for free. You can only send a link skill buff to one other character at a time and last until you link it to another character. Can be used from normal stance when you have a full combo. Note: Assuming your weapon defense is 8690, your permanent increase damage is calculated as 8690 x 0.005 = Damage +43%. Bleeding doesn’t stack and can’t cause the target’s HP to go below 1. Link skills are buffs you can link to other characters within the same server of your account. Shouryuusen + Dankuusen Unleashes back-to-back Battoujutsu attacks as quick as the wind. Hayato’s 4th Job primary skill will be Rai Sarenzan. +4% Boss Damage, +2% Damage per party member for your entire party, including yourself up to 8%. You will not be able to max out these skills unless you have the 4th Job Mastery Books available for unlocking the cap placed on these skills. 330 sec cooldown. Tips & Tricks [1009] Use maple guide to get around while levelling, it’s default bound to U. Jinsoku (MAX) Iron Skin: NEW → Bushido’s Will (MSEA) Note: Synchronizes with Summer’s Rain skill level. Battoujutsu Zankou | Engetsuzan (repeats the attack 11 times → Able to do 2 or more rush attacks on the same enemy.) I wanted to thank you for being so up-to-date with your guides. Most of the skills here are supportive and passive. Keen Edge: NEW → Level 2: All Stats: 25, Attack Power Increase: 15, Magic Attack Power Increase: 15

Invincible for 3 sec after being revived.

Final Damage: +3% per level. 4 – Ecstasy +6%, +11% damage at max stacks (Ark). Meaning you cannot play Global MapleStory from the following locations: Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Level 1: Sudden Strike Monsters Hit: +2, Sudden Strike – Extra Strike | Crosscut Deathmark – Extra Strike Most link skills have a maximum level of 2 or 3, which unlocks when your character reaches the following levels. A technique passed down from the Battoujutsu masters. (No, it isn’t about mastery books).

Level 1: Hitokiri Strike Number of Attacks: +1, Hitokiri Strike – Cooldown Cutter The first three are great for leveling as they increase rune buff duration, EXP gained, and Combo Orb EXP. Hayato’s secret technique. Some have DEX% or LUK% too though. Knight’s Watch is impressive for classes that don’t have innate stances like Night Lords, Archers, or Mages. Hyoru Getsuken is called Iaijustu Phantom Blade in GMS. Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%, Rising Slash Boost Therefore, add 1 SP (Skill Point) into both skills first! June 21, 1582. Cause i might be creating a jms account to try it :). Your current character's Link Skill, and the character that the skill has been transferred to. Puu – ?? Can be used 2 times back to back. You can use the skills in other characters you have in the same server when you level up Link Skills. Could you please remove the con that he has low range with 400m investing, this is not really true anymore. Most classes max all skills 1-4, but there are a few who leave skills at level 19. Works best on a single target. Link skills are buffs you can link to other characters within the same server of your account. Hayato can obtain the war horse Onikageh to ride after you complete certain requirements. Quick question.

Sorry for the misinformation. The skills' effects are always applied to the character themselves and, once you reach Lv. Hayato primary attacking skill for 1st Job will be Sanrenzan and Surging Blade. Added Hayato Enhancement Cores 3rd Hit: Deals 890% damage to up to 15 enemies 8 times Movement and jump functions added. Each slash deals different damage and number of attacks. Level 20: Max Targets: +1 Well for me when i was doing it around level 72ish Posted December 15, 2019 September 5, 2019 alext96. Synchronizes with Fuu Blade Flash skill level. Shinsoku – Reinforce Resistance's Link Skills can be stacked, and by leveling up 4 Resistance characters (Blaster, Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, and Mechanic) to Lv. Mine stayed at level 1 even though the hayato was level 120.

Use directly after Shouryuusen to auto-target enemies in the air. Level 15: MP Cost: 40, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 170%, Number of Attacks: 6, Hayato 2nd Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed. You can directly move to the information you want by searching it with [Ctrl + F].

Leaps into the air to deliver an impossible fast cut. I’m at lvl 166 and lacking a little defense. not sure if something is outdated but so far having a blast with the class :D. again . Synchronizes with Jin Blade Flash skill level. With the Big Bang update release, player to player item delivery was removed. Issen – One Thousand Combo Kill Advantage makes Combo Kill Orbs grant you extra EXP, close to 10x at the max level. ayumilove what do you think about this class good bad or meh to you? Once you’ve trained those two, go for Illium and Ark for more damage buffs. The Tot’s Know-How guide system has been enabled for Hayato. The Hayato 1st job skills for MSEA version all maxed . Fuu Sanrenzan, Whirlwind Cut, Sweeping Sword (1) Automatically activates when your health falls to 15% of Max HP or below, Restores 20% of Max HP every 1 sec for 3 sec, Restores 23% of Max HP every 1 sec for 3 sec, Restores 26% of Max HP every 1 sec for 3 sec, Restores 29% of Max HP every 1 sec for 3 sec, Restores 32% of Max HP every 1 sec for 3 sec, Restores 35% of Max HP every 1 sec for 3 sec. Explanation: Tornado Blade, Iron Skin, Jinsoku (1) Copyright © 2020.

wow so their 5th job skill 99000% damage? Jack started his career as an online content creator and writer back in 2017. +0-2 STR, DEX, LUK, INT, Weapon ATT, and Magic ATT when Jett is level 30-39. Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%, Surging Blade Boost Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points) All Jobs possess Link Skills, skills that can be shared with other characters of yours in the same world to give them a power boost.

falcon dive should be enough to 1 hit mobs around your lvl even at lvl 1 and vapor blade for hitting mobs at upper platforms and for jumping to upper platforms. thanks for all the awesome advice you’ve been posting. However, these ads are sometimes available for certain people, but you can try it out. Always dreaming of making it as main char. Below is a list of skill combo used by players while training their Hayato. Level 1: MP Cost: 6, Damage: 172%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 4 5. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Stance Chance: +80% [Normal Stance] A more challenging triple slash hits up to 5 enemies.

Keeps the Tide of Battle from breaking. Boogie Familiar be obtained in all Maplestory servers? :D How are DBs compared to Hayato From your person preference, how are DBs (Dual Blades) compared to Hayato. Flash Jump is disabled in Quick Draw stance.

Is it worthy to use 1 sp (got 2) to activate Hyper Weapon Defense at this lvl? Synchronizes with Summer’s Rain skill level. Transform into a whirlwind of death as you rush forward. Since he is from ancient Japan and his primary language is Japanese, Hayato’s voice is in Japanese. [Normal Stance] Unleashes three measured strikes to slash up to four enemies.

Hi Jenny, don’t worry. Level 10: Permanently increase STR by 30 and DEX by 30.


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