igcse geography earthquakes and volcanoes past papers
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In this topic we covered the natural hazards of earthquakes and volcanoes; how they are formed, the damage they cause and how they are managed.

Fissure: volcanoes running along a crack in the crust, usually a constructive boundary. Menu.

Objective: be able to describe the main events and damage caused by the volcano. Learn about and revise characteristics and types of volcanoes and the effects of volcanic eruptions with BBC Bitesize GCSE Geography. © 2006-20 Richard Allaway - All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy ( Log Out /  How well has Haiti recovered from the earthquake?

June 2017 CIE IGCSE Geography Past Papers.

The crust is split into large pieces called plates, which sit on top of the mantle. If you continue to use this site geographyalltheway will assume that you are happy with it. Epicentre: the point on the surface of the earth directly above the focus (so it can be located easily on maps). Effects of earthquakes- A comparison of an MEDC and an LEDC earthquake, Electricity, gas and water supply interrupted. No volcanoes are found along these plate boundaries because magma can not escpae, but earthquakes do occur.

They crumple up. 1997 – Large eruptions continued with the dome collapsing and large pyroclastic flows affecting much of the island, Effects of the volcano erupting on the island, – Ash and mud covered large areas of the island including the capital city Plymouth, -Bramble airport was destroyed by a pyroclastic flow, – South of the island declared an exclusion zone and 11,000 people were evacauted to the north of the island, neighbouring islands or the UK, – Many homes and buildings have been destroyed, – People were forced to live in emergency shelters, – Only hospital on the island was destroyed.

Why can hospitals outside towns add to the problems?

Home; Population; Settlement; Earthquakes and Volcanoes; Rivers; Coasts ; Weathering- Year 11 2015 ONLY; Weather & Climate; Food Production; Industry; Tourism; Energy and water; Pollution & Conservation; Field work; Maps and skills; Exam help; Development; Earthquakes and Volcanoes ” Did you know the world’s … That is why when you plot earthquakes and volcanoes on a map, the pattern mainly follows the plate boundary lines.

This creates fissure volcanoes which are long cracks, they are less explosive.

Each line along which two plates meet is called a plate boundary.

An oceanic plate moves towards a continental plate, Oceanic plate moves under the continental plate, This is because the oceanic plate is denser, The oceanic plate melts because of the friction and heat, Because of the pressure magma forces it way up through cracks in the continental plate. The oceanic plate descends under the continental plate because it is denser. Earthquakes are vibrations caused by earth movements at plate boundaries. Destructive boundary volcanoes are often cone shaped and explosive. When the plates move and meet at plate boundaries they cause earthquakes and volcanoes. Eruptions often cause earthquakes as pressure is released. This is decided using an instrument called a seisometer.

Geography Paper 1 Watch the following video clip which shows the Japan Earthquake of 2011, you can see the shockwaves passing through the crust! An example of a constructive boundary is the.

They can occur at all four major plate boundaries but the most severe earthquakes are normally found at conservative and destructive plate boundaries. Caldera: Crater volcano created after volcano collapses in on itself having emptied the magma chamber. – Found mainly at constructive boundaries or hotspots, – Runny basaltic lava which moves fast and can travel long distances from the crater. Recovery =   Helping to deal with the effects of an earthquake/volcano after it has occurred.

They have been formed by the African plate colliding into the Eurasian plate.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If you plot these lines on a map of the world it looks like the map below.

Lava flows destroy vegetation buildings and roads.

A volcano is a cone shaped hill or mountain formed by magma from the mantle being forced through an opening or vent in the Earth’s crust. There are two types; oceanic and continental, The Mantle is the widest section (2900km) made of thick molten rocks called magma, The outer core is liquid nickel and iron. A number is given to each earthquake from 1-10 based on the magnitude of a tremor (how powerful it is) . Draw a sketch map showing the location of the Sufriere Hills volcano within the island.

Their energy disipates the further they travel. The continental plate crumples at the edge creating fold mountains in addition to the volcanoes.


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